Cris Cyborg VS Gina Carano

Cris Cyborg VS Gina Carano

thumbnail_crop_php_(1)Everyone has asked me what I thought about the Carano/Cyborg match up this past weekend. Before the fight was even documented to happen like some people I thought that it would be a good fight first and foremost BUT I also thought (from what I saw out of Gina) that maybe Cyborg might be a bit much for her. But like we have seen sometimes regardless of the hype even those who we thought wouldn’t lose can lose.

I didn’t count out Carano, but she wasn’t my betting choice if I made one either. I know she’s got skill or she wouldn’t have got as far as she has however she’s also a very good looking girl with big cans which appeals to the male audience that is the majority of viewers for this sport. Which is why she gets so much of the attention she does (which is fine)!

I wasn’t at home to initially catch the fights but posted for people to keep me updated on Twitter, and as soon as the fight happened I had my phone light up with messages, I can’t say I wasn’t surprised at the outcome but I was more curious to see how it all went down.

Like some had said it was an intense round, and yeah Gina did hold her own, but she looked defeated 2 minutes in and didn’t look like she wanted to be there.

When I was talking to a friend of mine who is a Thai Boxer, he had said that Cyborg is a different kind of animal in there, and he was completely 100% right. To me Cyborg is a fierce animal that hasn’t eaten in days and when she’s caged up with any women that women is her dinner and she doesn’t stop until dinner is dead and finished.

Gina looked like dinner and Cyborg was hungry so she came hard the entire round and they both pushed each other unfortunately the beast took over and Gina was dinner at the end of the round.

Like Couture did say though Gina did get in some solid shots and I’m surprised she didn’t keep with that rhythm, stick and go, like Couture had planned for her But I guess its easier said then done, I know I’d be intimidated if I had to get in there with a fighter like Cyborg.

Before the fight started I don’t understand how people didn’t think Cyborg would stand a chance, I’ve seen a lot of Gina’s fights and the girls run scared? Which makes it easier to defeat someone their spirits were already broken.  The last fight Carano had the chick wasn’t even facing her she talked a big game and when it came down to crunch time she turtled? I couldn’t believe i sat there and watched it. It was like watching Thailes Laties flop on the ground when he was fighting Silva.

I think if more women come out like the both of them did then the sport will be just as entertaining with women fighting as it is for men, there is a lot (and i do mean a lot) of untouched talent out there in the women divisions because the sport hasn’t reached that potential to have a sea of women to chose from with fights come up. Which makes it hard to make it, and make it big you know?

I’m not going to bad mouth Gina, I just think Cyborg was something maybe she wasn’t ready for PLUS there was a lot of pressure on her shoulders for this fight (as I’m sure there was for Cyborg) and maybe she couldn’t handle it as great as when she thought she could. I read after the fight she refused to talk to the press (which is understandable).

Marloes Coenen is set to fight Cyborg next I heard, I’ve never heard of her but she looks pretty solid so I guess we will see what she’s about right?

I’m really interested to see some of Kaufmans fights in Strikeforce thats going to be pretty fantastic, I respect Sarah Kaufman just as much as I respect Cris Cyborg and I think she’s another force to be reckoned with you know?

I’m excited to keep watching these women divisions grow and do well…



~ by Christina Sears on August 17, 2009.

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