Lifting… then Fran the Bitch…

**Fran, this is what the original work out is**

SO, third day back into the gym and I’m starting to feel a lot more comfy and better about doing this on my own. I do miss Adam and Marla screaming at me, and I miss the banter with the other crossfitters but I feel like this is a journey I had to kind of venture on my own for awhile you know? However when i’ve been struggling (and not working out for almost 4 months you will struggle), I always hear Adam’s voice or Marla, Edge, and even Mark you know. Those people never let me give up on myself and pushed and pushed and I carry their support with me no matter where I am. I don’t think I’d be there I am right now if it wasn’t for them pushing you know?

Today… I walked up to one of the squat racks and it was broken I guess so I couldn’t move it up to where I needed it for my height.

The guy beside me was done his lifting and switched me spots and helped me move it to where I needed and i said “oh just set it to midget” and he’s like “awe.. you compact.. nothing wrong with that” i was like “thats what they keep telling me” haha..! Nice bloke it seemed and he was doing an interesting workout after his lifting so I kind of watched him between sets.

This is my last day with these weights next week bumping it up a bit (5lbs or so) I’m excited to get the ball rolling but kind of nervous too because I am for the first time doing this on my own. But, it seems I know quite a few people where I am now so I’m sure i’ll be able to have someone around if i need a hand. Or maybe just ask one of the meat heads around me *laughing*

So, started with squat as usual, same weight as the other day for working sets which is 115lbs right now for me. I felt strong by today. My legs were a bit tired from  my other work outs (which never happens) so I wasn’t use to them being as tired but I pulled through it. I timed my resting too between my working sets. I gave myself 2 minutes to rest before I started another set of five. The gym wasn’t as busy which was good I wasn’t like pressured to speed up or whatever and didn’t have guys looking at me like I was invading their territory.

I did my presses next, 65lbs believe it or not for my working set still makes my arms shake, which makes me a bit frustrated but this is all a process. And I never claimed to be “great” or “perfect” and I have to keep reminding myself that “those who cry in training laugh on the battlefield.” I’m so use to always trying to be perfect that way I’m accepted and looked up to because that’s what I was use too, and not the only one looking up to me is me. I’m trying to do this for me. I’m not sure if I’m going to up the weight… I will see how it feels when i give it a go monday.

I forgot my lifting gloves and so I as forced to do deads without them. Winter time is pretty brutal for my and my skin its really dry regardless of how much moisturizer I use, or what kind I buy. SO sometimes even when I’m grappling my skin will split because of it being so dry. The bar I was using has those grips on them the steel is a bit like bumpy I guess. And these ones were just tearing at my hands like the ridges on a bottle when you try and open it. BUT I sucked it up and just kept with it. Again resting for 2 minutes between sets. I felt really good with my dead and I’m looking forward to bumping myself up next week..

**Hanging Knees to Elbows (what I did instead of Pull Ups)**

So I had it in my head that after I was going to give Fran a go, when I did her the first time ever in my life it took me 21 minutes (probably more), the second time it took me 10 minutes, and the third time I did it it was just over 7 minutes.

I grabbed my 60lbs to do my thrusters and thought instead of pull ups because my hands were already kind of sore I would do hanging knees to elbows instead (HK2E). I was grunting, and I felt that feeling you get at crossfit when your doing something you hate, and you want to quit. SO I knew I was doing it all right. I ended up finishing her off at 10:58 pretty brutal time, but for not working out in almost four months, I’ll take it and only try to strive better.

I saw my buddy Tony at the gym just after I did Fran and he asked how long I’ve been training here and I said this is my 3rd day, and he didn’t believe me. He said I look like I’ve been working out a lot and he couldn’t believe I haven’t worked out in almost four months. He was like “THEN WERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR SIZE” and I told him how small I felt, and how I don’t think I look big or in shape and he said he would have never guessed that I’ve been out that long. Which was weird to hear. He asked what I worked on and I told him and again he was in disbelief haha He was saying how he’s embarrassed to do the squats and deads and such because he will have to start out with small weight and people look at his size and will make fun of him. I said awe… people make fun all the time, your doing it for you.. then who cares if you need “training wheels” I told him I couldn’t do a lot of things and I still can’t but I’m working on it. He said if he’s around when I’m lifting he will spot me which is good I will need one soon…

My hands right now are sore, work is going to suck with the hot plates and such on them but I’ll suck it up.

I don’t feel as broken as I did on day 1 so thats fun!!!

Tomorrow night, hanging with Teresa and Stef in Toronto, we are going to Teresa’s brother’s band’s show, or a show they are in… I’m pretty excited!!!

Stay tune!



~ by Christina Sears on January 14, 2010.

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  1. Good job Christina! Love ya ❤


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