“Meeting of the Meat Heads” Week 2 day 1

The “meat head” challenge is continued, I’m going on my second week (its going to be eight weeks long). And I’m suppose to be able to add 10 pounds or more to my lifting a week so we will see how that works and what I will look at in a few weeks. So far I think I’ve gained one pound (sadly) but I’m not looking to get heavy more strong then heavy. However the other guys in the challenge are already feeling heavy and looking thick.

Christina -118lbs (beginning of week 2)

Adam – 209lbs (beginning of week 2)

Andy – 146lbs (beginning of week 2)

Simon – 200lbs (beginning of week 2)

Last time I lifted squat and bench I did working sets of

Squat 135lbs (5×5)

Bench Press 95lbs (5×5)

–         WEEK ONE

Now I’m in week two my first lifting day (I lift 3xs a week for this challenge) and I did bench and squat today and I ended up doing working sets of

Squat – 145lbs (for 5)

Bench – 115lbs (for 5)


So learning this “low bar, back squat” with Adam I’m back up to what I was at which is 145lbs, so I think Wednesday when I lift I’m going to jam it up to 155lbs and see how that feels, if its too heavy I’ll bump it to 150 if I feel fine then I’ll stick with it and maybe stay at that weight until week three.

I was grouped with some good people for the bench we were all taking turns and what not and it was Christine, Deb, Lisa (and her son), and myself.

Christine benched 95lbs she’s progressed so much since we started this (more then she thinks)… and I love when she drives to get her done its great to see that. Lisa was upping the weight and last time I benched I did 95lbs so after we did our set of 95lbs to go onto our working sets Lisa upped her to 115lbs, and I was like huh… as I watched her do it like nothing I was determined to try and do the same.

So I got under the bar and took it off the rack and then started to bench… man.. it was rough! My first two sets weren’t too bad but I struggled for the last two and then Adam made me do negatives. I never knew what a negative was apparently its when your spotter picks up the weight and you lower it down (with control) and they pull it up.. so it can strengthen you up with weight you can’t lift or you max out at? Something like that I think?

I felt pretty good.. my knee wasn’t too bad during my lifting however stiffened up after for whatever reason but it doesn’t seem to be anything serious.



~ by Christina Sears on May 25, 2009.

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