Struggling on Week 6…

IMG_6250Lifting today really really sucked… Since the tournament on May 23rd of this year that I entered I’ve had this constant pain in my knee. The night after the competition I could barely walk it hurt so bad to even bend or touch the thing. Eventually the pain some what went away, the only time I would feel any pain is if I was sitting down, or after lifting (or a workout), or after work…OH and if it was bending a weird way…

I was video taping my lifts today, because I knew I wasn’t getting depth and it was really getting to me, totally frustrating to say the least and I also noticed that my right knee would bend in and my left one is the one that was really sore…

Aras (who is my A.R.T doctor) was there working out and I guess Coach Marini and Coach Morden told him I was saying my knee has been bothering me, so right there and then Aras pinned pointed where the pain was, and what was causing it. He said from what I remember (a lot of big words were thrown around), that I have an A.C.L sprain, which has caused the glouts on my left side to weaken, which obviously isn’t giving me the results I need. So he gave me a little thing to do between sets (and on my own) to tighten them back up and what not. So I’ve been lifting since May 23rd, with this sprain and had no idea… I just thought I banged my knee the wrong way on the mat or clashed knees or something.

**Set 1 of my 190lbs Squats…**

Aras is a good active release doctor, when I sprained my back he was on top of it and had me going in no time; same with the bulged disk inIMG_6251 my neck, him and his partner Lisa fixed me right up… they are good people totally worth the money.

SO all I can do now is let her heal up, and see what happens do these exercises and what not and hope for the best. BUT man it was so disappointing to struggle through my squats, my press was even worse. Honestly after my first or second set of pressing I quit and packed up to go home. FOR ME there was no point in struggling as bad as I was and not get anywhere… I know that for someone my size I’m making great progress but when I look at myself I feel I should be doing better.

I look at myself different then what people look at me… when I compete, lift, do a crossfit work out, anything I feel like I’m 5’7 145lbs in my head. I feel like I’m capable of doing what someone at that size (who is in awesome shape) can do… I don’t see or feel 4’11 118lbs… You know? SO when I’m lifting I feel like yeah I’m making progress BUT I feel like I should maybe be further a head… SO it makes me angry when one day I can lift and the next day I’m struggling… DRIVES ME INSANE!

**Struggling with 190lbs Squat**

My first set of squats weren’t too bad, the second set was horrible and you can start to see where I get frustrated… my legs start to wobble more and I start to get stuck on the way up. My press wouldn’t even go up… not if my life depended on it, I had to push press it up and just the other day once I had it up it wasn’t too bad…

SO what is suggested by my coaches is that I have a “de-load” week next week. SO I will bring down my weight… instead of squatting 190 I will be doing 155, instead of pressing 90 I will be pressing 65, instead of benching 120lbs I will be benching 95lbs, and dead lifting will possibly drop as well… I guess maybe my body is telling me that its time to take a break… and then get back on the horse and finish this challenge strong.

**Struggle with my 90lbs Press**

My left side is killing me though right now, my knee, my glouts on that side… OH SO ANNOYING!

SO at the end of week 6 my numbers are:

Squat – 190lbs

Bench Press – 120lbs

Strict Press – 90lbs

Dead Lift – 145lbs



~ by Christina Sears on June 26, 2009.

One Response to “Struggling on Week 6…”

  1. Its all good Christina. I know its SUCKS!! to have days like these and injuries or weakness but they happen and its really what makes us stronger. Your always going to have a weak spot or an injury you have to work on thats how we get better stronger. The further you go the more advance stronger you get the harder it gets the more plateaus and such a fight for 5 more lbs may take 6 months a year. Its those like you, I that dont quit and get pissed off and more determined to WIN from this stuff that make great progress. I love your attitude its going to carry you along ways, you have high expectations for your self and wont accept less which is a good trait. learn how to use it, and at times just for a second let your self step back and see how much progress your making, your kicking ass. Then get back to work 🙂

    I was going to say the same thing. Its your glutes not firing that let that leg cave in. That and just some form issue in those squats hat I didnt notice in the other days, You are breaking hard at the knee in these making it very quad dominant and not getting the glutes and hips into the move from the start. You need to make it a conscious effort to start he squat NOT by bending your knee but by pushing the knees OUT spreading the floor and ass back. By pushing knees out and as back you have no choice but to squat and use the glutes, You cant break at he knee and then try and get he knees out your behind at that point oi late pressure out from the start.

    There are some other things I would tweak in time of course but start there and your looking good and kicking ass. I like the way Rip teaches the squat in many ways as it teaches some great fundamentals people miss but hen other things I dont agree with and think that afte the concept is grasped need to be tweaked. But again try and activate that glute do the stuff the art guy gavce you and rest up. We all ned breaks girl thas doesn mean your weak or being a puss what evr you can only push it hard so long. In time start o learn how many weeks you can go prior to hitting awall and try and do a small deload prior to that to stay a step ahead.

    Remember the harder we train the harder we must rest. its a ying and yang thing there has to be balance. as well remember progress, growth, strenght and advancement hap[pens OUT of the gym when you recover not in the gym. the gym is damage its the stimulus for repair and progression

    Now pick your head up and put as much energy and attention into getting recovered this week as you do into kicking your ass in the gym and youll be ready to knock some PR’s down very soon


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