Back at it again…

**Wall Ball**

Day two, back in the gym on my own… I went in the afternoon this time rather then later tonight. It wasn’t crazy busy however the lifting racks were taken so I went to find Jen instead and ended up seeing my cousin Alicia which was awesome, I loved working out with her when I went to the gym so I can’t wait to do a WOD with her at some point if we are both there.

Caught up with Jen after her 20 minutes on the elliptical and I told her at work I was planning on doing 150 wall ball for time. ONLY I forgot my watch, so i did it just to do it. I grabbed a 12lb medicine ball and she grabbed 4lbs and we went into the aerobics room and started to go to town.

She insisted she wasn’t going to be doing 150 of them, I told her that she is not giving herself enough credit. I told her everything she was feeling as she was doing it is normal, its meant to break you and not be easy. I know what its like to do something your not use to, and look at the person teaching you and they are “fit” and “perfect” and it doesn’t seem hard for them and you feel like your struggling through it. I was there once upon a time, I know how it can “f” with your head and make you want to just give up. But it depends on the person inside of you yeah know? You either give up or push forward.

When it comes to fitness and looking good there are so many advertisements with false pictures and information that simply make you think that if you take this, or do that you can look like well.. certain people (I’ve seen it first hand when I saw pictures I took and they were being compared to another picture). Fact of the matter is, you have to do what’s right for your body.. research supplements your putting into your body, talk to someone you trust about it (someone who knows nutrition). Research foods, read up on diets.. but put together what is best for your body. Once upon a time I listen to someone about things I should be taking and trying and doing… BUT I know my own body and before I knew it I got fat and then had no idea how to get it back down to what I wanted. But you work at it, you live and you learn. THERE is no secret potion to make you look like the super model on the latest maximum magazine, some people are naturally like (and I’m sure photo shop helps)! Normal folk like you and I have to work at it, have to eat clean (or with common sense), and we have to hit up the gym when we can. I know life gets busy (believe me) and its hard to find that time, but you don’t have to go to a gym facility, take your dog for a walk every night, go to the park with the kids, walk to the corner store, or to the nearest mall instead of driving… Little things… that add up to the bigger picture.

I’m not “naturally fit” I’m naturally competitive, and have a fighting spirit that keeps me going when I am working out. I love to be active weather it be going for hikes, walks, wrestling, the gym, crossfit, etc…. i love being active and I love looking around me and finding that one person that seems to be better then me and trying to stay at the top with them, or have a goal to be as good as them, or to hold my own… little goals… Everything you see.. I worked my ASS off for… A lot of people don’t believe that once upon a time I was fat because some of them look in the mirror and say “I’ll show you fat” my mom is classic for saying that. BUT for  ME… Knowing my body, KNOWING how i felt, and knowing what I could look like yeah to me I WAS FAT and those close to me would agree I was (for a bit there) on the heavy side.

AND as much as it got to my head (and believe me it did), my heart for being active took over and I lost almost 20lbs… I’m the one who got back into the gym, I’m the one who got back into training, and pushed through all the insecurities and mental blocks that was trying to stop me… How I look now is a product of WHAT I WANTED for myself. NOTHING was given to me, nothing is natural, and I work just as hard as anyone else in there. I have a lot of heavy friends and it bothers me when they call them self fat.. but don’t want to do anything about it (i use to do that)… SO when they want my help, or whatever YEAH I want them to feel great even at that second they are doing it they feel like shit.. I want them to feel motivated and accomplished. I don’t want them to look at me and think “oh thats easy for you….” because its not, and there is someone out there saying that about you that they wish they could be like you. I love working out with my friends, I think they are great motivators and inspirations for me (even if they don’t think so), and I love that I can be a motivator for someone else you know?

I know quite a few people where I’m training, it’s awesome to meet up with people to work out, and see really familiar faces and walk by and say hey.. you know? I didn’t realize just how many people were there. A good buddy of mine Mark works at the facility I’m at, and he’s an awesome guy. AND it was great to catch up with him and he gave me a few pointers which I greatly appreciated, and its comforting to have someone who is passionate about what they are doing there.

So the squat racks were being used, and I felt like a tard to go ask the guy when he will be done he looked like a big meat head didn’t want him to get all snooty with me. So Jen and I did the cardio workout I was going to do. ONLY I forgot my watch so I couldn’t time my work out. Regardless I did it anyways and got her to do it too. I used the 12lbs just to feel it out next time I go back to it I will try something heavier and time it. I just wanted to get through the 150 wall balls. After I did them I thought to myself how stupid I was considering I still had my lifting to do, and if I did 150 wall ball then my squats may suffer and so will my dead lifts if my legs are tired.

After chatting up a few people, I headed over to the weights started warming up for my squats as Mark and I talked about a bunch of stuff. It was amazing to hear about his gf and their kid… Marks child is so cute from what I seen in pictures, and from what I heard a real character too.

Squats I did working sets of 115lbs… like I did last time, only this time I struggled a smidge on my last set which upset me considering its 115lbs but my legs were tired from the work out plus believe it or not still a bit sore from last wednesday *laughing*!

I pressed 65lbs for three working sets of five, thats going to take me a bit to go up I think but this time felt easier then last time… I will see how I feel my last lifting day at this weight and see if I will give it one more day or bump it up.

Mark showed me that you can put these bars on the side of the squat rack so when you have smaller plates on for dead lifts you have it up off the floor a smidge which really helped me this time around. I did 115lbs for my deads as well. I want to try and keep my squat and deads neck and neck to build it up and then from what I remember you should be able to dead lift more then you squat? I think? SO its a huge work in progress. Especially with dead lifts always being a weakness of mine, I hope to make them my bitch this time around on my own terms.

SO Wednesday is my next work out day, and I think I may go do my lifts and work out and then Mark asked if I wanted to roll, the one aerobics room has puzzle mats down, i mean you can’t launch each other but to just roll its fine, so I totally took him up on that offer.. I believe he said 9/ 930 he’s free so I think I’m going to go to the gym a bit earlier then that to get my work out in and then roll. I’m pretty excited if that can be an every wednesday thing, then when I get back to Edges I can just practice techniques with Mark on Wednesday’s which shouldn’t be too shabby.

I’m not too sore right now (not like last Wednesday) which is good it means that my body is getting use to the fact that it will be sweating and doing a lot of things it doesn’t want to do… *wicked*

Stay Tune



~ by Christina Sears on January 11, 2010.

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