Shipping off to Australia

Well its the day before I ship off to Australia and I’m overwhelmed with the support I’ve got from people wishing me a good trip, and just how many people wanted to see me before I left.

I’ve experienced a few things leading up to this trip.

1. It takes a lot of hours of work, and sacrifices to really get to where you want to go (literally)! Everyone was saying how lucky I am, and how jealous they are, and some people even called me money bags which was kind of offensive. I come from a family that always works for everything they have. I work at a job that I would much rather not be doing but it pays the bills for right now until my career gets started. I love the people I work with I just hate the job of waiting on people because people can be so ignorant. BUT its what i have to do right now to get to where I want to be in life, until my opportunities open. BUT I am grateful to even have a job, especially at times like this, when so many people are worst off then me. I sacrificed going to a lot of different events with friends, and really became a working hermit… i go to work, go home eat sleep and do it all over again. On days off I didn’t know what to do with myself, normally I would just stay in and watch a movie or watch one with a friend. BUT I worked for every dollar that paid for this trip, and honestly sometimes working for something you wanted so bad for so long is much more enjoyable when you know you worked your ass off to get it.

2. I got my first real taste of the never ending process that is being a women. I decided since I’m going somewhere that is warm (real warm), I don’t want to have to worry about shaving…. Seriously I have some Italian in me so I’m a hairy mother sometimes (laughing)!. So I didn’t want to worry about the legs or arms, or bikini or anything. I did some searching around for a good salon to go to, to get  a full Brazilian wax.  Now… I thought it would be more awkward then painful. I mean its not everyday you have a stranger playing around near your downstairs when it looks like chewbacca (am i right ladies)!? So some girls at work highly recommended “La Petite Spa” on James street in Hamilton. I got an appointment with Courtney and when I walked in there she was like “is this your first time,” so me trying to ease the fact I really am uncomfy with the entire thing eased that by laughing and saying “yeah… it is how do you feel about popping that cherry.” She started laughing which lead to a lot of banters back and forth while the waxing was happening. You know what ladies, once your getting waxed it hurts enough that you don’t think about some stranger applying hot wax to your box and ripping out the hair…. HONEST! The process doesn’t end there (no no sir it doesn’t). I went to Alicia at Body and Soul in Stoney Creek to get the rest of my stuff done. I also waxed my legs, arms, and eye brows. Honestly… the legs are retarded, it feels like a lot of little pinches. You know the one’s your mom use to give you under the arm in the tender area. It really really sucked. She also did a wonderful manicure and pedicure too those were also a first for me.

3. I think that life has thrown me a curve ball in the spirit of my leaving. I will be honest and tell you that I’ve contemplated maybe moving to Australia. I felt that the only thing keeping me here is my family and they would love me and support me regardless what i decided to do. And then a few people came into my life all of them with a different purpose it seems. One showed me what its like to have a girlfriend the just just up for a challenge, will pick you up when you fall, and will help you dust yourself off. Another one allowed me to just be me, and accepted me for everything that came with the package not wanting and substitutions. Another one needs me here weather they realize it right now or not. And lastly someone who has shown me what its like to be respected. combined they gave me a different perspective on what I originally wanted and now I actually feel a purpose to have to think about what I want to do instead of just doing it.

SO many people have asked me why I’m heading down to Australia, and honestly I don’t have a reason to want to go there so bad. I just know ever since I was in grade 5 or so I’ve always been drawn out that way. Something about the country that intrigues me. I’m not sure what’s drawing me there.. but by the end of my trip I’m hoping to have a better grasp on the purpose.

Here’s to hoping I don’t get eaten… Wish me luck!



~ by Christina Sears on December 1, 2009.

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