10 Kipping pull ups and counting

Every Wednesday I’ve been trying to get to Alchemy a bit early before the heavy lifting class so that way I can work on my skin the cat stuff and pull ups. Last week I was stuck at six kipping pull ups still me kipping was huge because I was always really scared to do it. BUT i tried to focus and just put my mind to it all, as for the skin the cat stuff Adam gave me a few things to work on and when i get strong enough he will show me some other things. I did a few sets of knees to elbows and chin to the bar again and then tried to jack knife my body upwards I’m still a work in progress with all of that.

I started with some kipping pull ups and just coudln’t get past six and i was getting irritated, after walking around i was determined to get it done so i got back up on my 24′ box (to reach the bar) and i started to go, then my mind started to think about some things and it made me angry and then i had all this power to just keep going so i got to ten and my hands gave out. It was such a great feeling I was so happy I could have kissed someone. Something like that would normally be something I would celebrate with someone close to me but i felt like I was on my own today and I didn’t care. It really did feel so amazing, to get over that hump the record for women I think is 22 or something and i intend on beating it BELIEVE THAT!

**Kipping Pull Ups**

Before the work out we started working on our squats, my mind started to break I could feel my chest getting heavy and my eyes filling with tears and he more I tried to fight it the worse I got my mind then became cloudy I forgot what I had to do and it made the weight seem so much heavier, I put it back on the rack and tried to just clear my head and get back into the zone I was in not to long ago and nothing was helping. Adam came up to me and asked about it (I guess he noticed a difference) and I told him how I felt and without hesitation he ordered me to get under that weight and put my ass to my ankles and fight to keep my knees in and thats what I did. If it wasn’t for him I would have never regained my thoughts and got back into my zone. It was weird working out with Meat Head 3 there… I’ve got use to him not being around and became with ok with the fact that things aren’t going to change and I’m pretty sure he’s throwing in the towel. And then he was there, it was the first time i’ve seen him in awhile first time i’ve worked out with him around too. Once Adam got me over the hump there I was ready to go.

I learned the clean and jerk today (sounds perverted) but it was pretty awesome he put us through a work out where ever minute you do one.. so 1 mintue you do 1 of them and then rest, then 2 min you do 2 of them and then rest, and then 3 min you do 3 and rest until the 4th minute.. and so on! I think I made it to 6 and then it got tough my legs and shoulders were still a bit tender from the previous work out the other day and doing jits didn’t help to much it was great though I felt great!

After that I got over whatever I was feeling and went back to focusing on myself I can see the coldness there, I feel that there is no caring involved anymore I can see it and the more that sinks in the better it will be for me you know? my hands kinda hurt right now, but i’ll throw some utter balm on there and they will be as good as new!!! Another great work out I’m sure I will be sore tomorrow already starting to feel a little bit of it, once I can do 21 kipping pull ups i’m going to try and beat my fran time again and maybe put my thruster up to 70lbs instead of 65! I think 65 might be a bit easier for me now a days!



~ by Christina Sears on July 30, 2009.

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