Keep Climbing….

It was my first day back doing an actual crossfit work out Christine was off for a week because she got really sick and then got some infections (lets just say she felt close to death)! I felt so bad for her, plus her not training for a week and not working probably drove her crazy.

I did miss not seeing her in the morning’s I missed our bonding workouts. Honestly without getting sappy I felt like my days were just longer and I felt like I wasn’t doing much. But training with her I feel really good, I like the friendly competition we have between each other and I especially love that we push each other.

She’s one of the very few females I’ve come across that has drive and determination and strives to do the best she can all the time. She’s been training with Phoenix Fight Club in Hamilton she really likes stand up and from what I hear she’s doing really well, and only getting better. BUT look where she’s training, the guys and girls over there are great to work with I would imagine they got some good leaders in that gym!

So it was our first morning back in action, and of course I looked forward to what twisted work out Coach Morden had in store for us. Jeremy “aka Donkey Boy” was also there in the am, him and I briefly met the last time the cops were called because my neighbor was throwing the glass around. He was one of the officers that came to my house (small world eh)! But it was great to have a guy in the mix in the am; I know it pushed me a little harder (especially with him being a police officer).

SO Adam’s work out was the following:


Kettle Bell Swings (I used 14kg)

Sit Ups


Push Ups

26m Sprint

So what the 1-10-1 means is you work your way up a ladder so you would start off doing 1 KB swing, 1 sit up, then 2 KB swings and 2 push ups… all the way to 10… and then once you get to 10 you work your way back down to 1.

14kglargeAnything kettle bell (although good for my back) is my worst enemy in the gym, ESPECIALLY when it’s mixed with running. We were all sweating like savages; we could have filled a kiddy pool with our sweat alone (I know attractive eh)! It was fairly warm for 7am, but it felt great to work out in the heat (I prefer it actually)!

Once I got through the KB swings and sit ups it was on to my best friend the sprint and his buddy the push up.

GOD the sprints killed me, I wasn’t “tired” but my back was tensing up which made it hard to sprint or sometimes even move my legs. It always always happens but I decided instead of being a bitch about it I was going to push it out best I could. I remember I think it was when I got up to maybe 5 or 6 in the ladder I was grinding my teeth and just focusing on something else, like what I had to do for the day or what I still need to get done for my parents 25th. We were suppose to do the 1-10-1 for the second set of things but it was taking far to long, so Adam cut it short (thank god)!

I finished the work out in 24:32 (I know brutal)! But with crossfit work outs I find yes it’s great to get the work out done as fast as you can BUT also I get so much out of just being able to finish it especially when I know I’m weak in some areas.

I’m sure I’m going to be sore later, I can already feel it setting in, work should be fun tonight!



~ by Christina Sears on June 23, 2009.

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