Family is your Biggest Strength

IMG_6631Honestly, my weekend was amazing! I made really great money at work which is being banked for my trip down under and I got to see much of my dads side of the family that I haven’t seen in a while.

“Nanny & Papa’s” 60th wedding anniversary party was suppose to be in P.E.I but Nanny has been not feeling good and was in the hospital (bit of a scare for the family really) and she’s on an oxygen tank now and what not so their kids decided to bring the party to Ontario and thats what they did. Granted its my dad’s brother Dave’s in laws but I was brought up and they are still family regardless I treat the Gallants as if they are direct relatives to me.

Before we left Tamara her husband and their three girls came over. I’ve never really got to spend time with the girls so it was my first time Monday and they really took to me which felt good. I was honestly a bit nervous I know they are still youngin’s but I just really wanted them to know i was their cousin and i love them very much!

Madeline and Marlise wanted to see my room, I’ve never had any sisters so I was like “umm okay” and showed them my room their eyes lit up especially when they seen the little make up i did have. I told them that my room use to be their mommy’s room when she was little like them and they were like “reallllyyyyyy” in their cute little voices.

It was funny because I guess when my mom was getting her make up on and doing her hair for the party the girls were in my room and when my mom came in to see if they wanted some perfume on they had got into all my make up and Marlise was covered. It was one of the cutest things i’ve ever seen in my life. haha! Again I never had any sisters so I never really had to hide it, or put it away, I still can’t find my black eye liner but meh it was for a good cause!IMG_6640

They had the anniversary party at the bayfront and it was an amazing day for it was at one of the buildings down there right by the trails nice little place. I saw A LOT of people I had not seen in forever. Like Justin’s parents Donnie & Kim, i use to see them on the weekends when I was younger because Justin and I were on the same t-ball, and baseball teams growing up. It was awesome going to school with Justin like I was telling his mom I felt secure to have someone who i considered family there with me me. Made the process a bit easier. I got to see some of my aunts and uncles I haven’t seen since the last huge function it was awesome.

When I walked in I was SOOOOOO happy to see my cousin Jason had come down from NB! I wasn’t expecting him at all, I remember when he left for NB I was so upset and whenever we went down there (which was a few times a year) I would love hanging out with him in his room, we would play video games, wonder my uncles land it was fun.   I almost cried when I seen him!!!!

My Aunt Marie came up to me and I haven’t seen her in almost a year or two I’m sure and she was like “Christina did you put on a lot of weight” NORMALLY someone would be insulted if someone said that to them. However, I knew since the last time she saw me I put on not 20lbs  BUT 30lbs she seen me when I was at my smallest. SO TO HER I probably look a lot more healthy and she wasn’t saying it in a mean way she was happy and said she would have loved to see me at 120lbs she thinks I probably did look really good. I told her I was a bit soft around the edges and I feel a bit better where I am right now. Told her how I lost like 8lbs in 2 weeks or so! But my Uncle Dave of course first thing he asks me is “did you beat up any men lately” I smiled and said “when am I not picking on the little guys” and we both laughed. He’s always joking about me working out and they were all in awe when they saw a picture of me squatting 175lbs because you have to imagine they knew me all my life and i was always TIIINNNYYYYY there was nothing huge about me … so when i started to wrestle they were in shock, and then grappling they were a bit worried but supported me, and now with this they just think is so great and amazing and are happy if I’m happy.

Then my Nonna left for Italy so we said goodbye to her Monday, I almost wanted to cry and not let her go. I love my Nonna I know she’s probably stressed with a lot of things but I hope this helps her out being around her family from back home and what not. I took a lot of pictures of her house, because she won’t be in there for much longer which is also really depressing because its the only house we all know!!!

IMG_6813SO then Tuesday I did a lot of running around for my passport, and birth certificate, and what not and helped my mom get some stuff ready for the big bbq she was throwing at my house. OF course my neighbor had to start trouble.. they have a 4 car driveway and they parked their cars on the street (her and her bf) so NO ONE could park over there. Then my cousin Jason was taking pictures of the house (because he use to live in my house before moving to NB) and she apparently called the cops (from what I hear) because she accused him of taking pictures of “her. SERIOUSLY she’s not much to look at WHY anyone would want to be her bf is beyond me and taking pictures is even worse… no thanks… get over yourself… BUT yeah she was making comments I think one of my uncles told her off haha!

So it was a pretty busy but great weekend for me, I needed that to be around my family and what not.

This morning I went to Alchemy with Christine, and “GI” Jane was there too so it was a good time. Adam showed us a front squat today and we warmed up with the bar, then threw some 10’s on there, and when i went for my working set I walked over and the others put another set of 10’s on there so I was just going to do the same and he gave me this stupid look and said “your putting more then 10’s on there right’’ I was like… “uh I guess so…” haha

SO i ended up having 115 all together on there, and I was worried never done them before and when working on technique for a lift the first few times I don’t try and go heavy. But I did 115, and it wasn’t super easy and it wasn’t super hard kind of a comfy, my shoulders hurt from the bar but so did my back when i was squatting I’m sure i’ll get use to it. It was awesome though I felt pretty good. I don’t know how good 115lbs is BUT its good for me for a start! I can’t wait to continue it.

SO the work out today was:

150m Sprint

10 Push ups

30 Squats

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes.


Sounds easy right? Well first off I hate running its not my strong point and the rest are pretty decent.

SO he said go and thats what I did for 10 minutes, I worked my ass off and sprinted there and back no slacking. Got back in the gym got the push ups and squats done. It wasn’t until the second last round and the last round where I slowed down a little bit but I had one of those massive cramps, the one that is under your ri

b cage and feels like someone is trying to break through? Have you ever felt that?

OH my it was terrible, I couldn’t take in a deep breath but moaning out loud (as gay as it sounds) helped me haha. So yeah I got five rounds done in 5 minutes I thought that was pretty decent! I’m sure people out there can do better but I know I pushed hard and that was good enough for me. I thought for sure I would break this morning just because of some stuff but it fueled that fire and I just went with it, didn’t even think!

I might go there tonight BUT i really want to go on a hike so I’m undecided what I want to do. Usually I do the lifting class and I work on my pull ups and what not. This months challenge is how many push ups you can do with out stopping or resting and you need to do them perfect. So far for the women’s the number is 27, I know I can do 25 of them so I’m going to wait and then try and beat it when I’m good and ready, see what girls i need to chase in this challenge.



~ by Christina Sears on August 5, 2009.

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