Meat Head Challenge Week 3 Begins…

Back in the gym today start of week three of the meat head challenge. Already adding a lifting day in my week of work outs I see a huge difference. I’ve jumped a lot of weight every week and I’m pretty stoked about it. My traps are getting some better definition, for some reason I’ve always had traps, they have always been the size they are but never have been as defined as they are right now. I’ve had a few comments on them, but the truth is I’ve never done any exercise dedicated to those muscles (i.e. shrugs). I have no idea where they came from my only explanation is maybe wrestling? I don’t know?

I don’t know if I wrote about it but I went and bought an entire summer wardrobe because since last summer I’ve put on 20 pounds and nothing fit. I got 7 pairs of shorts and capri’s to wear… and I already couldn’t fit into 1 pair (didn’t even wear them), a pair of my capri’s are to tight in the legs and I feel like if I stretch a certain way they will rip, and a pair of the shorts I bought DID rip in the leg… SO needless to say… I’m already growing out of the stuff I have… which is a bit frustrating and pricy.

THEY don’t make clothes for athletic women, only the really skinny ones, which make everyone in turn feel fat even the athletic in shape women. I can’t fit into ANYTHING anymore it’s quite annoying.

My shoulders are getting better definition too and so is my back… so everything is looking great… like I said I’m interested to see what I’m going to look like at the end of the 8 weeks. It’s really driving me harder, and I’ve noticed when I look around the gym my thoughts have changed. When I use to look all around me I felt like I wasn’t good enough, like I didn’t belong there rollin with the big guys or working out with some of the people I do… But as I progress (and I’ll always always be a work in progress) Watching these people I don’t feel like I’m not good enough, they make me want to be bigger, and stronger, and step it up. I see Lisa benching 115lbs and I want to bench 115lbs SO I DID, I saw Denise do 20 pull ups (without stopping) and I only did 3 BUT its something I look to work up to and maybe beat. I seen Donna Lee Strict Press 75lbs over her head, and I thought HELL I want to do that and I knocked her off that following Monday with 85lbs. So I know I can be just as strong as any of the women at my gym BUT all of them are inspiring and drive me to do better and step it up.

My Numbers this week are starting at:

Squat – 160lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press – 115lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Press – 75lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Dead Lift – 80lbs (3 working sets of 10)

So I’m hoping to jump those numbers up at the end of the week (Friday) which is my last lifting day. I’m pretty excited for Friday I might train with Trigg that day… I know he’s tried to stay away from building any more muscle because he’s trying to get down to a maintainable weight to cut to 170 for his fights in the UFC but its still going to be great to have him there and what not! I’m pretty stoked about that.

I just read the fight card for the XCC in Port Huron Michigan (August 1) and there are a few guys from Cutting Edge who will be on the card (Jay, Mat, Jer, Chad)! I’m pretty stoked, These guys are awesome to train with I wish I could be there for their training camp leading up to their fight, I really want to try and get out there and watch for sure they are awesome guys good friends and I wish them a safe and hard training camp!!!

I haven’t been training my jits or anything, something happen like weeks ago that pretty much gave me no drive to bother with it… I’m sure someone is going to light a match under my ass at some point but for right now I can’t be bothered. There are a lot of people really getting their nose out of joint with some little mention of things in my log… I was shocked to get some of the comments I did? Makes no sense to me but whatever right… cest la vie…



~ by Christina Sears on June 1, 2009.

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