Crook’s Hollow Adventure…


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This weekend was a bit busy for me, I worked the majority of it which pretty much sucked. BUT highlights of the weekend were Friday night and Saturday morning! Friday night, I really needed a break, I felt kind of burnt out with a lot and just had an irritating day to begin with. I should have went to train but I don’t think I would have been able to just check my emotions at the door so I figured I wouldn’t waste my teams time and I would just be absent from Friday night’s training session.

Stef randomly messaged me and asked me what I was doing… she told me how she never has a Friday night off and didn’t know what to do with herself. I thought it was funny becuase when I have days off I feel the same way! So she was talking about how she wanted to get a camera and I suggested we go together, I wanted to look for a movie “shutter” and I couldn’t seem to find it at other places. So I picked her up and away we went on our best buy adventure!

We looked around for a nice durable camera for her. She’s got large hands for a girl and is really clumbsy sometimes so she knew she needed something that would be built tough. And sure enough we find the perfect one, not only is it built tough it came with its own little floating case incase she drops it in the water and its a bright colour so she can spot it if she loses it and back tracks for it.

We were both pretty hungry, and when we get hungry we get fussy and cranky, anyone who knows me especially can tell you that. SO we headed over to the grocery store and  picked up some yummy tortilini pasta, with some nice three cheese alfredo sauce and some veggies and meat to make a great pasta dish… and of course we had to have dessert so we got Stef’s favorite ice cream and I suggested to add some reeces cups (seeing how I’ve been on a reeces kick lately)!

IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! Watched a movie, chatted it was a good low key night!

THEN got up relatively early Saturday and picked up Stef to bring her over to my place so that way Teresa can just get the both of us in one spot. I left the house with my make up smudged from the night before, my hair semi up, had my PJ bottoms on and a sweater. I figured I would go and get her then go back to bed till 8 30am (Teresa was coming around 9am anyways)!

Our hiking adventure on Saturday was Crooks Hollow, there is a lot of awesome history there. We came across the old paper factory that I think turned into some kind of mill (or it was a mill then a paper factory)… regardless there was a huge explosion there and all that’s left is the ruins, which has been reinforced in some spots with some wood to keep it from collapsing. The whole thing is private property but they make it so easy for people to get in there kinda, so that’s what we did. I went one time at night with some buddies we wanted to capture some spirits on camera, seemed like a really good place.

I remember when I went at night feeling weird, but I chalked that up to just nerves because I was outside in a forest like area in the dark (not my most favorite thing). BUT as we kinda started to explore it a little bit I ended up catching a face in the bushes in one of my photos, and then an orange orb which i read is like a “negative” or “angry” energy. When we were looking at the floors of it from the fence, I remember all of a sudden feeling really sick, I thought I was going to lose my dinner right there and it lasted until we were completely away from the ruins. Dave and I even heard some really weird noises when we were there…

Stef and I decided to investigate around the ruins trying to find and get into any nook and cranny that we could fit in, now I think it was about 15 or 16 degrees on this particular day, the sun was out it was nice and comfortable warmish weather. I mean Stef was in somewhat of a beater during our hike? we were wearing sweaters nothing really too heavy! SO when we got into the ruins and went inside to explore it was unbelievably cold, It felt like it was -2 at least in there, I probably souls dee my breath in some spots. And some spots were a lot colder then others it was weird. You stick your hand out the window and it was warm you bring it back in and it was really cold.

Stef and I found this hole under some of the ruins and naturally she went into it, and wanted to take some pics as she was in there her camera completely died on her. Wouldn’t even work, I went in after her and it was weird, I felt like Ishouldn’t be in there but took pics anyways! It was a crazy experience and a really beautiful piece of history just there. Its sad that its covered with debris of garbage and graffiti on the walls. It’s pretty sad, because my city is full of little gems inside and around it where its really peaceful and full of history and beauty and stuff like that kills it.

We searched around the ruins and realized we hiked right to Christie Lake, I remember doing cross country there in elementary school. It was really beautiful they has a cool looking dam there too it was lovely I got some really awesome photos there!!!

Another highlight on the hike would be me being scared to cross one of these bridges, it was one of those see through ones where you can see what’s below you. I’m deathly afraid of heights (I mean I’m 4‘10.5 I AM meant to be on the GROUND)!


Stef grabbed my hand and her and Teresa were like “look in front of you, don’t look down” I mean the thing was safe but I could feel the water rushing under my feet and really I was scared shitless, and I wasn’t about to pretend it didn’t bother me. I’m women enough to say when I’m scared of things (usually anyways)!

So once we crossed that we found a lot of awesomeness in the forrest, Teresa noticed a tree that fell that seriously looked like a elephant (to me anyways). So naturally I took a picture of it.

on the way back however I almost sank in some really thick mud. We were walking in an area that at anytime water levels could change, (hence the dam)…

And so at this point it wasn’t very deep in some areas it was just thick mud and I wanted to get the audio of our feet squishing in the really icky mud and I didn’t realize how far I was out and I took a step and off came my shoe (YES THE WHOLE THING) and as I went to fall forward Teresa caught me and held me up. I was shoeless and i could feel my other foot really sinking in the mud.

Stef tried to reach my shoe without losing hers and realized she’s lanky and long but couldn’t reach it regardless so she grabbed some rocks to hop to get to it, BUT it wasn’t before taking a picture of the lone shoe just sinking in the mud. She rescued my shoe and it was loaded down with thick heavy mud, I put my foot back into it with mud between my toes and tied it up. The girls couldn’t help but laugh and take pictures (and I’m sure I would too)! But they were brave enough to help me out and I really appreciated the efforts, and the pictures for the memories!!!

I’m really starting to like these Hiking adventures with the girls, they are pretty exciting and both are awesome company.

More stories to come



~ by Christina Sears on November 17, 2009.

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