Cops and Cuts….

I went and lifted Wednesday night at Alchemy, I was shocked not to see Adam and it was my first time training with Lee. He was showing us a certain lift that I had never done before. It was really frustrating at first not going to lie, it reminded me of boxing your corrected on so much that your thinking about it all and then end up messing up because you don’t want to mess up ha-ha, if that makes any sense.

But by the end of it I think i was doing a hell of a lot better.  I forget what we were doing… but my legs were done in from the work out in the morning. Some light front squats were making me shake on the way up. But Lee really broke down the entire lift for me which was awesome. Even though it was a lot to think about I understood why I had to lift a certain way. He said I would probably get bruises on my thighs where I had to bump the weight up and I totally did.

It was great lifting with James, he really makes me laugh i love training with him I really do!!!

I then went home from the gym, and its a good thing I didn’t go to see my relatives from NB before I hit home because I wouldn’t have been able to welcome the police at my door. Apparently my neighbors house got egged and she said she saw my one brother Anthony do it, however he was at work at 4 30 or 5 and wouldn’t be done until 2 am, I was at Alchemy, my parents were at our relatives house so the only one home was David. She watches us like hawks so she obviously knew that. So the cops tried to scare David into admitting to something he obviously didn’t do. It was quite humours I’m pretty sure the cop was annoyed by her and her mouth too. SO when I asked where they saw him egg the house from he told me and I told him that she physically assaulted my brother Anthony that morning because she saw him FROM THAT VERY SPOT moon one of his buddies and she assumed they were MOONING her… So i said to the cop 1st I don’t know why she would be watching them at 2 am when we have family over, and 2nd if she saw the moon she would have not only caught on camera but also SAW my brother egg her house.

SO he went over there and asked if they had proof because they couldn’t make their mind on which brother it was and there is a huge difference between Anthony and Dave. Anthony is like 5’4 and 145lbs and David is almost 6’0 and 180lbs? LIKE? SO when the cop asked to see the camera they said “no.” SO he simply said then don’t waste my time and he put that in the report and gave us some great advice with how we can deal with her. SO that’s what we are going to do and I’m quite excited to get it done.

But it wasted like 2.5 hours of my night maybe more? AND for what? Those people need to get a life, she needs to get a job so she’s not sitting in front of her camera all night while its pointed at my place.

ANYWAYS, I went and trained this morning at Alchemy, we worked on push press I think I got up to 95lbs and then it got heavy? I need to get back to lifting I’m sure I will when I’m good and ready. I really loved motivating the other women in the gym it really made me feel good to show them WHAT they can be doing. That’s how i wanted to work  so hard, I had women in there like Marla motivating me.

I was doing to Christine what Adam does to me “oh that looked easy 5 more pounds” ha-ha, it was good she was doing amazing!!!

Then we did a met con version of fran, where you use a weight that you can do the full thrusters with and instead of doing normal pull ups your suppose to do the jumping ones but as fast as you can. IT was crazy, I didn’t think it would be that hard. So i scaled down my weight to 55lbs I think i finished it in 4:49 ha-ha still a bit long I guess but I was so sore from the lifting and what not. BUT you know what it still felt like I was doing normal fran a bit… really sucked hahaha!

It was good working out with Christine this morning, she’s leaving for Norway soon and I wont see her for a bit.

Later tonight I went to the Festival of Friends over at Gage Park I saw a few people I haven’t seen in awhile. Met up with Steven, saw Noah and Rebecca. Steven and I found this awesome candle booth their stuff was amazing, smelled amazing, was decently priced PLUS they lasted awhile. It was really good! So I picked up a bunch of stuff for a basket for my parents anniversary party!!! Some good stuff in there! Had one of the best pulled pork sandwiches ever and we stumbled up on this “gourmet lolly pop” stand so we bought some just to see what the big deal was about them. I haven’t had one yet but i bought cotton candy, green apple and bubble gum. other then that we just walked around me walking around on my sore cut up foot (because I’m so smart)!

OKAY what happened with my foot, i was getting something on my shelf and i knocked over one photo and it was like a domino effect which then knocked down one frame and chipped it I didn’t realize it was chipped so when i put them all back and fixed the mess I made up i went to get something on my bed and felt something slice my foot so i looked on the bottom of my foot and there was blood pouring out of it and i saw the glass sticking out of my foot so i had to pull it out and then the blood started to flow a bit more. I hopped into the washroom lucky my brother was there he helped me get the bleeding to stop, and he grabbed me a massive band aid. Thinking about it now I’m shocked I didn’t pass out, because right now i feel sick thinking about it. So work should be interesting because it hurts like a mother to walk around on. Thank god I didn’t need stitches that would have REALLY sucked!!!! I should have taken a picture of the blood and everything but I was kinda freaking wasn’t sure how big it was because of all the blood I saw.



~ by Christina Sears on August 7, 2009.

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