Need to be aggressive out there!

Alright… thought since I’ve been doing a lot of video related blogs I would do some writing this week. Just a bit of catch up to start off this wonderful blog, last week I had the opportunity to see how good my training ability is. There is this guy I work with Travis, and he’s really concerned about his weight and what not, and from what I can tell he does attempt to try and change things but doesn’t have much of a will power or backbone to push that much further. So when He asked me to maybe come out to the gym with him and work out wit him I thought “man.. I’m not sure…”

Just because, I look up to some amazing people and I know the type of credentials they have to do that, but then again I had nothing to do that afternoon and thought how bad could it be.

FEW things, Primer Fitness on Centennial Parkway in Hamilton has some really GOOD looking personal trainers. I was just in awe for the first time because no matter where I turned there was a good looking dude. NORMALLY I don’t notice those things at the gym but seriously a lot of them could be calendar models (laughing)!

I got change and headed up to the “gym area”, honestly if I had to train at a regular gym I would have stayed at Goodlife. Their facility seems to be a lot better in my opnion. I was shocked that there was only machines in this place? NO medicine balls….really around to use, nothing.. it was crazy… no rowers… like? So I thought to myself what kind of work out can I do in here….

I decided I was going to put Travie through the following:

5 Pull ups (which then turned into push ups)

10 sit ups (with a 25lb weight)

15 squats

For 15 minutes

Travis did really well and I could tell he was a bit embarrassed because I did make the pull ups look a bit easy… But I mean for someone who never did a work out like that before he did a really good job… just needed to push himself more. If he wanted to stop he had to bust out so many reps first, and then he only had 10 seconds to take in that water and get his ass in gear.

I then showed him some squats, didn’t so much weight just showed him how to hod the bar, where it should be places, how his legs should be etc.. again I’m not certified or anything… but I mean …  it felt good helping him out a bit…. I would prefer Alchemy any day made me miss it a lot that day!!!

NOW onto my training at Cutting Edge, I’ve gotten into a great groove making it out at least 2 times a week. And have been getting my ass worked over by so many of the guys there. The one day we did MMA and for the life of me I couldn’t hold my ass down on the wall and kept getting tossed. Eventually it got better but Chandler totally took it to me (kudos) I’m sure next time around it will be a bit easier. My little brother came out the last few times to watch me train and video taped for me too. He’s taking a Media class next semester in school so I’m helping him out with some pointers.

Monday night was good… HOWEVER Edge noticed that instead of staying on top i go to my back to often so anytime I went to my back he gave me 10 push ups… but you know what it helped me focus on staying on top and use what I have! Always a pleasure training with those guys.

Jay and I started standing a few times, hard to take him down, but its all in my head… as soon as i get in there nice and tight i feel the weight and something in me freezes and it can be a split second and then he’s already going into a sprawl or something. I just have to be a lot more aggressive I suppose. Just a work in progress, I know the guys are going to compete at the Joslins tourney this weekend… I’m probably going to go in the day to take pics and some video to throw something together for the guys!!!



I leave in T-Minus 27 days for Australia… It’s totally creeping up fast and I can’t wait. After work today I went over to the mall and bought a few things for my trip. I found this awesome Canada backpack for when I’m hiking and stuff and to carry on the plane, I also got some cute luggage tags my outlet converter and a few odds and ends. Still have to find me a swim suit (seeing how my current one is too big now), and some water shoes…. few other things too!

If you missed it….Halloween went good, I got mistaken for little bo peep though when I was little miss muffet, but it went alright I ended up finding shoes and what not. I got more “aweee your just soooo cute” instead of “hot” haha which is fine… i mean I’m 4‘10.5 wearing a pink bonnet… haha

Other then that just have been working and what not.. nothing huge!!!



~ by Christina Sears on November 2, 2009.

One Response to “Need to be aggressive out there!”

  1. Like your blog. I to do cardio at da gym I all so do BJJ, wrestling, & mma. I like to push my self to be where I can perform my best. Do you have any other training tips thanks .


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