Michael Jackson: My thoughts…

By now, everyone and their mother know that the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson has passed away. I was at work when I heard the news, wishing that I was up-to-date with a blackberry phone so I could jet online to actually find out the truth.

I remember calling home and asking my father if he had seen or heard anything on CHCH News about Jackson being dead, and he said yes and confirmed that the news was true and that MJ was dead.

Honestly, I never knew the guy, however his life fascinated me. Like any professional athlete, actor, actress, musician their lives hit a peek and when they crash they crash harder then most normal people in this world. Things are displayed in the public’s eye we all feed off of the latest gossip of what is going on in their lives. Going to sites like TMZ to find the latest videos or pictures of a “baby bump” or a “new nose job” or the latest leaked information about a child molestation case or in OJ Simpsons case a murder case.

Since his death I myself have been in arguments over comments people have been saying about MJ, or jokes that just seemed to be a bit … well rude? A lot of people have lectured me about how much of a diddler he is, and how much he loved young boys, and how he should be in jail! HELL even a congressmen voices his opinion about how he can’t believe society is putting this “pedophile” on a pedestal and how it reflects on them as a country.

Some people I know would be upset with the media coverage of the star and how much attention his death is getting when people die everyday in the war, or of aids in countries that can’t afford even to protect themselves from the disease, Christine could go on for hours about how twisted society is and how its pathetic that they know the mc donalds commercial song but they can’t tell you what happened in some war… I myself was never a history person but she could go on for hours… and in away she’s right and I agree.

Remember when you were a kid, sitting in a circle playing the “phone” game and how someone would start with a message and as it got passed on it got distorted somewhere down the line? Imagine that over the entire world and the media are like the “telephones.” I went to school for Journalism and I love it, HOWEVER I don’t agree with getting into someone’s business so much that it drives them crazy. I’m not saying the media drove Jackson crazy BUT even in his death he can’t rest.

He was so young when he was put in the public’s eye, and from what I read and heard from his family members through interviews he loved the stage, he loved performing, and he felt that that’s where he was the most comfortable. Back in his day people saw the star he could become and some people had a role in making that happen more then others.

But always being on the road and wanting to be a star meant sacrifice, HELL I’m not famous and I’ve sacrificed a lot to follow my dreams so far. There was probably a lot of pressure to be great, there was never room to be good or okay and not everyone deals with that in the right ways. In Michael’s case that meant changing his face, being a bit weird.

I heard that MJ donated a lot of money to a lot of different causes, he was always trying to give back and I truly think that when he originally owned Neverland ranch it wasn’t meant to be a meat market to diddle and make out with young kids. It was a place of innocence where he could be and do whatever he wanted without feeling stupid. It’s where he was comfortable. TO me it was like Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory where his dreams become his realities you know? Growing up really quick he never had time to go to a real school, talk to anyone his age, HELL he couldn’t even take a poop in a washroom without someone reporting on what colour it was I’m sure.

So I think that’s why he turned it into the fun land it was, it was a place of things he wish he had when he was younger it’s somewhere where he could be young again. And I think it was amazing how he invited a lot of young kids there who were less fortunate and shared it with them, he gave them an experience he himself has never felt it was his way of giving back.

BUT like any celebrity something has to give it can’t always be good. How many celebs have been accused of rape, or conspiracy, what makes accusations of being a diddler any different? A lot of things I’m sure added up in peoples mind, a lot of people are convinced without a doubt he was guilty of all of it, and they have that right to feel that way. But as they have a right to feel that way people have the right to disagree.

During the first trial in 1993 (I’m sure it was in 93) I was in grade 3, so I don’t remember much of it, I only know what my parents have said to me about it. But I was around for the second accusations, and when they didn’t have enough evidence for that they tried other things… fact remains in this country people are innocent until proven guilty? Who are we to judge? I’m not just saying this because it’s MJ I said the same about OJ Simpson? AND they had ALLLLLLL the evidence pointing his way plus the guy wanted to come out with a book saying if he DID kill his wife this is how HE would do it? I mean? Really?

And through those highly publicized trials, information was constantly being leaked; nothing was kept private like it would have been if this was any other person. Everyone is going to believe different things I’m sure me thinking that he was innocent is different then you thinking he’s guilty and I’m not going to argue your beliefs over mine. But none of us walked a day in the guys shoes, I personally don’t know what happen at the Ranch, I didn’t know the family that accused him, ALL I know is he spent a lot of time (pedophile accusations aside) donating his money and time to less fortunate and sick children weather it be through Neverland, or his contribution through various charities.

Apparently from what his close friends and family say Michael was a great father sure he probably didn’t go about having children like other people or stay married to anyone but how is that any different then accepting two men or two women to share a life together? Have children? I’m sure he just wanted some of his own, someone to leave his legacy too, and someone to take care of and not feel so alone in this world. I think he was smart not staying married because I really don’t think there would have been a woman strong enough to stand by him. He probably has given his kids all the love and attention maybe his father never gave him. And being who he is, and how the press is why wouldn’t he want to protect his children’s identity? I would do the same thing lots of celebs have tried and none have been successful. Of course they aren’t draping them with masks and what not but I mean he was only looking out for the interest of his children I’m sure.

As for dangling blanket over a balcony maybe not the best choice, for anyone but again he doesn’t think like us he’s had a totally different up bringing in his mind he was probably showing the world his new son, something he was proud of. He said in an interview e had blanket nice and tight to his body, and if that’s what he says then I believe it. But what the media didn’t report on is why he was there and he was there to accept some presage award for all the contributions to some charities he was doing… no one reported on that, and I can’t tell you how sick and tired I was looking over to the tabloids and seeing a picture of him and blanket, or a close up on his face with some stupid head line.

Its no different then me being sick of hearing about Paris Hilton the girl who’s done nothing to get to where she is yet has EVERYTHING, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, OR Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. I don’t care who’s with who, who’s pregnant, who’s adopting who, and who’s making a sex tape… they are living their life doing what they want to do and the media is constantly hiding out in their bushes or watching them every minute, that’s not a career to me.

“Hi I’m Christina Sears, you might know me for my footage of Brad Pitt taking a leak on his lawn, or getting Katie Holmes’ new baby bump!”

For me getting into Journalism was to tell the stories of the world through real people which is why I was so irritated when I watched the documentary “Living with Michael Jackson.”

I was angry because Martin Bashir had this amazing opportunity to be by MJ’s side a music icon someone who has always kept a good portion of his life a mystery and here he is opening Pandora’s Box. He had amazing footage, and his questions were good HOWEVER like Michael Moore tends to do with some of his documentaries he edited the story making Michael seem to be a weird individual. There was a lot of footage that didn’t make it, even with out using interview footage he managed to paint the picture that this man was really what everyone suspects he is.

In this video, Jackson talks about his father and all the abuse, I couldn’t imagine being eight and releasing my first record and being five when I started performing. First and foremost kissing my childhood goodbye, second having all the pressures of his father saying “be like Michael, do it like Michael” and third did anyone notice the long clip of the painted picture behind Michael where he’s painted in the image of god with all these angles around him only the angels are kids? WHY do you think the reporter chose to place Michael in front of that painting and do a long shot of it during the interview? What image does that paint in your head? FOR me I thought ‘that’s a long shot that was really random, then I thought since MJ does all this charity work maybe its saying he’s the “protector of children” which is why it was painted the way it was, others would say it was a way to show how much he loved to diddle little kids.

In the beginning of the clip they talk about how Michael likes to climb trees and have water balloon fights. Sure sounds weird coming from an older man however why is it wrong? Look how tiny he is, I’m sure he didn’t really play sports why can’t that be some of his favorite things to do? I love to watch kid’s movies, and stuff my face with ice cream? I’m famous for being a huge kid at heart. A lot of my videos in high school has some form of a children’s song in it does that make me weird? Or no because I’m 24 and haven’t hit my 40’s yet?

In this part of the doc Martin asks MJ if he’s good with his money and what not and without hesitation he says yes, he then asks him how much he’s worth and he gets all flustered. I would too I mean to me it showed how humble he was he worked hard for what he had and we all seen how that can be taken a way in a matter of seconds. And it’s a shame really! MJ then takes Martin to this awesome shop in Vegas he likes because in the limo he said he loves how people can be creative and a lot of that stuff was amazing.

BUT it also made out like he bought it all at once? To me anyways? And I’m sure he didn’t but if he did shit he’s got the money WHY NOT? But things he was pointing at was pretty nifty. I’m the same way I’m in awe when I go into native shops, or glass blowing or whatever else if I had the money I would buy a lot of it too because it puts me in awe also how people created things especially back in the day.

Martin is too busy throwing out the numbers of it but like Michael said they get deals and celebrities love deals. You think they pay for half the stuff they wear on the red carpet? Probably not!! And I’m sure since he was in Vegas, and if that’s his favorite store he’s obviously going to go visit and with him visiting it bring publicity to this shop. When they entered the mall he MJ said the name of the place, so it was free advertising for the store PLUS MJ went around pointing at things and the camera got a lot on tape of the store and there were some amazing things in there again free advertisement. THEN when Martin asks the manager gets flustered and pretty much ignores the question which I thought was very big of him considering it’s a loyal customer and really why do we all need to know how much he spends? HOW is that any different then watching cribs? Or those countdowns on much music or mtv where they talk about which celeb is worth the most, which one spends the most.

YOU know on a plane once I watched one where they talked about which celebs spend more for their sexual toys? And David Beckem spend like 6000 on a vibrator for his wife? That had diamonds in it and everything? Really 6000? On something she sticks on her vag? COME ON PEOPLE!

About his face changes, I thought it was interesting that his father and some other people use to tease him about his acne and his nose being big and how that affected Michael. I mean like he said imagine having people say that and then going on stage? I know for me I have been called fat, I’ve had people ask if I was pregnant, I’ve worked my ass off in the gym and still people say it’s not good enough and it had a toll on me more then once… Because here I am, this athlete someone who is small and apparently mighty and I have this drive to be the best and a passion for my sport and its something I’ve worked SO hard for and now I have to go train or compete KNOWING that I possibly look fat and out of shape. I can totally relate to MJ when he talked about that really!

I mean love him or hate him he brought a lot into this world, he was accused of a lot, but none of us have walked in his shoes, and the media can edit ones reality so unless we were there every step of the way just let the man be… if you have an opinion of him great if you don’t great but I mean Martin Bashir got to follow him around and even he f’d up that opportunity so…

In the beginning of this log I said I was fascinated with the life of Michael Jackson, although he did things in a lot of different ways, although he was accused and acquitted for child molestation I still find reading between the lines of his interview answers interesting. I didn’t write this to sway anyone to love the guy or change their mind, I wrote it because its what I’ve been thinking since the day he died and I’m sure this could be even longer but for now I just wish his family and kids well and may he rest in peace!



~ by Christina Sears on July 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Michael Jackson: My thoughts…”

  1. Very Nice Christina..


  2. Awesome artical Tina. MJ was an amazing guy. I remember hearing stories how his father would hit him if he missed a step in a dance practice routine. Thats terrible how he got teased when he was young for a having a big nose. Im not gay but he was a pretty good looking guy in 80’s. Im sure he could of walked into any night club and hit the dance floor and bring home the prettiest girls haha. Tina ppl call you fat? and ask if your pregnant? Thats terrible! Your the most drug free fit woman I know. What the hell is wrong with people in Hamilton lol?


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