Cutting Edge MMA

I couldn’t wait to train at Edges, I usually look forward to starting my week training there and seeing everyone. I was really excited to see Jay, Jer & Chad because they recently fought in the states and all of them won their fights. Jer got the knock out we all knew he should have had the first time around, Jay finishing his fight in like 30 seconds or something retarded like that with a triangle choke, and Chat winning his first bout by a choke I believe… I was SOOO proud of all of them my only regret is that I couldn’t be there to watch them.

So needless to say when I came into the gym I finally saw Jay and gave him props he apologized that there was no video due to it being done within a blink of an eye haha So that meant NO highlight! But I was really excited to see him and congratulate him too! Edge has done a great job with all the fighters he trains, and I think they can go far if they keep that hungry drive and listen to Edge and let him guide them you know. Some people don’t realize the resources that they have right under their nose and think that sometimes the grass maybe greener on the other side? I’m sure I’ve done it but it only made me realize that I had right in front of me.

I worked in with James and Brandon for technique, James had this brutal sun burn on his body apparently he pass out on the beach and woke up in the am with this burn… LOL got to love passing out when your drunk! James is a pretty lanky guy compared to myself and Brandon must out weigh me by over 100lbs. But I didn’t mind working with them, they are pretty solid guys! James eventually couldn’t take the rubbing on his skin and left (poor guy) So i just worked with Brandon. He asked the question that most people would ask, were coach marini is haha I simply said I wouldn’t know these days but I’m sure he’s training hard and will be back to the gym in a few months or so” as soon as I said that he knew that things were done because you can’t have peanut butter with out the jam right? And that’s how we were so… haha! I laughed it off he was like “oh I’m sorry” i was like it is what it is.. no biggie.. and we continued rollin, its amazing how your body can detox it out of your system. The body is an amazing thing for sure! I don’t take mine for granted AT ALL!

So we worked on stuff from the back, I really liked what Edge was showing, I’m pretty sure I can use that in a tourney, I’ll work on it when I can. Edge called me out too tonight after I rolled with him he was like “you give up with me eh, its like you think you can’t get anything so you just give up.” TOTALLY caught me off guard but thats exactly how I feel sometimes, and then I get caught up with just how he moves and how he can pull submissions out of his ass and it puts me at awe and I want to watch and I forget I actually have to grapple haha!I guess I should be more aggressive I have nothing to lose really and the world to gain from it.

I rolled with Jay too, what a dick he was using pressure points and would slap me in the face haha.. its not as bad as it was when he was like heavier now he’s becoming a skinny guy!!! But it was awesome rolling with him. He’s such a good friend, really makes me laugh man!!!

After training what did I do… I think I went home and I was going to go out but it didn’t end up happening I fell asleep haha!!!! I hope I can get out to Edges on Friday! SOOO excited!



~ by Christina Sears on August 10, 2009.

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