Puking in training = not attractive!


Training was a bit harsh today, and it was because i made the mistake of eating before I left. I usually almost never eat before I train unless its something light and doesn’t mess with my stomach so WHY in the world I had the bright idea of eating this particular time is beyond me. I felt somewhat fine driving up there, but as soon as I got in there I felt the “fullness” of my meal.

Then of course the ONE night something like this happens Edge says “we are going to do a work out first.” I already knew that this was going to get messy before it even happened.

First we started off with some sprints, which weren’t too bad, but I started to feel it when we grabbed the tire tubes and put them on line a harness and your partner was trying to hold you back as you drove forward trying to sprint to the other end of the mat. I felt like I was going nowhere I couldn’t even move and the more I tried the more I could feel my food creeping up on me.

I got through that puke free, and we started doing wheel barrel walks with push ups at the end of the mat and then you go again, again I felt like total crap and I remember begging Edge to let go of my feet so i could rest and he wouldn’t just kept pushing me forward.  Next were tire flips… which again weren’t too bad but I could feel my meal just ready to come up at any second.

I think the last part of the work out I went outside.. I had to at this point I was ready to yak at any given moment. SO here I am in like 4 degree weather outside hunched over just praying either I puke to feel better or the feeling I had in my stomach went away. Honestly I’ve never felt like that in my life… I could hear my body trying to keep it all down.. I think I was out there for 10 minutes or so.

I came back i just as they started techniques, we worked on the clinch and throwing stuff from there how to control our opponents and what not. It was a good little technique session something I’ll have to do more often to get use to them. I felt weird throwing the knees more then likely because its not my forte!

Started grappling after that again my stomach started the guys were cracking jokes and I had the crap beat out of me literally every round. But in the same sense they weren’t harsh on my stomach, Edge was when I wasn’t being aggressive enough just to get me to move but for the most part the guys weren’t that cruel. They probably didn’t want me to puke on them. Needless to say I managed to survive just a little bit but felt like complete crap the entire time.

When I got home it took a bit for everything to settle.. seriously… I wanted to just go to bed and never look at food again! But here I am… writing this… and I’m.. well sort of hungry! (ironic)



~ by Christina Sears on November 7, 2009.

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