Sport Jiu Jitsu… not for me…


Today I competed in something a bit more different then what I’m use to. Usually I compete and I’m always competing in grappling, not so much gi in the last bit because honestly it’s not worth it for me. WHY? I guess your wondering as you read on, well because some of the tournaments I compete in aren’t as huge as say a Naga BJJ tourney or something, so not all of them have enough girls to even make a division (sad but true). So what’s “apparently” the best solution? Still charge the women full rate to fight someone who is far out of their weight division… (or no where near their experience) so for me to add on a gi where the other person not only out weighs me by … usually 30 pounds or more but now they can grab on to me AND use their weight to pin me down? Not really how I want my money spent especially if its only ONE girl I’m competing against! For me … personally it’s not worth it. I would rather do no gi and even though again there isn’t enough girls usually to make a division at least I have more of a chance then I would with the gi you know what I mean?

ANYWAYS, this particular tournament was gi only, therefore I didn’t grapple (which I think I surprised a lot of people). I thought i would give the sport jiu jitsu a try…

For me, it seems like a really really really watered down version of MMA. I think its something great for kids but not so much adults and IMG_4010even worse for really compe titive adults. From what I understood when I was in the rules meeting with all the other girls, there were 3 judges and the ref. The 3 judges had clickers and would click them when they seen crisp shots to the body with a punch or kick or whatever. You weren’t allowed inside leg kicks, no knees, LIGHT LIGHT contact to the head, your only allowed to strike to the body on the ground, and no strikes at all anywhere to the back of your opponent.  You weren’t allowed to hit directly in the face standing only on the head gear… hmm what else…?

Honestly? I don’t know how it could simulate MMA? Just because I’ve sparred mma, and it was a lot harder then that and it was in training. I’m use to training with guys who aren’t afraid to make a little contact to know your getting hit. They don’t try and take your head off BUT they make you think as if you would if you were in an actual fight. I’m use to being able to hit a bit harder to the body, and ease up a smidge on the face?

SO we got split up there were the 130’s and higher… which included Alexis & Christine, and then it was me and another girl who was probably the same weight as me (I weighed in at 118lbs).

IMG_4046NOW the girl I was competing against comes from a dojo that goes hard and just keeps coming, I’ve been competing a while and have seen what their club is made of and I sort of knew she was going to come at me guns a blazing.  At first before I got on the mat I felt like an idiot, only because after hearing the rules of how to do this sport jiu jitsu thing I felt like I was sort of demoting myself a little bit because I wanted more. I don’t mean to offend anyone who loves sport jiu jitsu, or is a champ in it, or has gone far with the sport, I’m just saying FOR ME I wasn’t feeling it; it’s not something I wouldn’t do again. I’m far to competitive for it, I feel like… you can’t put grown adults in there and tell them “you can hit.. But not hard”? Like? That’s kids stuff kind of? If an adult gets cracked hard a lot of the time the other person with crack the other person just as hard if not harder? You know what I mean? It’s just asking for trouble…

BUT regardless I gave it a whirl.

So… I’m all suited up I have these foot pad things on… and my combat sport international shin pads (thanks to Octagon Fighter and Fan wear…), I had these thick open handed gloves on and my head gear… I’m thinking to myself if I get on the ground how the hell am I going to move. I have the smallest stubbiest legs ever and I had all this equipment on me it was retarded.

I get called up and the other girl meets me on the mat, she seems pretty sure of herself at first she’s got the “I got this bitch” look in her eye, I’m pretty sure she was a LOT younger then me maybe 16 or so and all I kept thinking to myself was “why am I doing this? Really why?”

So the ref again explains the rules and now I’m thinking “I’m not going to make it through these minute and a half rounds…”

He says go and she comes out pretty hard, throwing a kick right away which wasn’t all that high (which was weird because later on I got called for my kick not being high enough)?… She grabbed a hold of me and tried to tear my head off… so I took the “okay lets take it easy” page and ripped it out of my hand book and decided… it’s on… I didn’t care if I got called for excessive force or not I only had one fight anyways I had nothing to lose. I already knew this wasn’t my thing so I figured I was going to try my best.  But I’m not letting her beat me around and stand back just because I can’t hit hard…

The ref pulled us apart like they do in sport jiu jitsu your only allowed so much ground time, and so much clinch time… and if they see a IMG_4047penalty they will all huddle together and discuss what just happened and give the call on which fighter it was on… so it really runs out the rounds (which are only a minute and a half and I think there is only 2 or 3 rounds…)

I decided I didn’t want to bother with the kicks ( I wasn’t really comfortable throwing them) so I tried to transition a fake punch combo into a take down (like how edge showed us in our mma training). And it worked for me I got a good grip of her legs using my fore arm and wrist (because the gloves made it impossible to grab anything) and I just tried to drive through her. We landed a little outside the mat on to some carpet foam or whatever they had down… and I banged up my left knee pretty good some how and I got mat burn on my right one (totally sucked)…. So from there I decided to try and work some ground and pound so I started hitting her side not really realizing it was a smidge on her back… so I got called for that..?

I ended up winning the first round but had a “warning” for excessive force called on me, one more at any point and I was out of the match and she would win due to me being disqualified.

Round two… I hit her with a nice jab it was straight down the pipe… decided I was going to try and go for a take down and I ended up getting it but lost the grip and then tried to recover by going for the single… but with her being a bit lankier then I was she managed to swing her one leg around my body which forced me into a turtle position. She obviously was going for my neck but like edge showed me; I just controlled the wrist and tried to roll her off. But as I was working at getting out I noticed she wasn’t moving me,  I felt SO strong and I knew I was in a bad position but nothing was happening she couldn’t do ANYTHING. So instead of wasting my time I decided to run out the ground clock and it wasn’t long before we were called back up.

When we started again… I hit her with a nice jab right hand and the judges called it excessive force my second one which put me out of the match and made the other girl the winner….

IMG_4044As we shook hands she said to me (almost in tears) “FYI… you kicked my ass…” I was like man… don’t worry about it… u won… Her coach said to me its unfortunate to lose like that it was a good fight and if it were his gym he would have let it go… because the CJA was there everything was by the book (which isn’t bad) however… I feel like its far to much like tag and not really competitive at all they have a lot of dumb rules in there which I can understand why but in the same sense I felt I was hitting her as hard as she was hitting me… no one was getting hurt I wasn’t hitting her hard enough to knock her out.. But we are adults… sport jiu jitsu isn’t one of those things were you can just tag the person… like karate or taw kwon do? It should be a little bit harder because you can take the person down and what not… but who am I to say anything? I’m sure I’ve already stepped on peoples toes by even mentioning how I felt about my experience and I’m sure I’ll be told about it at some point this week… all I’m saying is I’d never compete in it again.. It’s not for me… I’d sooner do full blown mma… if I get schooled or knocked out so be it!

Christine looked great out there… I was really happy she got a taste of Alexis… and she didn’t do half bad standing with her… it was the ground that needed some work but we knew that, and its nothing that can’t be fixed and worked on. She looked strong which was good and having Alexis in the mix is good too she’s a good girl I like her.

After the tourney I showered up had a nap and headed over to D & V Bar and Grill in Hamilton to watch the fights.  I was limping around pretty bad it felt like someone took a sledge hammer to my left knee… The inside part of the knee was very swollen not black and blue though. I couldn’t flex it or move or anything. So I was pretty uncomfortable walking around and sitting there and what not. Christine and I were shocked that the bar had a live band playing there. It was kind of annoying we were THINKING it was going to be like last month where it was empty and we could have the big screen with the fight on and be surrounded with our friends. BUT there was a live band playing country ALLLLL NIGHT… so we couldn’t’ hear the fights… which made it less interesting kind of…

I had some wings and some drinks (always a good time)! I was really shocked Serra didn’t pull out that win; I was really rooting for the guy. He’s one of my favorite BJJ fighters, and I love how he coaches and trains… I have a lot of respect for the guy… I was also interested in Sherks fight, I think he sells himself short when he stands so square when he boxes… if he would turn his box a bit more he would have a wee bit more of a reach I think. And the main event was crazy… Rashad got knocked out pretty bad… it was crazy!



~ by Christina Sears on May 23, 2009.

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