Crazy Weekend

This weekend was pretty busy for me as most of you know! My parents 25th anniversary bash went really well, better then what I thought it would and we had a huge response from people. I want to right now thank some people who sponsored the event donating gear, and shirts, and gift certificates and what not:

Physical Development & Nutrition Shoppe


Ultimate Takedown

Launch Gum

MMA Parody Wear

Redemption Fight Wear

CanFight – Canadian Fighter

Hardcor Fightwear

Premier Martial Arts Grimsby

Unfortunately for me I wasn’t able to hook up a television that would allow me to order the UFC fights (which sort of sucked balls)! I was really interested to see Belfort and Trigg fight, two guys I have a load of respect for but I was getting UFC updated by everyone and their mother when they started (thanks to all those people I appreciated it)

I did however get to watch the fight after the fact on my favorite site to watch them on MMA Linker.

Obviously the first one I wanted to watch was Trigg and Koscheck! A lot of people sent me some pretty brutal “I told you he was going to get knocked out” kinda comments which was fine to each their own right? BUT I wanted to see what happened!

So in the beginning of the round I thought both fighters looked good, I mean you have to admit for a guy who is 37 years old Trigg looked in shape (to me anyways), and I think that Koschecks stand up is looking better (now… only if Brock Lesnar can make that SAME transition)… Anyways.. What I noticed first about Trigg is that he was pretty heavy on his feet. I’m not much of a stand up person BUT I remember that I did the same thing, when I started training in some other things I was told stay on the balls of your feet… bounce around… etc.. and thats what Kos was doing. Trigg looked like he had cinderblocks attached to his legs. To each their own though, the guys been doing it for years? So tht could be whats comfy for him right? I’m sure I dont stand like a lot of people out there as they dont stand like me.

NOW when Trigg threw that punch just before Koscheck caught him his hand didn’t come back to his face nor did he protect his chin… however it looked like Koscheck punched him in the ear (haha), which honestly when you get his on the side of the head like that its jarring. I’ve had it happen to me in training and honestly i got rocked a little bit. SO as Trigg was trying to get himself together he kinda had his hands down and went into the face and thats when Koscheck turned around and well nailed him one. It was a good stoppage, I couldn’t believe that Koscheck won, and I’m sure since a lot of you know I have so much respect for Trigg that I’m going to make up every excuse for him. BUT I’m not… and I’m sure he’s not going to make excuses either.

He got caught… thats all it was, do I think he COULD have beat Koscheck… OH YEAH for sure.. But it wasn’t his night. Is he a failure? HELL NO not in my books. Any guy who can go in there ESPECIALLY at the age some of them are (Trigg included) and stand with this younger, hungry generation of fighters has my respect. Because not only do these guys have to train hard but they have families too they have to tend to. They are human, they do everyday human things. You know?

NOW I also watched Belforts fight, and it went exactly how I thought it was going to go. I’ve always had so much respect for Vitor… I’ve seen a lot of his stuff in Pride and the UFC… and I thought he looked really great out there and congrats on his win!!!

Sponsored By: Ultimate Takedown

Sponsored By: Ultimate Takedown

Sunday morning after the party was my REST day, So i caught up on the fights I wanted to see, and then went and trained at Premier Martial Arts in Grimsby. Some of the guys that were there that morning are competing in Austria representing some of the Canadian Kickboxing Team. So when I was asked to come out Sunday I was literally thinking to myself (OH GOD)!

I’m not much of a stand up person, I did some stand up with Edge (who gave me my basics and has really helped me a long), and I did a few sessions of Thai Boxing (which I enjoyed). BUT I haven’t done that in GOD… months.. maybe since before may? So April? Thats 5 MONTHS?

I mean, to get better at something you have to do it all the time and put time into it. So I get there (nice gym), and I see the guys just working on some stuff and Neil (who is the owner of the gym and is competing in Austria) came over to me and was like “you coming in..” I was so shy and really just scared to spar, and train with new people. But I figured they don’t know me and I don’t know them… so what have I got to lose right?

I suited up, stuck on my shin guards, my kicks, my gloves and just got in there, A LOT of the guys were really awesome they knew I was new and eased me into it the coaches of the team helped me out a lot and no one made me feel stupid AT ALL. I didn’t even feel frustrated not once, NOT even when I was taking some hits… It felt so great.. and I felt like I was doing it for me not for anyone else you know?

So we got into the sparring part, stupid me I forget my head gear… AND normally I cringe and shy away when I dont have it on, because I never liked getting hit. BUT this time was different I got in there and just did my best, I hit actually some really good leg kicks (which I even shocked myself)… I hit some good body shots here and there and even caught some people with that right hand of mine!

ALL the guys were really supportive, some weren’t trying to be aggressive which was funny, but I mean i’m new to them so I’m sure they were just being nice about it so I didn’t care. BUT I didn’t hold back…

It was really nice of Flood to really help me out, clean some stuff up, and he said “your not as new as what you said’ and I told him the extent of my stand up and he said “well you’ve really really got potential… You did really good out there” And that meant a lot because he sounded very sincere you know?

I really want to go out there and train a lot more I think it would be great PLUS Neilster is a really good teacher himself…



~ by Christina Sears on September 21, 2009.

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