Monday @ Crossfit & Jits @ Cutting Edge

Went to crossfit solo today, Christine’s birthday bash was this past weekend and I mean being 25 is a big deal, and some people aren’t as young as they use to be and hangovers tend to linger longer then what they use to. Poor Christine, but I did end up going at 9am which wasn’t too bad.

We warmed up with

400m Jog

x10 Squats (3 rds)

x10 Push Ups (3 rds)

x10 Squat Jumps (3 rds)

x10 Pull Ups (3 rds)

400m Sprint

After that Simon went over cleans with everyone (and power cleans). There is only a slight difference between the two so it wasn’t hard to get the hang of either of them. However I used the 35lbs bar becuase lets face it the other bar is far to thick for me to wrap my little hands around. And I think I loaded it up with 85lbs (obviously after doing some warm up runs) and seriously even the warm up weight felt like a lot. I don’t know why… I felt pretty weak though and it sucked. So worked on 5 sets of cleans… then it was time for the work out.

5 Power Cleans (55lbs)

10 Dive Bomber  Push Ups

15 HK2E

3 rounds

I felt pretty okay doing it.. I mean it wasn’t the hardest work out I ever did, and I probably should have done better but like I said I just was kind of off today and I can’t really put my finger on it. But regardless pushed along… or tried to anyways.

I finished in 8 minutes, Simon kinda poked fun at it but whatever to each their own right?

Later that night I headed up to Edges place to train some jits with the guys. Edge wasn’t there I think he was away doing some stuff for work. So Jer and Jay were running shit over there. They were showing the darce choke and how to get out of it, my arms were far to small to do it on Ferraro so I worked with Jer here and there.. its a good choke!!! I liked it gotta remember it though.

Rolled with some of the guys… Ferraro crushed me like a train but he’s a good guy makes me work hope he feels better this week. Jay and I rolled he said he noticed my weight loss and that i seem quicker which I guess is a good thing. It’s always good talking to these guys… I missed them I hope I can get out there more….I really do…



~ by Christina Sears on September 28, 2009.

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