R.I.P Bodi Jackson

I got a disturbing message yesterday that made my heart just sink to the ground, and immediately I couldn’t believe it and my eyes filled up with tears. It is a message no one wants to receive a message saying someone you were close to has passed away.

Bodi Jackson was a guy I met in a strange situation, but we hit it off, he was someone who always made me laugh and feel good about myself in the shittiest situations. I knew he had been through a lot in his life and he would tell me about things and I mean it was interesting to hear someone else’s story. It was amazing to see how much one person can go through and keep pushing forward.

I’ve never judged anyone, or felt I was better then anyone because everyone God brings into my life teaches me something, shows me something, I always learn something. I mean life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows so WHO am I to cast stones in a glass house when I don’t know what’s around the corner for me.

Finding out Bodi had passed away was such a shock to my system, only because I was just talking to him a few days ago. He said he was looking for work and how hard it was over there (which I believe), I knew something might be up seeing how he wasn’t AS bubbly as usual but I never thought anything of it. I remember when Bodi got into some trouble last February, he was shocked to receive a letter from me, but he said “It made me feel really good to know you are still here for me” and that was good enough for me.l_92ee048fb629434393c39631c261e757

Its hard when you feel like some of the world you knew walked out on you, when the going gets tough. And you realize people’s true colours in the process. I don’t give up on people and he would never give up on me. He was telling me about thing things he wanted to do like college, and couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be a fire fighter, nurse, or massage therapist. He helped me cope with my grandfathers passing, talking to me about when he lost his brother Oscar, and how he felt like he lost himself and how he felt he didn’t carry himself the same after that. AND it was exactly how I was feeling.

He really believed in his faith, which I think was something that kept him going some days. I am a Catholic and he was a Christian but the two never clashed I was really interested in some of the things his religion believed in and he never put my down either!

He always joked about how he wished he could live closer to me because then maybe he could have a chance which in his mind was a “GREAT” thing, I’m not sure how great of a girlfriend I am but it was flattering. He always knew how to bring me up when my boyfriend at the time didn’t want to be with me… and never let me get down on myself because I would never do that with him.

He was always telling me to “stay strong… and gorgeous” I still can’t believe he’s gone, I mean one minute we are talking and the next day he’s gone. I wish I could be there for his mom and what not. I know she knows that I care and if I could I would fly down there at least to say goodbye. Regardless, I know he probably has visited me already he knows how I feel, he knows I already miss him and will miss talking to him. I will miss him talking about how lifting and how big he’s getting, his climbing, his training, his demons and how he’s going to fight them, about his faith… just little things. We may have not lived in the same country but he was still a part of my life and one of my good friends and I will miss him just as much as I would someone who lives near me.

I always told him that song “no easy way out” that was on Rocky 4 i believe reminded me of him and what he’s been through. I just want to say Bodi you know how i feel, and how much I miss you I know where ever your energy is your watching everyone who cares about you and who you care about. I miss you… and will miss you always!

My prayers go out to Toni and Jeremy and the rest of the family!

R.I.P Action Jackson….



~ by Christina Sears on October 7, 2009.

10 Responses to “R.I.P Bodi Jackson”

  1. Christine, I am one of Bodi’s aunts, Toni’s sister. This was a beautiful tribute to Bodi and is very much appreciated. What country are you in? Wish you could be here so we could meet you. Take care and thanks again, Aunt Chris, Olympia, WA


  2. Hey “Aunt Chris”
    I’m in Ontario Canada…. I want to fly out to say my last goodbyes.. but my money is tied up in a trip to australia that i’m going on.. I”m trying to get Toni’s address I know she’s going through a lot I want to send something to her.. from me… Thanks you for giving my Bodi Story a read… he was a good part in my life regardless of how far apart we were.. I’m sorry for the loss… *hugz*



  3. Christina, believe it or not, even tho I’m her sister, I don’t know her address since she moved from Imperial. We just keep in touch via email and cell. Well, I have her address, but I can’t find it in the email she she me with it. Sigh. She just bought a house in San Bernardino and I know *that* address, but she hasn’t moved in yet. I understand about money being tied up. I’m in Olympia, WA. I will get her address and if you email me privately, will send it to you. Thanks for reply, Chris


  4. oh i see you gave your email addy. i will email later. c


  5. Hello my name is Edgar Ugarte and bodi Jackson and I were really good friends when we lived in the imperial valley, ca. Unfortunately I moved to another state and lost touch, it’s sad to find out that a child hood friend has passed. R.I.P bodi.


  6. Edgar, it was a shock to everyone… it really was pretty sudden!!! sorry you had to read about it!!!


    • Hey Christina it’s Edgar again. I know it’s been a while since I last commented but I was wondering if I can have toni’s email so that I can visit bodi?


  7. this is his nephew noonie(danny jr) love you uncle you will always be missed RIP


  8. Hi Christina …. Idk if your still on here but reading this just makes me smile… Bodi and I had an amazing relationship… Friends but with a twist… He has been on my mind lately and he’s even been in my random dreams… I’m glad to see that Bodi touched so many pols lives…. I truly miss him. – Yvette


  9. I’m still on here I update this blog as much as I can!! thanks for reading Yvette!


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