Pete Spratt VS Nathan Gunn (My Thoughts)

9922_287734080617_719345617_8876116_1156894_nMFC had a pretty stacked fight card on the second of October, a lot of fighters headlining the event! They had Travis Lutter, Jason McDonald, John Alessio, Antonio McKee, Pete Spratt and a lot of other big names. So needless to say there was a lot of talk about how some of the fights were going to pan out that night. I know I was interested in seeing some of these fights and couldn’t wait to read/hear about them after (seeing how I couldn’t be there to watch them live)! All my picks ended up winning (which never happens) so I was really excited about that.

But like anything there is always an aftermath of something after a huge event like MFC 22, whether it be where so and so goes from there, or someone not making weight (and the reasons why), or someone losing really bad I mean the topics are endless.

I think for this event the Pete Spratt and Nathan Gunn got a lot of attention on the MMA forums and just chitter chatter over the water cooler the next day at work.

Personally when I read that Pete Spratt was fighting in the MFC again I was shocked, shocked because I had watched and heard about his last fight there against Ryan Ford. I don’t know if anyone else has seen the fight, and I’m not trying to take anything away from Ryan (because he’s a good fighter as well) BUT there were a lot of “odd” factors in that fight, and I think that there is a lot of stuff that happened that maybe shouldn’t have.  Like how nobody heard the bell in that place and Herb Dean goes in to stop the fight and then lets it go? Which made no sense, I’ve been to an MFC fight WHEN Ryan Ford was fighting in a big fight and I clearly heard the bell and I was AWAY from the ring. A lot of people believed that maybe Pete Spratt got “screwed” in that fight? I’m not sure how the rest of the fight would have paned out however I do know there were a few BAD calls that maybe could have been prevented that obviously played a factor in that fight.

So to see Pete Spratts name on the fight card, my jaw dropped I was sure it was a typo until I got official confirmation. Regardless I was glad to see him fighting in Canada, and from what I researched his opponent wasn’t too shabby either. I obviously picked Spratt to win that fight but knew that Gunn had a lot to bring to the table.

Unfortunately for me I couldn’t make it out to the MFC (doesn’t mean I didn’t want to go), SO i was just hoping that I could catch the fight on HDNET or maybe online somewhere (which it was)!


So… this is how I feel about the much talked about fight:

In round one Gunn managed to get Pete down a hell of a lot, but once he was down there he really didn’t do anything I think he maybe punched him all of a handful of times from the bottom, like the commentators said it wasn’t a devastating win of the round. But with that Spratt was making attempts on the bottom for submission too, like Gunn was in control but Spratt wasn’t just being lazy and not doing much I think I seen him do more to get out of things on the bottom then I have in his other fights, which means that NO he’s not an expert on the ground just yet BUT he obviously KNOWS its a weakness of his and I think he is working on it? Then again I’m not a die hard Spratt fan so I guess  thats just my opinion. I think that if Gunn secured his positions (which he did most times) and threw in some ground and pound that the fight could have been a bit different. Again, I’ve never been in a fight in a ring so maybe Gunn had a different mind set… regardless he won the first round clearly with all those take downs and dominate positions like taking Spratt’s back and what not.

Round two is where the controversy starts, Spratt comes out pretty hard and hits Gunn with some hard looking shots. Gunn was trying to compose himself and Spratt just kept moving forward with the blows, but Gunn managed to take him down, but once he got him on the ground and was able to start some ground and pound he didn’t, maybe he felt like he didn’t secure his position enough to do so (who knows)…

THEN it happens, Gunn puts Spratt in the ropes and at first glance it looks like Spratt dodges through the ropes to maybe catch a break and avoid being taken down again, but unlike most people I rewinded the video to watch it again. And it really looked like Pete looked like (to me) he was defending the take down and went to do something and was pushed a little bit and when he went to catch himself he felt through the ropes. After that when Pete was making his way back in Gunn is sitting there taking whatever air he can in, his arms are over his head and Pete heads to the middle of the ring and thats where they start the fight again. I think there might be one more take down before Spratt throws an uppercut that misses him by a few seconds (which could have knocked him out or hurt him) and then connects with that big one that ends the fight.

NOW, KUDOS to Gunn for stepping up to the plate to a guy who has the experience over him, what an excellent way of testing yourself in there. I know a guy who did the same thing and tested himself in there. That takes a lot to do, especially if you have a perfect record.9922_287734065617_719345617_8876114_5989789_n

But after that fight I started to notice some talk that was happening (as I expected there would at some point).

Now… I don’t know if anyone is on Pete Spratt’s facebook page but before (like way before) I knew he was fighting or even read it I remember seeing something about him going for surgery on his knee, I’ve never had that done but I would assume depending on the surgery it just doesn’t heal and work fine in a night. And personally watching that fight I never would have known that there was a problem there. Second, people are so quick to judge and it amazes me.

I could sit here and say Gunn did nothing but take Spratt down and lay on him, and Spratt yes got out of things and attempted some stuff but wasn’t really aggressive enough, BUT I’m not and I won’t because both men did well, and obviously both need to work on things which fighters do after every fight. WIN or lose they go back (well the good ones) and figure out what they can improve for the next one.

And for people so say things like:

Nice trick by Spratt diving through the ropes to get the fight stood up.”

The rest of the fight was full of sloppy BJJ and bad sprawls”

The fight was mostly Pete’s awful wrestling and exposing his back, it was long boring grind, until that. POW!”

AND believe me the list goes on and on just  for Spratt but for both guys. The way I look at it is Its easy to stand by the side lines and say things, Pete never said he’s was an amazing BJJ practitioner SO for someone to say stuff about it as if he’s suppose to be amazing boggles my mind. I’m confident he knows its a “hole” in his game and I’m confident he’s working on it but some people don’t pick it up in a year or so, especially if they never really focused on that part of things. I came from a wrestling background and maybe its just me but I found it frustrating going from that to BJJ. SOME people learn faster then others.

A lot of people said that Gunn looked really gassed and should have had more to offer Spratt but I mean who are they to judge? Most of the people talking are huge fans and not that there is anything wrong with that but really if you’ve never been in there maybe have some constructive ways of critiquing a fight instead of picking it apart with negative comments.

That’s another thing I give these athletes kudos for! Putting them selves out there  and fighting in front of decent size crowds, and trying to put on a good fight for the next day to come online or open a paper and see how “poorly rated” it was. I’m sure that’s is such a nut kicker its not even funny.

9922_287734075617_719345617_8876115_1442656_nI mean its public knowledge to anyone who’s followed my blogs I am NOT a fan of Brock Lesnar…. Do I give him credit where it is due YES! BUT you would never catch me just crap talking I try to have constructive criticism there as well.

I think these people forget they that these athletes have families they have to take care of. I remember reading one post that money must mean more to sprat then a falling out or something like that with the MFC. WHY wouldn’t Pete want to fight in the MFC they seem to be one of the up and going organizations in Canada, their shows almost always sell out, they are on HDNET fights which gives him decent exposure, and I’m sure the paycheck isn’t too shabby either? SO why not? He’s got a family just like most of the people writing on these forums. If the MFC had a problem with Spratt why ask him to come back in fight? Because they also have a family to take care of and they know that he would bring in some more fans to watch. Business is Business.

I’m not sitting here and bashing anyone, and that wasn’t my objective by writing this. I just wish people would open their eyes sometimes and be a bit more professional.

I respect Nathan Gunn, for a lot of reasons and respect him even more because DESPITE what happened in that ring he had this to say

was an honour to go to battle with you Pete and a privilege to meet you afterwards. You are a class act and great fighter and man. I look forward to seeing you perform many more times and wish you much luck on your continued journey back to the top. Take care and congrats”



~ by Christina Sears on October 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pete Spratt VS Nathan Gunn (My Thoughts)”

  1. Really good blog you told it how it was I have been a friend of Nathan Gunn since elementary school he is a class act and he trains very hard every chance he gets before work during lunch break and after work. When fighting is not your full time job people forget you need to make money to support your family like Nathan does with a wife and two kids. Also Pete seems to be a class act also seeing the messages he left on Nathans Face Book page very respectable. Again nice writing


  2. JEFF: thanks for giving it a read… I was kind of nervous because Pete and I are friends and I was researching Gunn because I was going to write about the fight. After watching it, and seeing all the comments that were left about it I knew I had to write my own opinion… the best way I know how… So your feedback means a lot… I was happy to write about these two guys and make sure I wasn’t choosing sides… I thought they both did great, they both need to improve but they are class act like you said so they already know what they need to work on!!

    thanks again


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