Meat Head Challenge Week 3 Complete…

IMG_5696Week three is over and week four will be in session Monday at 7:15pm over at Alchemy, each week I find becoming harder with the new weight that is added on. However, being able to work my way up to lifting it at the end (or during) the week is the best feeling ever. This challenge hasn’t gave me a big head, but rather a better feel for things, and my eyes are being taken out of the box and focused on what those around me see in me.

I ended week three with these numbers:

Squat – 165lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Strict Press – 85lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Dead Lift – 95lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press – 120lbs (3 working sets of 5)

With my Squat and Strict Press those were my one max rep 3 weeks ago. I did them the week before I started the meat head challenge and now I’m doing them for 5 which is awesome I think, and I still have 4 weeks left of this challenge so I’m hoping to put some big numbers up on the record board for our gym. I was pretty proud with me doing my press 5x’s at 85lbs it puts me a head of Marla (Adam’s wife) the women I have set out to beat in everything. 120 bench press puts me a head of Lisa, who I saw doing 115lbs and Denise who sort of struggled with 115lbs so I’m pretty proud of that. My head Dead Lifts still obviously need work but they are getting there, I want to be able to do 225lbs (or more) that’s my goal anyways. My Squats are coming a long nicely and I am going to try and beat Marla’s one max rep of 215lb squat… that’s the goal ha-ha!

I’m probably going to stick with some of these numbers for Monday (the ones I was shaky on like the press and bench) and I’m going to up the rest!

I felt really strong to say the least; I’m pretty excited to see what’s going to happen at the end of the 8 weeks!!!!



~ by Christina Sears on June 5, 2009.

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