“WOW WHAT A RUSH!” I don’t think I felt so great going into a heavy lifting work out at Alchemy Crossfit. Usually a heavy lifting work out would kill me, literally you would see girly tears running down my face and I would honestly want to give up (and sometimes I have).

But today was a milestone for me, I never felt so “cured” if you will in my life. Normally I would feel sick, and my mind would race and I would start to break down (it happened 2 or 3 weeks ago). And Adam had to bring me up, snap me out of it and keep me focused like a good trainer he is. But today man, I had enough in me to fill the entire room.

When I got there I was on my phone making plans to hang out with Fab after I went and started playing around with the rings and working on my kipping pull up. I still couldn’t nail the kip but it looked a hell of a lot better then it did the other night with Lee and Lorna, so like everything thats going to be a work in progress and I felt great.

Then i wanted to do an upside down pull up my goal at first was just to reach the “phat bar” with my feet and to do that i would need to shrug up and I kept at it. Adam was egging me on “you only have an inch come on don’t quit” haha It was a great warm up.

Then we got into the details of the work out after the warm up we were to do

10 Push Press

10 Front Squats

10 Sit ups

For 5 rounds

Sounds easy enough right? But it was all heavy work today… instead of using the normal weights we made them so it was made to make us want to quit and fail.

I did 85lbs on my push press and front squat and I used a 14kg kettlebell for my sit ups.

I didn’t have a rack I think it might have been a bit easy to take it off the rack I had to clean it off the ground but whatever I didn’t mind. I thought Denise was doing more weight then me but I was happy to keep head to head with her during the work out. It wasn’t until AFTER that I realized we were doing the exact same weight and this girl is a hardcore rock climber, and her upper body is retarded and it seemed like she was struggling a bit so to watch that made my head a bit bigger when I was doing my rounds.

I felt so strong and the front squats I totally could do body weight with those. I’ve only done them one other time besides today and I felt great last time I had a rough go with them but today man, I felt like I could sit there all day and do them it was awesome.

I finished the work out in 22 min, which i could have done better I suppose but I wanted to pase myself.

After everyone kinda left I talked to Adam and pretty much said “i’m cured” and he complimented me on how strong and good I looked and reminded me that Denise and I were head to head which totally felt great. I have sooooo much respect for Denise and to stay head to head with a girl like her is great for me, makes me feel strong about working out and being able to hold my own in there. It feels good to be back I feel almost 100%!

After my work out I came home had to call Elaine about some stuff, and I got to talk to Jonathan, he’s 5 and he’s my little man. He makes me feel so good I’m pretty sure I’m going on an ice cream date with him maybe Monday at some point, so I’m pretty stoked!!!

Awesome day, and i’m a product of what you can do when you can stay strong, and fall when you need too. BUT also pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

I got to see Fabian too, lol that guy is a hoot seriously we had a awesome convo I laughed so hard. FAB it was good to see you got to do it again kid!!!

OH did you all hear that Shonie Carter is Fighting Carlos Newton at the the W1 in Montreal in October? I couldn’t believe it when I read that I was shocked! I like both guys I think it will be a good fight Newton has a lot of experience and so does Carter so it really should be interesting to see who takes that one! I think Shone is going to be the under dog in this one though? Just because Newton is Canadian and what not.




~ by Christina Sears on August 19, 2009.

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