Bench went down to 105….

So you know how I went to the water park all day Sunday? Well i came out a bit sun burn on my shoulders and last week James was pretty sunburn when he walked into Edges I thought I would learn from his mistake and just not go to to Edges. The rubbing of my t-shirt and stuff wouldn’t have been pleasant at all. SO I went to Alchemy instead.

Awesome group of people there tonight, Lee and his girlfriend, James, kevin, Craig was there a few people.

Lorna and I worked out together that girl is awesome. She maybe really girly compared to me but she’s got such a good genuine heart and she makes me laugh that girl. She’s always making fun of her “little arms” we had to do some push ups and what not and her and i paired up and I was yelling at her to do one more or a few more. It was a really good laugh for sure.

We worked on bench press today, which was good because I got to learn a proper way of doing it and since I was working with Lorna, Lee would always correct form which was great I like working with Lee he’s good like that. I ended up benching 105 for 10, then for 5, then for 6! Not what I’m use too I”m use to doing a bit more then that but thats my own fault. But I was really just focused on technique and getting that down pat. Lorna felt bad she couldn’t even do 65 and I told her that it takes a bit, and she just has to keep at it.

I told her it wasn’t easy for me, but I think I was able to start where I was because of my Jiu Jitsu and wrestling training always getting people off of me or taking them down. Its the only thing I can think of, and she’s more of a runner/soccer player stuff like that do her legs are probably decent.

But it was great working out with her, GRANTED i missed my banters with Christine but Lorna wasn’t too bad to work out with it was awesome to try and push her and just be able to have fun during the work out.

I love working out with James he’s always lightening the mood and for a few lifting classes it was just him and I, and I always yell at him to lift the things he’s lifting and push through it and he comments on the little midget voice that jumps up at him and yells at him *laughing* haha!

I was really happy to see Adam, I guess he thought I might had had something wrong or     was going through something but I smiled and just said I was working my tail off to go to Australia. It’s good to know the people I train with or who train me care you know? Adam has always been good like that.

So when we were doing our benching Ash, Lorna, Craig and I shared the same bench…. I put the little boxes under my feet because lets face it i can’t reach the ground when I’m bench pressing and craig was like “why didn’t I think of that.” He’s got a competition in two weeks and wanted to try out his new benching shirt. Man…. It was such a chore to get it on him and with the gym being so hot it took like 2 people to get it the way he needed it and even then it wasn’t working. I felt bad for him but it was kinda funny! Him and I talked for a bit after training he’s a good guy I like him, he makes me laugh PLUS he’s not very tall so i can see eye to eye with him.

I worked on my Kipping pull ups today too eh? I asked Lee for some help with it to dissect what I was doing wrong. He was such a big help and we started working on it, so Wednesday I’m going to work on it some more when I go to Alchemy. I know I have the strength to get up there just that f’ing swing GOD! haha!

Awe well… everything is a work in progress!



~ by Christina Sears on August 17, 2009.

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