Meat Head Challenge Week 2 Complete…


So, it’s the end of week two of the meat head challenge at Alchemy and my numbers have increased on the last day of lifting for this week I’m actually shocked how fast I’m improving and how strong I’m getting and I’m only 2 weeks in. I really can’t wait to see what I will be like on week 8 that’s going to be crazy. I took a before picture so hopefully I can get that from Adam and then post it in my blog on week 8 for all you guys to see. On me you probably won’t see MUCH of a difference (not like the guys) but I’m doing the challenge for me, I want to be strong, I want girls who are bigger then me feel like they are being mauled by a huge bear that only stands 4’11 (ha-ha)!

At the beginning of the week (which was Monday) my numbers were

Squat 145lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press 115lbs (3 working sets of 5)

On Wednesday (which is my second lifting day of the week) my numbers were:IMG_5479

Squat 150lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Strict Press 75lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Dead Lift 80lbs (3 working sets of 10)

On Friday (which is my third lifting day of the week) my numbers were:

Squat 155lbs (3 working sets of 5)

Bench Press 115lbs (3 working sets of 5)

I’m still slowly working on my dead lifts… strengthen up my back and getting it to where I can be strong there too. I know its going to take some time but someone told me that where I find a challenge that’s where I will see the most results so we will see what my dead lifts are going to be like at the end of the 8 weeks right? I’m very happy with the progression of my bench press and my squat obviously. HELL I’m really shocking myself with the strict press too. I mean I only stand 4’11 and I only weigh 118lbs or so, so the fact that must have some good upper body for my size make me happy and I’m going to build on that.

On Friday I watched one of the other women try and do a max squat to be put up on the board. She knocked Christine into 3rd for squat because she maxed out at 150 for 1… and when I was watching her it baffled me how she was semi-struggling with it… this women is bigger then me and pretty strong too… so it made my head a little big that I’m still at the top right now… gives me something to work towards that board that’s up at crossfit. I think it’s a great idea to have that there. It makes everyone push everyone else. Gives us times to beat, reps to beat, and weight to beat… its great!

This week was rough though, really wasn’t all there mentally I have had a lot on my plate and that really made me struggle a bit on Wednesday. I was practically in tears during my lifting and I haven’t felt like that since my grandfather died. I don’t know how to put into words why I was feeling like I was feeling but it was a lot of things all at once… and being a women I was probably naturally just going through hormones which just made things worse (GOD)!!!

Next week, I have three lifting days again hopefully there will be a much bigger jump in weight for next week!

frank-trigg-1Friday hopefully meet up with Trigg and talk about some stuff and catch up a bit and what not. I didn’t get to catch him at the Classic in Ohio (which totally sucked) so I’m looking forward to seeing him and what not. He’s really opened my eyes to a lot of things, anyone who knows Trigg knows that he’s got a lot to say about a lot of things. He tells it like it is and is just himself you know? Which I think is important not only for a broadcaster but just as a well known sports figure in general.

I love picking his brain and I always know that I’m going to get a straight answer from him, there’s not questions or sub text… just right to the point. I admire that and have got the chance to get to know him on a professional level, a broadcaster level, and as a friend.

There are a few professional fighters that I have got the chance to talk to… not so much about fighting but just everyday stuff in general. Like honestly I love coming home from crossfit… tired off my ass take a nap and then when I get up come online and check my mail and talk to Spratt about the terrible work out I had to do… usually his is a bit worse sometimes ha-ha but it’s a good banter back and forth about who did it worse.  But you know? Its always a fun conversation I love it and I never take that for granted and I don’t think I’m something else because I talk to guys like this.. I see things in a different light because of guys likgeorges-st-pierre-vs-matt-he them. And honestly it helps me with my MMA reporting. I never was one to get star struck, I think the only time I would get star struck a little bit would be if I met someone who I thought was totally hot ha-ha but really, I’m around fighters all the time I think they are cute (who doesn’t… GSP in his blue tight shorts YUM) but really it’s nothing I haven’t seen. But I don’t find I get start stuck and the more I talk to guys like Spratt and Trigg and others the more I see them as real everyday people (which they are) and I wish more people really genuinely saw them like that.

Kudos to guys like that because I’m sure once they hit the big stage they really has to swift through the people in their life and find out which ones they can keep close and which ones just wanted to be “famous by association” yeah know?

I got an email from Joe Ferraro he’s got his own show on Sports Net MMA Connection I think it’s called. I’ve never got the chance to catch it, usually when and if it’s on at work the volume is down so I can only see him doing his thing and not hearing it. REGARDLESS he’s really made a name for himself. He’s another broadcaster I admire; he’s doing great things in the sport that’s for sure.

Anyway… he was telling me that my name was becoming known at a good pase… and that I’m doing a good job, which to normal people probably doesn’t mean much. BUT in my shoes I feel like it’s a start you know? Someone who once use to be my friend told me I should get a “real job” and when I thought about it, it didn’t bother me at all. Because I may have spent a little over 12000 for college and I may have graduated and not quite working in that field JUST yet, however I’ve been putting myself out there (or trying too) writing about things I love about, meeting people I admire and even if I don’t admire them I end up admiring them after (i.e.: Bisping, Kaufman, Ford)…

I may not be like Ferraro and have my own show, but he just didn’t get handed a show I’m sure he worked for it and that’s why he deserves to be where he is. I already knew getting into journalism regardless of what I wrote about and reported on it wasn’t going to pay much; it was for the love of what I was doing. BUT that same friend is a mail carrier after spending thousands and thousands to do something that would pay a hell of a lot more? And a mail carrier isn’t even full time you have to WORK to get that… and it can take years (here anyways). So you know? I’m doing the best with the hand I’ve been dealt, and I don’t mind working for it. To her, it may not be a real job but to me it’s a start on the path I want to be walking on and that’s good enough for me you know?

Life can be a funny thing… (A little off topic now but bear with me if you’ve come this far).

I don’t regret (nor will I ever regret) the hard work I put into things, I mean I never grew up having everything, I never had my parents bail me out of any bind they always made me work for what I have which is why I think I work so hard for what I want. And sometimes that means sacrificing things and sometimes people can’t understand that… I just wish they would see things from my eyes before coming out and saying things that are way offside you know? Regardless … thick skin…



~ by Christina Sears on May 29, 2009.

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