Week 6 begins with 190lbs Squat…

IMG_6200I totally have my work cut out for me this week; everything is getting heavier and take a lot more mentally I think then physically for me at this point.

My numbers last Friday (week 5) ended with:

Squat – 185lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Press – 85lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Dead Lift – 135lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press – 120lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Now its home stretch for this challenge, and Monday I will be 3 weeks away of seeing just how much stronger and bigger I have become. Thus far I have packed and given away 5 bags of clothing that will no longer fit me (even after this challenge). I bought a new summer wardrobe BECAUSE I had to get rid of all the stuff from last year and I still ended up giving way 2 brand new pairs of shorts that I had bought because my legs have just become a bit to big to fit into them.

So when I first started this challenge my numbers were

Squat –135lbs (3 working sets of 5)IMG_6203

Press – 70lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Dead Lift – 65lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press – 95lbs (3 working sets of 5)

I’ve been lifting 3x’s a week, I think I missed one day in the last 5 weeks so its going pretty great.

SO today, I knew I was upping the weight 5lbs and in my head I was a bit worried. Lately as its been getting heavier I’ve just asked coach Marini to just put the weight on, let me lift it and then after I’m done tell me because for some reason I just can’t when I know what it is. It’s far more mentally for me then it is physical, and sometimes (especially lately) it’s been hard to just focus on the task at hand.

However today he told me what the weight was going to be for my squat, so I got under the bar and as soon as I lifted it a bit I felt like WOW this is far too heavy for me to lift today. But managed to suck that up and got in position and did 4 reps, was about to go for my 5th and I got scared and fought to rack the bar because I panicked or something. It wasn’t fun. Then I said I can’t do that weight lets drop it back down… as I was resting between my reps I realized that I worked far to hard to cheat myself and only do 185lbs AGAIN when I made that my bitch the week before. So I put the weight back on there and did my last 2 working sets all 5 reps just trying to stay focused. MAN it was heavy but I’ll do it again Wednesday and then try and up it to 195lbs on Friday and go from there… I’m well on my way to be squatting double my body weight and it’s pretty exciting.

Then I did my press, I was a bit worried about doing 90lbs and I got off to a slow start BUT I managed to pull though it and get it up there. BY Friday it will be my bitch….and I’m pretty excited I think other then Krista (the power lifter that started with us) no other female can press more then 65ish pounds right now SO, I’m pretty stoked to get up on the board soon for that…. Maybe set the bar a bit.

**90 lbs Press June 22 2009**

I didn’t know what my dead lift was, I remember getting into position and picking it up and thinking WOW… this is a bit heavy but I busted out my 3 working sets of 5 no problems, and then found out it was 140lbs… I was stoked because Christine’s one max rep was 175lbs… SO I’m 35lbs OFF of doing her one max rep for 5!!!!!  THERE is ALWAYS friendly competition between the both of us, I love the girl but I love when she pushes me like this… my dead lift was one of the weakest things I had going for me, and her and Denise have been such motivation to me to get my numbers where they should be. My back feels fine and I feel strong so I’m so excited to see how much that jumps in the next 3 weeks.

**140lbs Dead Lift June 22 2009*

I have some great people working wish me at Alchemy really pushing me to reach my full potential and its amazing… and I appreciate all of them!!!

SO after today’s lifting my numbers for the week (that should go up at least 5lbs or so by Friday) are:

Squat – 190lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Press – 90lbs (3 working sets of 5)

IMG_6208Dead Lift – 140lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press – 120lbs (3 working sets of 5)



~ by Christina Sears on June 22, 2009.

One Response to “Week 6 begins with 190lbs Squat…”

  1. Great Job Christina and you are 100% right on it being more mental. This is true now and its true all the way up to becoming an advanced lifter. The number one thing that holds back young (training age by the way) lifters is their own head and neaural ability. This protectes them at he start as well, but the fact ios they are neuraly ineffecient and mentally weak and dont reliaze what they can make them selves do and all the way up to becoming advanced.

    I truely beleive the last steps in lifting, becoming advanced, is gaining the ability to fight mentally past antyhing your body knows.The realization of how strong you really are. That and becoming neurally efficient. Its this wonderful yet scary zone where you actually gain the ability to fight to the point of actual injury. Where you just GO! Then you really have to be careful LOL.

    But your right thats your big fight now its just gaining the mental ability to fight and more so a belief and confidence in yourself that you WILL lift this load beat this next hurdle cause thats what you do, You make the lifts Christina doesn’t miss lifts. Thats gained from many many many reps and sets of hard work and pushing past things making lifts and NOT mising not mentally giving up, when your body burns and hurts a lil and signs say your done its NOT letting your brain say quit you failed its saying NO I got one more rep.

    You making AWESOME progress!!! Keep it up. Keep kickin ass and taking names.

    OH and 90 is a HUGE press BTW I would call that more a push press a bit but 90 for 5 is BIG!! its going to be amazing to see what you can do in even a few more months, you should be very proud


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