RE: Machan MFC Split Ways… MY THOUGHTS!

This week I read an article posted on Top MMA News, which seems to be where everyone goes to get their updates on the MMA World. Here and there, articles they write catch my eye and of course like everyone else I tend to venture over to the link and read their posts.

This particular post entitled “Machan and MFC Part Ways” really kind of pushed my buttons with a few comments that were made.

First off, I’m sure I’m going to offend someone by saying what I think. AND I’m almost certain that is going to effect writing opportunities of mine in the future. However, being in this field I have made some interesting contacts, and have had the opportunity to talk to many different people. Sometimes in conversations names come up, organizations, other fighters and it is amazing some of the things you hear.

I never knew who Ryan Machan was, I had only got to know him last February. Before that fight I was interested to see who this kid was so like any reporter I started to do my homework reading up on other articles, watching video etc… He seemed to know what he was doing in the cage/ring with a record to prove it. I really thought that the MFC made a good fight between Machan and Marini. However Marini came up short losing his bout to a rear naked choke to Machan.

After that fight I tried to follow more of Machan’s fights, so when he was fighting or articles were posted I tried to catch up on them. Like I do any fighter I feel is kind of interesting.

So when this one was posted, I was shocked to hear the parting of ways especially since he seemed to be doing fairly well in the organization.

Lately (even in the UFC) We have been hearing of fighters leaving due to not being able to come to contract agreements. As a fan, someone who’s never been in that position where they have to negotiate a fight contact, probably really don’t know the behind the scenes of the situation. Which makes me think of some of the comments that can be posted about how some fighters do not deserve the money they are asking for.

First thing, many of these guys fight because its what they know, or what they are good at, or do it for fun. SOME do it to put food on the table for their family, and a roof over their heads. So if they are peeking and doing really well why shouldn’t they be able to ask for more money. When you have a job and your doing a lot for your company normally you get promoted with something? WHY should fighting be any different?

It’s easy to get on a promoters bad side, really. You don’t find many who care about their fighters they care about the money they are making So they are going to sign big names, and promote the names that are making them the big dollars (obviously)! So sometimes even if you are one of the little guys they like to see fight and promote you, you can slip up and lose and your on the bench with the rest of the “B” team.

What I mean by that is, sources have told me that sometimes they sign only 1 or 2 fight contracts with certain organizations for the simple fact that they can be waiting months between fights. Some have waited 6 months or more, because the organization is too busy signing bigger names its almost like they forget about the little people. While this person is waiting to make money (IE fight) they are like a sitting duck being someone else’s “property” because they signed a contact. One in some cases won’t even allow them to fight in the USA or anywhere else in Canada REGARDLESS when they are set to fight again.

So I’m sure it can be frustrating, think about it. You have a job your doing well in, it gets slow they don’t put you on the schedule and your waiting to work, and they wont call you back into work or will let you go if you try to find another job to work JUST until the one you have picks up?

Again these guys/girls have families they have to support just like the promoters and owners of these organizations.

So if a fighter knows this about an organization (which most do) WHY wouldn’t they only sign fight by fight contacts? That way they can also keep their options open correct? Everyone is always looking to better them self and live a life they can be satisfied and proud of and many of these guys are trying to do the same thing.

Another thing in this article that kind of bothered me is, this organization mentioned harps that they are the number one MMA organization in Canada, they sell out all these shows, and have all these great fights and big names. YET in the same sense they “DONT WANT TO BE A FARM TEAM FOR THE UFC.”

Now I’m not going to sit here and say that they aren’t number one, I’m in no position to say the ranking system of  MMA Organizations in Canada, however I do know of some who put together great shows too.

The way I look at it, if you can produce these great fighters, great fights, great champions and have them get a call from Dana White saying “How would you like to make your UFC debut” and your fighters seem to be making some people in the UFC open their eyes isn’t that a great thing? I mean, you have all these nubes coming into the fight game and like everyone they search their opponents, or fans search different fighters, wouldn’t you want them to search and see that they fought in your organization “x” amount of times and then were able to make their way to the UFC?

YOU would have many people wanting to watch your organizations events and come out to see them I’m sure, if these fighters are getting into the UFC… I mean they are signing guys who USE TO FIGHT for the UFC all the time. Pete Spratt, Thalies Leties, Jason MacDonald, Paul Daley etc… IF anything you might be labeled as the organization the fighters go to build them self back up before GOING back to the UFC. That doesn’t bother you because they already have their reputations, and people know them, cheap advertising and your seats are filled (depending on the fighter)…

I think there are too many shady organizations out there, ones who care about the money which kill the love for the sport, the love of putting on a good show, the love of driving the fighters you hire to want to do well, to win, to make something of them self. An organization should feel proud when one of its fighters gets the “big shot” I mean with MMA being so huge, male fighters come a dime a dozen… EVERYONE and their mother wants to be an MMA fighter. So its not like you can’t replace them…. Then build them up.

Its a shame that Machan and the MFC couldn’t agree. I’m also sure that losing Machan probably won’t make or break the MFC but I’m sure there is a lot more to the story then what is discussed in the Media. Good luck to both in the future, and I was personally looking forward to Machan maybe getting a title shot… 10-3 record regardless what card he won on, where on the card he was fighting, that record still screams “give it a chance”…

Those are my thoughts… kudos to Top MMA News for their MMA updates and quality of some articles….



~ by Christina Sears on January 16, 2010.

One Response to “RE: Machan MFC Split Ways… MY THOUGHTS!”

  1. I mostly agree with you, and posted as much in the comments section as well. I do think the MFC has become the defacto #1 promotion in Canada, but that is only because of the failure of TKO, XMMA, and the recent slowdown of Ringside and Warrior 1. But Pavelich’s ego is getting ahead of himself. For all the ego that Dana White had, he also had a very strong business sense. The release of Machin will not make or break MFC, an if it is just a “one of”, perhaps it is not a big deal, but if this ends up being a symptom of a bigger problem in lack of forward thinking, then they will be in big trouble..soon.


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