Oh my legs hate me!

Oh its been quite a productive day folks, I started off my morning the right way with Christine heading over to Crossfit for our 7am work out.  Christine’s legs were jacked, apparently her thai boxing instructor Adam Higson really worked them the night before so needless to say she wasn’t feeling the work out this morning, and I don’t blame her man.

30 Box Jumps (20’ box)

30 Sprawls

3 Rounds

I think I finished in the 11 or so minute mark maybe? Maybe not? I wasn’t really paying attention and I didn’t write it down. I was being chirped about how if I’m going to come to crossfit 1x a week I should make it count… I guess some people can’t understand the hours I’m putting in at work are sort of putting the gym on hold until I have a bit more time on my hands. Really… it only bothers me on days I’m exhausted from work and I head into the gym because I LOVE going there in the morning with Christine, I enjoy the bonding, I enjoy her pushing me in a work out, and I enjoy her company and I like that its something we can do together you know? I’ve see her at her worst sometimes and she’s totally seen me multiple times at my worst…

But some people just think “train train train” and sometimes the real world doesn’t hit them… Which is fine to each their own right? Regardless the kid and put on a good work out. I knew that if it looks easy its probably going to suck even more then something that looks hard. I get really scared after a lot of box jumps, after the first time i bailed on a box…. just thinking about that happening again gives me shivers its not a fun experience. SO I get nervous when I’m doing like rounds of box jumps and other stuff and I can feel my legs get kind of tired, I don’t want to get lazy and then not jump high enough thats BAD NEWS. If you have bailed on a box, you totally know what I’m talking about.

So we get through the work out… And on the way home we were chatting about a destination we can go to that will be not crazy expensive (since she’s starting school in March LAST SEMESTER GO XTINE GO), and where we can have a awesome time… an adventure if you will. A few things were thrown out there. Regardless where we all go … I really wanna try and hit up Vegas in the new year. Even if I go alone I’m not really worried about it. I want to go hiking and train and what not, I’m not much of a drinker, clubber or gambler so I guess people would be like “THEN WHY VEGAS” but it is like the MMA capital of the world WHY NOT VEGAS?!

So after the gym, I came home and grabbed a quick nap before heading into work for 11am. I didn’t like sleep really but it was enough to maybe try and feel refreshed. I use to take a lot of naps when I trained a lot. I’m sure any professional fighter would know what I’m talking about (they probably get in their naps any chance they get) haha!

Work wasn’t too shabby worked with some awesome people today as always Colleen and Laura usually work Friday’s which is always a hoot. Laura is awesome her man owns a a Premier Martial Arts school in Grimsby, awesome guy and she’s pretty awesome herself. I mean I don’t know anyone who would travel to the states to see me compete because she knew how much I worked leading up to that tourney. She’s an awesome women… really supportive and I love working with her we always compare soreness (laughing)! I’m trying to get her to come out to a crossfit work out with me but she thinks she won’t be able to keep up and I think she will do awesome, just got to keep working on her I think.

SO when i got home from work, I caught up with some of my fan mail, and I was sad to read that Elaine, Pete, and Jonathan had to put their dog down. Poor girl was really really sick and lost so much weight and they had to make the worst decision ever. I couldn’t imagine having a dog for like 14 years and then having to say goodbye you know? I mean Sparky hit me really hard and it wasn’t even my retriever it was Steven’s families but I remember the first time that dog was in my arms as a puppy christmas day, and I remember how playful he was and… I just feel for the family and wish them well. Jonathan wrote Chey a letter and put it under his pillow for a ferry to take it to heaven for his dog… so amazing! I love that family… and Jonathan very much and I can’t wait to see him tomorrow he’s making the plans! I think so far we have the park if its nice out, we are making a cake and he’s going to decorate it, AND I believe….. video games and movies are on the agendas AND maybe some sundaes haha! I’m pretty stoked!

So after another cat nap I got ready to head over to Cutting Edge in Caledonia, I’ve been trying to make it out Monday’s and Fridays (which I almost have worked out with my mom).  So… hopefully I can get back into a work out routine and go at my own pase instead of what someone else wants me to do.

Headed over to Edges and it was just Chad, myself, Edge and Gavin showed up. I was pretty stoked that it was a small class just because I got more one on one with Edge, PLUS Gavin is an amazing MMA fighter and a great guy to work with. And its not very often I get to work with him, so I tried to take as much of it in as possible.

I worked with Chad all night, with my wrestling and take downs and grappling and sparring and some thai boxing it was awesome. And Chad isn’t a tall or heavy guy. I mean he’s 150lbs but not CRAZy big like some of the guys over there. So it was awesome.

Edge was working on my kicks and he was showing me where I need to plant them and even when your not hitting them hard it still hurts when they connect and he happen to hit me like 3x’s and I was like “your seriously doing that on purpose” seriously my leg felt really charlie horsed. Then sparring with Chad and adding kicks which I never really did I felt all over the place but I think I did better then what I thought I could do. DO I need a lot of work YES, can I put it in.. sure I can, and I’m glad to be working with the people at Edges because everyone is there to help everyone you know.

THEN while Edge and Gavin worked together Chad and I did some wrestling it was pretty intense especially since my legs were sore from being kicked AND my crossfit work out didn’t help much but I mean like I said to Chad his wrestling has got A LOT better. I remember I was out wrestling him and what not and I hands down felt really humbled today (kudos to him)! He’s really coming along and I’m glad to see that, he’s got tremendous heart.

Needless to say I didn’t really feel the soreness until I stopped over at Tammy’s place to drop off coffee and try and steal some of the cake she made. I got out of the van and my legs were jello, my hips were sooooo sore, man just a mess walking up the stairs to her place. I didn’t know if I was going to make it *laughing*!

First thing I asked her when I walked in “can you smell me” because I was getting whiffs of myself and I was even cringing, she said no so i let her smell my hands and they smelt like dirty boxing gloves haha its an awesome smell to me but to someone who doesn’t train watch out *laughing*!

I got home and seriously needed to strip and get into the shower I couldn’t take the smell anymore, ate, then watched an intense episode of Criminal Minds (not to shabby of a show).

Read that Spratt won his fight by a crazy KO so I obviously can’t wait to talk to him and see how he’s doing and what not.

BUT I think I’m going to jet to bed, I want to be not tired when I hang with Jonathan (totally can’t wait)!



~ by Christina Sears on October 2, 2009.

One Response to “Oh my legs hate me!”

  1. Wow, what a crazy busy day, but fun nonetheless. What is a sprawl?
    I would love to come to Crossfit with you one day, Sometime in Dec or Jan when I am back in town and when my ribs are healed! I love box jumps, and yes, bailing on them is painful and horribly embarrasing!


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