Day 2 of week 5….

IMG_6170Had to get my lifting in today, and today was a crazy productive day so I went in at night half way though the Kettle Bell class to get it all done.

I started off my day going to my Nonna’s house, I’m doing a video for my parents anniversary so I’m going around getting the fam on tape to help with my production (which is going to be off the hook)! Nonna was first on my list, it was hard for her a bit, she was really excited to do it but the last time I did something like this my grandfather was by her side now it’s a year later and he’s gone. She’s got a lot on her plate these days, she’s moving out of the house that she spent 52 years in. They bought that house when they came to Canada, and they raised their kids and us grand kids in that house. She’s going IMG_6171to Italy in August for the month and when she gets home she’s got to pack and get ready for the new house she bought by my work in stoney creek. She’s going to be living near a Dairy Queen SO that’s a plus, but it’s got to be a lot on her that I’m sure she’s just holding in. Took a few takes but she did well! She wanted to say it all in English so everyone could understand and kept on asking me “I do good?” I smiled and told her she did BECAUSE she did.

I ventured off to work after that, it was a pretty steady and busy lunch maybe because it was pretty shitty outside just rained all day and no one wanted to be outside, so I made some alright money for once on a lunch! I’m not a fan of IMG_6169working lunch shifts because I usually get sat a few tables (if I’m lucky) and then go home, its kind of a waste of gas sometimes I don’t even make the gas money back you know? But they can’t help that, I just wish my schedule would stay the same as it was… I did a lot of closes I would rather close everyday then work a day shift (sounds brutal eh), but a true fact!!!

My next stop was Best Buy, I was looking into my Mac, and I wanted to know how much I would be spending and really get a feel for WHAT system is my perfect fit. And honestly, Future Shop is right close to me from work but when I went in there no one could tell me anything? And they really wouldn’t give me the time of day, I walked into Best Buy and someone helped me right away and even told me what computer in the long run would be the better choice, telling me about things I didn’t even know were important. IT gave IMG_6175me a shit load more to think about and I totally appreciated it… So I have to come up with the difference and I will have my Mac in no time!!!

When I got home my dad and I went to staples I had to pick up invitations for the party, you know how hard it is to pick out the right invitation??? GOD!?

Then I wasn’t home for very long and I was off again to get in a bit of lifting later that night, my bench felt heavy but I think I was gripping the bar wrong I adjusted it a bit and I was more successful in the later sets, but still a work in progress.

Squat felt a shit load better then the other day, maybe it’s because I didn’t know what weight it was… it was just put on the bar and I was told to do it so I did it!!

And my dead lift really is coming along, I feel really strong, I’m dicking around with the grips now because my hands are to small to get around the bar with a heavy weight on there (not that I’m super heavy yet) but I can see it being a problem when I’m up there in weight. So… I’m trying to figure out which grip is the best for me!!!

Week 5 day 2 of lifting my numbers are:

Squat – 180lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Dead Lift – 120lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press – 120lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Its funny because 5 more pounds and I’m squatting the “middle weights” ha-ha like Anderson Silva, and when Franklin fought at 185, that’s pretty crazy to think about that. I’m squatting their “fighting weight” Coach Marini use to walk around at 180ish… so I’m squatting him when he was a tiny guy hahaha! Awesome motivation!!!!



~ by Christina Sears on June 17, 2009.

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