Oh… its been nothing but GOOOOO!

WOW, its been awhile since I’ve updated this training blog of mine eh? Well, its been a pretty crazy few weeks let me tell you. I’ll start with the recent stress that has been put onto not only my plate by also my families plate with that “crazy” neighbor I sometimes banter about in my blogs. She is taking us to court trying to put a “peace bond” on my youngest brother for APPARENTLY harassing and threatening her since February of 2008. My youngest brother is the trouble maker in the family… always in trouble at school and what not so he would be the best candidate to have this be put on. However, my brother is also a hermit and really doesn’t’ do much except football, school, video games, and the odd time going to the store or bank alone… He’s 16 by the way. SO he’s never really out and a bout long enough to have her “scared for her life.”!

So of course I have been working with my family and some legal people to put a case together so we can win and hopefully put her in a spot she belongs and thats far away from us.

Next on the agenda is my parents 25th anniversary bash, I’ve been overwhelmed with the response from clothing lines and different people I had contacted about raffle prizes to help them get their name out there as it will help me and the party. The amount of people who got back to me was huge and I appreciate the quick responses and everything they have sent for me as does my family. I hope I can help them out as much as they have me if I can.

So i’ve been editing, and putting together the final things for the party which is next Saturday. I’m excited to hear that some of my friends from Sarnia and London are going to come into town to attend. Brown and Rin are two good friends of mine from when I wrestled in High School, and have always always supported everything I’ve done and really stuck by me. I don’t get to see or talk to them as much as I like to with life getting in the way sometimes but I do appreciate their efforts and I am looking forward to training with them maybe at Cutting Edge and Alchemy Crossfit and then maybe hitting up the falls too just to hang out and catch up. Rin’s GF Becky might come too, I met her one time when I was in London with the girls…. she’s a nice person really made me laugh and what not so if she attends it wont be bad to see her either… I can get a long with her (which i dont many girls)!

Training wise, I will admit I haven’t been getting out AS MUCH just because with picking up extra shifts at work (because lets face it i’m getting shitty ones), and dealing with the court case, and the party at the end of my day the last thing I want to do is lift or do a crossfit work out. Its not like I DONT want to, but I’m not motivated enough to do it and I have found myself over worked and tired the last little bit. I do miss everyone at both gyms, I miss the smell of the sweat at Edges (yes the sweat), and I miss the joking around there too, I miss Adam and the crew at Alchemy… i miss almost wanting to puke during work outs or have him yelling at me. I miss the morning work outs with Christine…. So hopefully October I can get back into the swing of things before I leave for the land of OZ.

That’s right the next thing on my agenda is I’ve booked a trip to Brisbane Australia and I leave December 1st. I’m pretty excited because it’s a trip i’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember (probably since i was 13). When I was in college I was looking at a University out there which I still might consider going to… I’m going to hopefully visit the campus when I get out there. My almost 3 weeks that I’ll be there is already almost all planned. I have a personal tour guide who i haven’t seen in forever and who I miss so very much. I’m looking forward to spending time out there and just experiencing everything I can without being eaten of course.

As for the relationship front, a lot of you have been sending me shit loads of messages and emails about it seeing my status change and what not. And you don’t need to worry I’m actually doing really good I think a lot better then what people expected. I rarely stop to think about what’s happened it is what it is and like i realized a long time ago you have to “know what your worth… and go out and get what your worth but you have to be willing to take the hits”…. and I did that got hit and i’m just going to keep striving forward.    The one question I get is “is it awkward”… and you know what.. its not.. because what happened was something that was out of my hands and something no matter what I did I wasn’t going to stop. So i have nothing to feel weird about I just keep acting like I would any other day and try to just make it more comfortable for everyone else who is dumbfounded that I can sit in the same room and not even have it get to me….

Another question I get is am I going to switch gyms because of the events that have happened and the answer to that is no. I know some people think I’m crazy but I’ve met some amazing people over there and at Edges and I feel like they are all a second family and I enjoy being there regardless of what is going on.. I check it at the door.. in that gym I am going to motivate and be there for whoever is working out. I have respect for everyone who trains at Alchemy and at Cutting Edge and to much respect to just not be able to swallow my ego for an hour… I’m there for one person and that is myself… I’ve got amazing results working with people at those gyms…

Other people have asked where do I go from here, and so far I have just kept doing whatever it is I do. I reconnected with a lot of old friends, and have been working on friendships with them because its now that time for that door to open. The people I met along the way the last two years… and i’ve really been getting to know a lot of them and have connected and developed friendships with most of them which is awesome. They are truly beautiful people and I’ve learned a lot from them thus far.

SO… I’m fine… haha I’ve been fine!!! No need to worry!!! Just like i’m sure the others are doing fine.. the world won’t stop because you happen to get hurt you just have to pick yourself up and keep going. That’s how you truly get through life… and you have to most importantly learn from everything which I have. I learned a lot of things a lot of good and some not so good and I will take those with me on to the next chapter you know?

What else…

Ah yes…

I worked out this morning bright and early at 7am with Christine, Simon was running the class I think he’s shadowing Adam and will probably be taking over some of the classes as well as doing his own personal training in that gym. Some new faces in the mornings now, Christine had mentioned she hadn’t seen GI Jane or Kerry around… which is sad those women are soooo amazing to train with especially Jane.

So we did our warm up and got onto the work out which I THINK was:

50 Kettle Bell Swings (i used a 14kg kettle bell)

50 Hanging Knees to Elbows (HK2E)

50 Box Jumps (20’)

50 Push Ups

50 1 arm dead lifts (which i also used a 14kg kettle bell)

FOR TIME! I believe I finished it in 22:36… maybe not the best time but its a work in progress. I’ve been out of crossfit for a bit totally noticed a difference. It was funny because as my grip started to slip mid HK2E Simon was saying he knows i can do better then that and i laughed because its true.. IF anything he’s seen me at my best.. and believe me at my worst in the gym ahaha so training wise he will know when i’m dicking around and when i’m not.. SO of course he was telling me to get in there and finish up and what not as he was with everyone… the HK2E seemed like it was taking FOREVER. Even Jeremy was like “are you kidding me” its like burpees seems like forever. Say you have to do like 20 of them and you get to 5 and your like “seriously…” hahaa!

The box jumps aren’t too bad I used the 20’ box… deathly scared of missing and scraping my shins like I did the last time I did box jumps. I was nervous because I was crazy tired, my schedule has been nothing but early mornings and late nights… so I was kind of scared but I got through all 50 of them with no huge mishaps which is good. My shins are still in tact.

Push ups I breezed though… I dont find them difficult anymore… totally made them my bitch it feels good not to struggle with them like I once did.

The one arm dead lifts were brutal… OMG I remember doing them at the other gym and I remember how sore I was the next day so its going to be a good day tomorrow for sure..

To make matters worse later today just before the sun was going down James and I ran Sydenham. I was going to Video blog it but man, once I started going there was no way. I forgot how much that road sucks. I ran it in 6 minutes which isn’t to bad I suppose but I would like to get that number down as much as possible. Of course I got the burning in my chest and my throat being all weird like I had the wind knocked out of me, but if I get into a routine of running it then it shouldn’t be too shabby! Plus James is an awesome guy, really funny to be around.. he’s looking good he’s been working out and what not and got his weight up from like 139 – 155… he looks really good!!! I’m proud of him!!

OH and another thing that happened today was  Dave Pavelich from the MFC (and Heat XC) contacted me about writing for them… Was a shocker but it will definitely be a good experience for me. Not something I was expecting when i checked my mail you know? So i’m going to give it a run. See how it goes.. their next card looks decent! I’m actually SHOCKED to see Spratt on the card after what happened to him against Ford. Hopefully I can get out there maybe to watch his fight.

Anyways.. my legs are throbbing I think i’m going to grab something to eat.. but thats what i’ve been up to!!



~ by Christina Sears on September 10, 2009.

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