I feel Broken…

WOW, my everything hurts, I don’t think there is one thing on my body that doesn’t ache right now. I haven’t done much grappling or whatever in the last few months and I didn’t realize how hard it would be to get back into it. Somethings are coming along better then others. But what I noticed after every training session at Edges is that my hip thrusters are just so sore. Its like someone totally tore them apart or something its weird. Then in a few days like anything else its fine, but the day after training is probably the worst. I guess they just need to get back in the grove of things right?

So we started off with thai boxing, working on our kicks warming up with a partner on the bags and what not practicing our techniques. Obviously there is a lot I have to work on, getting my hips to open up more, pivoting my foot more, and I’m sure the list can go on and on.

Then half of the guys went upstairs to work on getting up off the cage when someone has you pressed up against it, and the rest of us were downstairs working kicks and combos back and forth. I feel bad for chad because I have the least experience there when it comes to kicks and what not and he usually gets stuck with me. He says its okay, but I still really feel bad, but I try and do the best I can and I really appreciate him being so patient and really helping me out in areas I’m clearly clueless in. As we were doing combos I was saying in my head what I was going to do so that way I wouldn’t “F” up but instead i accidently hit him right in the junk…. MAN i never felt so bad I think it was the first time I bagged anyone in training actually! HAHA… So he totally popped that cherry for me, but needless to say I was really sorry (AGAIN SORRY CHAD-STER)!

BUT seriously by the end of it all I was getting it down, I really liked just going back and forth lightly checking, kicking, and punching I find I work better that way. When I actually have someone coming at me. I noticed it with Adam too with my knees and push kicks. I actually am really really starting to like kicking and punching. I never thought I would say it but I totally do. And you know what I feel good doing it too, I know I need a lot of work but I don’t feel like I’m that FAR behind of everyone else.  I mean some of those guys train a lot out there, and I can’t get out there as much as I would like but I still think I pick up a lot of it when I AM there? We will see another work in progress.

After that we all went upstairs where Edge has half the room divided into a cage/ring and the other half a grappling room.  So he had 4 guys in the cage, and 2 outside the cage and the odd man out on the heavy dummy working their ground and pound.

My first round was outside the cage with Jer, who literally rapped me on the ground (as always). But I tried to fight as much as I possibly could and work on whatever I could. I tried to throw punches whenever i could just to give me some space. It only worked maybe 2% of the time. Jer has pretty slick Jiu Jitsu….

Next round I was on the dummy working my ground and pound, So I worked on moving from position to position securing it and then working my elbows, knees and punches. So I would move from knee on belly dropping bombs, to side control with knees to the ribs, and then move to mount with elbows and punches back to the other side, I even worked on pulling a GSP special when he traps one of the arms and then just pounds on the face.

ALL our rounds are 5 minutes so there is no time for “f-ing” around.

Next I was grappling this new guy (well he’s new to me) I didn’t catch his name, but nice guy. That round WAS non stop for 5 minutes, there was no resting and taking a breather, I was totally shocked I didn’t gas or feel gassed. I mean its been A LONG time since I was going that hard and fast. AND with all this extra weight off I can move a hell of a lot better. BUT I felt really good, I had a few submission attempts, umm I think I got an armbar attempt, omoplata, umm I threw some good punches, got out of his mount a lot, and worked from there I swept him to his back. It was a friggin awesome round, and I felt good and strong!!! I took some solid punches when he was in mount and I was trying to escape but I didn’t cower away like I normally do or get overwhelmed so that’s good I was happy about that. Its all coming along!!!!

UMMM third round was in the cage with another guy who is a strong 160, he was holding me down and I had to get up on the cage and stand up. Edge was coaching me through it and I kept trying and trying and for some reason I wasn’t getting frustrated just more determined. I know I’m smaller and what not and anyone would use that as an excuse but  like Edge said if I can get up with a guy like that holding me down then someone my size will be a piece of cake, SO I was determined to get up at least once n that 5 minutes. And I did a few times, one of them was really good. I added some strikes to distract him it was good, felt good. Some of my stuff I just have to go back to my wrestling (little things like the cross face).

But it was a good training session for sure, I took a lot from it… A LOT and I mean everything is a work in progress…

I got a few bumps, bruises, scrapes and scratches from tonight but meh.. adds character haha! MY body does feel like it does after a crossfit workout so… I feel good I know I worked hard tonight. And I love the guys I’m training with…

Till next time!


PS: GOOD luck to Shonie tomorrow in his fight with Carlos!!!


~ by Christina Sears on October 10, 2009.

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