The Hike!

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We have been getting some amazing weather these days, I mean it was cold there for a bit started to feel the chill of the winter to come but then all of a sudden we got a last little bit of nice comfortable weather.

13550_351680895552_813900552_9728999_1690869_nSo of course I wanted to take advantage of it and headed for a Hike with none other then Teresa, and we added Dave (my brother) and Stef (a good friend of mine) to the crew.

Teresa lead us up to the Old Ancaster Mill, which was very posh yet old looking, and we walked a bit down the street and headed towards Sherman Falls. For those of you not from Hamilton, we are the waterfall city. Our City has so many hidden gems in terms of hiking trails, and water falls, and just amazing areas that people usually travel to go see out east or west or somewhere warm.

I love where I live, I love the four seasons that we get regardless of how cold and mucky it can get out there. Fall is by far my most favorite season, I love the smell of the air, the bright beautiful colours, I love how the trees look with the leaves falling off, and I love the weather.

I think if I ever got married I would want to in the fall, the pictures could be sooooo amazing if you get it on the right day… My cousin Melissa had an October wedding back in 05, and honestly I loved the colours of the flowers and justIMG_7013everything, it was perfect she picked a great season to get married… a little chilly at times but beautiful.

ANYWAYS back to the hike, Teresa is probably one of the most down to earth fun loving people I know. She’s just so kind and genuine you know? She motivated me a lot when I first met her at Steel City Crossfit, I walked in at 6am (when Christine and I started our morning work outs) and there she was all bright eyed and cheery.

She was such a powerhouse in her own way, she hit the heavy bag like she had hands that were as strong as cinder blocks… And everyday we trained and she was there it made me want to push harder (Not sure if she knows that)!

So it was an honour to get to know her and become friends and I really look forward to our hikes and walks and what not, she takes really good pictures and there is never a dull moment she’s the type of person that I don’t mind being lost with on a hike haha and believe me its happened to us before.

Sherman falls was just a spectacular spot, the water was so clear and clean and flowed so beautifully through the fallen leaves that were in its water stream the sun was shinning just perfectly sometimes and just made for great pictures.

My younger brother Dave came along for the walk, he’s been coming along for a lot of things taking pictures and video for me so I can use some of it in my video blogs. He’s taking a Media and photography course next semester and seeing how I took those and graduated from a media program I thought I would help the kid a long and give him a heads up on what he’s going to need to do to get some good shots and what things to look for and what not. The creativity is there, and it does take awhile to get use to I’m even still sometimes finding myself redoing some shots because they should have been better it happens.. you learn and progress with mistakes.

IMG_7076Stef came along, she’s the most colourful person I’ve met so far in my life. She’s full of energy and life and just has a “lets do it” attitude so it was great having her on the hike, her and I were doing some pretty stupid stuff.. my favorite being the pull ups on the one tree that I couldn’t reach so she gave me a boost up like someone would a 2 year old hahaha!!!

We had amazing weather, the sun was so warm on our faces and there was a gentle breeze in the air. It smelled so fresh, I live in the city and not that this place was in the boonies somewhere but there was less traffic and less city and you could smell the trees in the air you know?

It was one of those days where you could just hike out any kind of negative emotions you had. Just clear your mind and focus on whats going on at that second, take in all the scenery and its awesome walking by people on the trails and just chatting them up saying good morning or whatever!!! There were a lot of great laughs and good times.



~ by Christina Sears on November 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Hike!”

  1. Amazing video, I wish i could have made it out. Looks like you guys had a blast. Simply amazing!


  2. Hey Alicia…
    Thanks so much for giving the blog a read I appreciate it!!! 🙂 It was a great little hike we did Teresa knows some fabulous places to check out… if you weren’t so busy you could tagg along!!!! 🙂 Brush up on your picture taking skills 🙂

    thanks again hun


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