Meat Head Challenge week 4 Begins…

Week four of the meat head challenge was in session today at Alchemy crossfit’s usual 7:15 lifting class.

Last week (week 3) my numbers ended on a pretty solid note, so of course I wanted to up the weight 5 or 10lbs if I could to start off this week right.

The only one I failed to do was the 125lbs bench press, It was still a bit heavy even though it was only 5lbs added. I managed to maybe get it up once and then my arms were finished. I don’t know what was wrong with me today in general I felt not as strong as I usually feel, like nothing was working with me right (if that makes sense)!

But I tried to find a good mental thought and kept focused when I put my hands on the bar. My squats felt heavy but good and my dead lift is progressing beautifully. We were doing some calculation and in 4 weeks if I add 5lbs to my dead lift every time I lift I can get up to 175lbs FOR 5, my goal is to max out my dead lift over 200lbs, and since my back is tender its going to be a challenge but one I’m sooooo looking forward too. My lifts are coming a long nicely and my dead lift is the only thing bringing them down so like I was once told


Which is what I’m going to do with the dead lift…

So at the beginning of week four my numbers are:

Squat – 170lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press – 120lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Dead Lift – 105lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Press – 85lbs (3 working sets of 5)



~ by Christina Sears on June 8, 2009.

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