7am Wake up Call…

So, I got a text message last night in the middle of eating my first meal in three or so days and it was from the lovely and very talented Christine! Of course asking me if we were meeting up for our usual 7am morning work out at Alchemy Crossfit Hamilton. Although I knew with all the stress and probably the lack of sleep I’d have I still thought to myself “no excuses… just get it done” SO i texted her back saying count me in. I got in at 3am and then slept until 6am got my things ready to meet up with her at ten to 7. We chatted on the way to the gym as we always do, filling each other in on the latest of what’s going on. Personally I think its an awesome way to start the morning, SERIOUSLY if I could meet up with someone every morning for coffee and to chat or to do something simple that would be one of the best ways to start off a day yeah know? That girl has been a saint to me and I’m so proud of her and all she’s accomplished and everything she will be accomplishing.

ANYWAYS we got in the gym and did the warm up, again I had that anxiety feeling in my stomach not as bad as it was the other day but still made me feel a bit sick. Pull ups were part of our warm up.. 5 rounds of 5 pull ups, 5 push ups, 5 squats yeah know. SO even though I was a bit sore from the other day from the dead lifts I thought I would work on my kipping pull ups. I was always afraid to do them, i’m scared of heights and my hands usually hurt from pull ups and get torn up a bit so I was always scared my grip would give out. But today I relaxed took a breath started to do the swing and guess what I managed to do 3 in a row. I know what some of you are thinking “just three… and your proud of that?” and my answer to you is HELL YEAH i’m proud of that, I can do 6 strict pull ups (all the way down and up) and now I’m working on my kipping pull ups something I was SCARED of I’m facing head on in the gym. I was pretty stoked, so everytime i had to do my round of pull ups I would always try and beat three!!

SO the work out was part three of the Ontario Crossfit Challenge

1km run

50 box jumps

50 double unders

First off I would just like to say I HATE running and kudos to anyone who loves it and does it for fun its not for me, and anytime running is involved in a crossfit work out it always kills me for the rest of the work out. BUT today was different… we had to run around the building 2.5 times going around one time sucks… and i started to fall behind but I kept pushing forward i refused to give up like i usually would. at one point i had a familiar voice in my head saying “remember what you told me its about how hard you can hit and keep moving forward… just keep moving…” and i started to sprint back into the gym and i felt so strong good about the run….

Got into the gym and ever since i bailed on a box jump i’ve always been nervous to do them, I grabbed the 20′ the others were taken and I started them not really even thinking about what i was doing and it wasn’t my usual do one step down i was jumping up and jumping down and back up and back down.. like they should be done… I didn’t feel sore or tired at this point i felt strong and motivated… and having so many great people around me getting the work out done all ages was amazing to see as well!

Double unders, man I looked like i was being whipped by a dominatrix or something, i had as Adam would say “go faster stripes” on my arms…. What would happen is i would spin the rope fast to do a double under and it would get stuck on my feet sometimes and whip my arms with the side of the ropes… Adam said i should spin even faster and it wouldn’t happen.. I can’t seem to get the hang of the just yet so they took me a bit longer but regardless i finished the work out in 14:57 which wasn’t toobad I didn’t lose a lot of time on the run like I normally would so that was great.

Adam had an awesome quote posted on the crossfit board that I could relate to right now and it says

“To accept whatever comes regardless of the consequences, IS to be unafraid.”

And I think thats where I am right now… accepting whatever is coming my way… and now going and experiencing new things and people and just walk through those doors with my head up you know? I have so much to bring to the table and I dont think anyone else has what I have, or can offer it any better so that keeps me strong on the inside.

I think I’m going to be going tonight to lift, its going to be weird not having the normal people there with me, spotting me, getting me angry enough to just push through the weight like its not even there. But sometimes change maybe good right? I’m looking forward to being the top contender on the Alchemy record board in all the women’s lifts. There are so many women in that gym that are so strong and who I want to beat, but they keep me pushing I know Marla will be up and ready to go in six weeks so thats going to be an awesome challenge, i still have to reach Christine’s dead lift and max out more then Denise, OH and not to mention Lisa’s bench press… I have women challenging me all across the board here. I’m pretty sure that i’m the one they are chasing for the strict press, I know I did what Marla max out at for 5 so… she’s for sure gunning for me!!!



~ by Christina Sears on July 22, 2009.

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