Where I belong….

Didn’t head over to crossfit this morning, as much as I love doing it I’m finding it hard to really stay focused and want to be there… for a lot of reasons… I wouldn’t dream about training any other Crossfit gym full time its either Alchemy or nothing. I love Adam and what he’s about and what he brings to his gym. I guess I just have to find my grove and start from scratch. Like my friend Dan said to me  “It’s a marathon… not a sprint” and he’s right. Before I was doing some of it for me, but more because it was the only way I felt I could share an interest with someone close to me so I went often and trained hard. And this time… I’m doing it for me so I have to find out what drives me in that gym, what drove me before is gone (not a bad thing that its gone) but now its about me and me only so… just got to figure it out.

But, I did head out to Cutting Edge tonight which has always felt like home, I brought a long a friend of mine who never quite understood what I do or why I do it.. and in his attempt to get me back he had mentioned that he wanted to see me train for once.. he wanted to just watch (after 6 years of.. not really caring)… SO I let him tag along. I knew something was going to go wrong and it did… He said that me making remarks like “do you want top or bottom because i like the top” or when i was doing some kind of escape my box was in the guys face and i said “how do my balls taste’’ etc.. and he got upset.. jealous maybe.. it bothered him that he liked me and those things were being said.. AND I didn’t know how to explain it to him. Like… he said that ANYONE would be upset.. and maybe thats true and maybe I’m selfish for thinking that he’s wrong.

BUT I know these guys, they are like my family I’m treated like one of the guys. Half of them are married or in long term relationships I mean when we are training and comments come out they aren’t meant to be sexual in the sense I’m hitting on them or them on me. It just like buddies being stupid I guess. BUT how do you explain that to someone who isn’t in the sport? I know I couldn’t, and he was just irritated with me and everything else.. SO that part of the night sucked… probably won’t allow him to come again. It’s how most guys react when they come to any training sessions not just with me I hear it from friends too (guys and girls) who train.

But about Edges, it was great to have Gavin come out again I love watching that guy roll, he’s rolling with one arm because he hurt the other one a bit and he still amazes me with how he moves. Obviously it was nice to work with Jer and see him! Dan was there, I haven’t seen him since high school, I suggested he give Edges a go and I was glad to be able to roll with him. The guy is like a huge bear really strong and I was just glad to survive the round if anything!

I got to work with Jay, he’s always making me laugh training never feels like a job with the guys over there I mean I really enjoy walking in the gym and training with everyone. EVERYONE there challenges me in a different way. So it was a good training session, I broke open the mat burn on my knee which totally sucks but other then that no huge mishaps or injuries to report on.

OH and I want to thank Bill for totally kicking my ass and tapping me out probably a billion times in a matter of 5 minutes.. that’s always humbling….



~ by Christina Sears on October 6, 2009.

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