Heavy Tabata’s

Last night, I went over to Alchemy to train, I knew I had to get my lifting done and I was looking forward to getting back in there and get back to where I was before I stopped. I had went a bit early and I was working on my pull ups and also skin the cat. Adam was breaking it down for me and I was managing to get my shins to the bar but i couldn’t jack knife my body up so it was my knees to the bar. I was close but it wasn’t happening which was fine it was fun trying. I said to Adam “I’m scared I’m going to fall” his comeback was “your not going to fall hold on really really right” HAHAHAH!

Then I was working on my pull ups, I got a good grip and then I started to swing trying to break what I did earlier, did it a few times and then i dug deep and managed to get six of them. SIX kipping pull ups, I was sooo proud of myself, so I tried to do more before helping push some of the other people through the aweful kettlebell work out they had to do. It was fun to push them though.

I started to warm up my squats, had to get my mind off a few things and as I was going to do my heavy sets Adam started our “heavy tabata” work out.

SO there were a few stations set up, Bench press (65lbs), squat (85lbs), bent over row (65lbs), I believe we did 4 minutes of each one 20 seconds on 10 seconds off, and then when we were done our rounds rest for a minute and go to the next station. I was paired up with Craig he’s a power lifter but such a small guy. I believe he’s only 130ish or so (i think i heard) and I think he’s about 5’5 MAYBE! haha! So him and I were pushing each other, I remember for the squats I could see his legs quivvering a bit so i yelled out to him lets go its not going to lift itself… and him and i really killed the work out. Bent over rows sucked aver doing bench press…. I must say I found thats where i was giving out a bit and we just kept on each other.

After the entire work out we did tabata sit ups to finish it off he had eaten a heavy meal before he got there and it wasn’t doing so good after the sit ups (or during mind you). So him and i were really joking around and it was nice to get to know him, I’m excited for his competition and i think next time i see him i’m going to ask him where it is. I wouldn’t mind going and watching that would be pretty sweet.

I thought I would be sore from the am work out but I wasn’t, and as i’m writing this I dont feel sore either so thats a good sign for me I am going to take thursday off  and then get back in there for the weekend.

There is a lot of info i found out though, i’m kind of sad that even if i tell the person what i over heard its not going to be something to open their eyes! Its already begun, AND  there is nothing I or anyone else can do to stop it they have to open their eyes yeah know?

After lifting, I went home and showered and then was getting texts from eric, gerry, and chris! They are funny guys seriously Gerry makes me laugh all the time and they were asking me the stupidest things ever. But it was nice to hear from them really took my mind off stuff yeah know?  I’m so lucky to have some of the friends that I do in my life… Christine like I told her if she wasn’t around I don’t know what I would do sometimes. And its funny that we becamse good friends becuase we met beating up on each other haahaha. SO if we can make it work ANYONE CAN!

Christopher, i’ve known that kid for almost 20 years and we have been through a lot of stuff i mean A LOT of stuff, but some how life always brings us back together. My mom swears up and down recent events were meant to be and that i’m suppose to be with him. I’ve always just laughed at the fact (i’m pretty sure he has too). She also believe in soul mates and that he is mine weather we are meant to be together or now, i’m not an expert on them  but the fact that after everything bad hit us… we can still say “look we got through it, it wasn’t easy we are here now” is a huge deal and you don’t come across 20 year friendships all the time. I wish that some people could have the same power that he does to you know stick it out, but thats not shown or taught, its who you are and what your willing to fight for you know?

I felt great working out, I was ready to face whatever challenges were a head of me that night like I will anytime i’m there, It doesn’t matter to me anymore i’m on a journey and no one is taking that away from me. For so long m energy was focused into helping other people loving them so much and watching them grow and do everything I know they can do. And I forgot about what I love to do, what am I interested in. Its not something that I regret but its nice to get back to the nitty gritty of what I’m about I just hope me touching their life really helped them i know they helped me and I think thas a contribute to my new attitude and why i feel so great in the gym.

James and I also had a really good chuckle yesterday, he’s a good guy and i respect him and everything he’s about. I love training with him and i’m looking forward to getting to know him. Marla starts lifting in 6 weeks, i’m pretty stoked I will have someone to chase in my lifting now the competition is going to be real and I know she’s going to gunning for her big numbers again. So its going to be a great challenge to stay up there with her and possibly beat her!

I also got to talk with Lee, he’s an amazing trainer really good with diet information and has done so much for so many people honestly if anyone needs a trainer let me know he’s worth the money. His girlfriend is a amazing, awesome personality I had a good talk and chuckle with her too at the gym!!! I hope everything with the demo goes fantastic today and helps Adam out!!!!



~ by Christina Sears on July 22, 2009.

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