The New Plan…

** Saying goodbye to the Athlete I was, and I’m going to Embrace the one I am…

And the one I’m going to become… Watch the first part of my Journey

And please stay tuned to find out what’s next**

The last two days my world has been turned upside down, well its been longer then that but the last two days is when it really hit me hard. I’ve been dealing with losing someone I love and accepting all the factors that are coming with this loss. I can’t say that I’m not hurt because I am, but with time that will heal. The first time I went through something like this i was rescued, GOD knows what destruction would have came my way. Now life has a funny way of turning the tables and there is no hero in this scenario. I did a lot of thinking and i’m going to do what I set off to do almost two years ago. ONLY its two years later almost and I’ve learned more, and have opened my eyes to so many different things its crazy.

I don’t regret what happened in my life i take it all in as experience, spreading my wings a bit further because its preparing me for other things in life.

Tonight, I went to a place where i’ve always felt welcome, my coach told me the other night in a heart to heart “no more excuses” it was then that i realized thats all i was making for myself at times, so it stopped today. I walked in the doors of Cutting Edge MMA and was welcomed by so many people and I met a lot of new people. It was a bit depressing for a second becuase of all the history that is on the walls there, and the struggles i had on the mat but it only came across my mind when i was actually sitting out for a round and had time to think about it. I was doing technique with a girl named Jen.. awesome girl seems like she’s going to be a great training partner for me. I didn’t feel shy and timid when I was there i wanted to get my hands dirty and get in there and just do what i love to do.

I rolled with another guy who was going pretty hard but he was pretty new, normally i wouldn’t just attack but I guess with all the build up agressiveness i’ve got over the last little bit I decided to just go with it and i felt good. I caught him in a few submissions before the round was out. Jen has a great guard… i was trying to work my way out of that one… she’s going to be a good challenge for me to overcome and play with at the gym i’m looking forward to seeing her out there when i go back.

I rolled with Edge, who was keen on teaching me that “techs b4 pecs”! As he was kicking my ass (which is normal) he would be like “so hows the strength training working for you now” hahahaha or whatever he would say! I just smiled! Good old Edge though, he always kicked my ass but never made me feel like I couldn’t do something it felt good to have him just submit me left right and centre.

I rolled with Chad, he’s going to be fighting August first over the border, I know he’s been training really hard that man has so much heart its retarded and i hope he does really well. I love rolling with Chad because he’s a competitive guy, there is no bullshit when you roll with him.

I talked to Edge at the end of everything, told him what I’m looking to do with fighting and told him that the power lifting really made me more confident in everything… i felt timid before and now it just makes me feel a bit better on the mats… and i felt amazing when i was doing it because I totally did! So we had a good chat… I love that I can go to Edge about anything he’s been a great trainer and a great friend to me…..

I’m looking forward to training there again Friday, I’m looking forward to getting my face beat in for sure!!!

Tomorrow I think i’m hitting up crossfit maybe get my lifting back on the go or do a wod… who knows i’ll figure it out tomorrow!



~ by Christina Sears on July 20, 2009.

One Response to “The New Plan…”

  1. You seriously are amazing. Don’t ever forget that– remember life only gets you down when you don’t roll with the punches. Regardless, I still believe you’re a phenomenal athlete and you’re going to reach your goals. good luck


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