50.. alll 50….

Sponsored By Ultimate Takedown

Sponsored By Ultimate Takedown


Okay, I have far to much energy for an early morning, NORMALLY I’m dragging my ass around, but thats probably because I put my foot down and went to bed at a decent time KNOWING that today was going to be a long and busy one for me.

My day has started off with a work out at Alchemy Crossfit in Hamilton, the work out was run by Simon as every morning has for the last little bit. You would think it would be weird right? To have your ex (who your suppose to have bad blood with) teach a class, I can think of a shit load of things that could possibly go wrong, or can be said etc… but its fine… When we are there we are there to train, he’s there to teach and everything is checked at the door.. its out of respect for the gym and Adam!  PLUS really at the end of the day things are over and done with… Yeah whatever happened SUCKED but it is what it is.. pick up and move on… I don’t care.. and I’m sure he doesn’t either…

Christine and I were joined by Craig, this cute power lifter, he’s always a treat to have around. He’s got a great personality and he’s probably about 5’4 or 5’5 at least so I always joke about having ‘the power of the little people” behind us!

SO working out with Simon, you know the training is going to be a real treat and you better bring your “a” game!

Our warm up consisted of:

400m Run

10 Burpees (3x’s)

10 Sit Ups (3x’s)

400m Sprint (which i got around the building in 2:04 FUCKING small legs grrr)!

Then it was on to the work out… the lucky number this morning was .. well… 50! SO with the spirit of 50 we did:

50 Push Ups

50 Lunges

50 Hanging Knees to Elbows (HK2E)

50 Body Rows

50 Box Jumps (I used a 20’ box)

50 Sprawls

50 Kettle Bell Swings (I used a 14kg KB)

I’ll be happy to never see another 50 again *JK* but seriously the thing that really sucked and seemed to take forever was the HK2E. I was getting kinda weary with the box jumps too because once upon a time I bailed on the box and my shins hated me for weeks. That was some of the worst pain I ever felt!!! SPEAKING of pain… the weirdest thing happen to me during my work out this morning. I was doing my last round of 50’s with the kettle bells and all of a sudden my left thigh started to go numb. Like I said to Christine after the work out … you know when you bang your elbow in the right spot and for awhile there your arm goes numb and gets weird pins and needles… WELL same idea and the numbness just traveled down my leg. I got to like 25 swings and I was finding it hard to put my hips into it I felt very very stiff… It was crazy I’ve never had that happen before. I’m going to give it a day or two and then if its still like this maybe get it checked. I still haven’t got much feeling i there and I left Crossfit awhile ago…

SO needless to say I finished this work out in 27:51, NOW before you judge go give it a try… I know its a terrible time but its officially documented and I’m going to give her a try at some point down the road and get that number lower! Crossfit is about progression!

What else did I want to talk about? A few things actually….

110lbs (Sept 22 2009)

110lbs (Sept 22 2009)

I guess a lot of you heard that Rampage is done with fighting according to his blog. I read a portion of it on MMA Junkie last night and honest to god GOOD FOR HIM! I know a lot of people are pretty disappointed and want him to fight, BUT how many of you have been at a job that you loved so much and then someone/something messed that up for you and you hated going into work, OR even better how many of you have a job you can’t stand to do ANYMORE? How much of a toll does that take on you at the end of the week? NOW imagine having to put your face out in the publics eye, train, and fight. Fighting is more mental then it is physical, you can be in the best shape of your life but if your mind isn’t there then your body WILL not follow you and you will burn yourself out a lot more. Its amazing what goes on behind closed doors and how PR people and the “head guys” can manipulate fans into thinking whatever they want without any trouble.

Like… You can only push someone so far and once they lose that passion what’s going to happen an continuous losing streak because THEY don’t care about what they are doing, that doesn’t make good TV and I think that Quinton did the best thing for him and unlike some fighters who think they are superman.. he’s looking towards the future. YOUR only good to an organization IF your making them money, why do you think they are cutting people? Its the harsh reality, and its the same with the fans… look at when Hughes started to lose fights people were pushing for retirement and kept saying “HE’S DONE HE’S DONE” BUT once upon a time these same people were licking the guys nuts. LOOK at Chuck (as a more recent example)? AS soon as he lost his last fight DANA even pretty much said “he’s retired” like? Your not worth much if you can’t fight or your injured, they throw all the money in the world at you as long as your keeping them happy your always the work horse in an industry like that no matter what angle you look at it. Its never about you its always about someone or something else.

ALSO there were rumors flying around that Trigg was going to be cut from the UFC… Which makes me laugh considering we had to watch Tim Sylvia for how many TITLE fights sit there and drag out the rounds, or Thalies Laties lay on the mat while Anderson tried to do SOMETHING… with what he was given.. and Thalies was just bumped to an undercard bout? Trigg gets CAUGHT with ONE shot (cause sometimes that is all it takes) and they wanted to cut him? GIVE ME A BREAK! maybe I am just being bias here, but I’ve seen fighters that SHOULD be cut who come back fight after fight and I never understand it.  But thats what it was a rumor, he’s not cut I think he’s got one more chance to prove he’s got what it takes to be there and I hope he delivers. Trigg has got talent, he didn’t get to where he is by luck and I know he’s got it in him for another run at things.

ALSO I watched some of Dancing with the Stars on YouTube, Chuck… man… was weird watching him on a dance floor being so gentle considering he smashes guys for a living.  But good for him to do something different… I’m sure he just brought over a lot more fans!!!

Anyways I have to work at 11 30am… so MAYBE I should get ready for work! I hear the shower calling my name!!!



~ by Christina Sears on September 23, 2009.

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