“Meat Head Challenge”


I didn’t end up doing my normal routine today by going to HSMA at night, but I still wanted to train so I went over to Alchemy and caught the work out for the Kettle Bell class… man that shit sucked… seriously. We did (man I don’t even know how many rounds) but it ended up being 16 minutes of hell. Doing various Kettle bell things like figure eights where you squat down low with your chest up and you pass the kettle bell through your legs like a figure eight, then around your waist like a hoola hoop (keep in mind Adam just didn’t have us going one way we had to switch directions when he said too). Next was kettle bell swings then I think it was a kettle bell clean after… so all those in a fluent motion for 16 minutes without stopping one after the other… It really sucked… It made me appreciate the video I seen with a guy using a huge kettle bell like it was a hackie sack a hell of a lot more.

Then I worked on my lifting. I know I need to work a lot more on my dead lift so I started a new program to strengthen it up and get the proper techniques down so then that way I can be like the 14 and 15 year old girls in Texas who are dead lifting over 300 or so pounds. I mean they are my size for god sakes (some of them anyways)!

I did my bench press and my squats today too. I had to drop my squats 10 pounds because I’m doing them a different way, a new way Adam learned at his cert last weekend, which takes a bit to get use to but its coming along apparently I should be able to add 10 pounds a week with this new way of squatting which makes me happy. I’m excited, my bench was normal… three working sets of five at 95lbs. The top female in the gym for benching right now is Denise she’s a rock climber so has great pulling  strength. She’s benching right now 125lbs, she’s bigger then me, and taller then me and I’m at 95 right now. SO my goal is to beat her and then set the bar for a max rep. My goal is to catch up to Christine’s dead lifts (which is a one max rep of 175lbs), keep setting IMG_5422the bar for the strict press, and my squat. I need things to keep me motivated and these are some of the women I really admire in the gym which drive me a little bit more to push a bit harder. PLUS I’m the smallest in the gym, literally I weight the least and am the shortest so I have to represent!!!

ALSO speaking of Denise she’s also known for her pull ups (and why wouldn’t she be) she’s on the board for 25 pull ups in a row. So far I can do three in a row; my hands get really irritated with the bar which is the only thing really stopping me I haven’t build up the tolerance for it yet. But I mean from going to jumping pull ups 2 weeks ago, to using the smallest band, to working on my kipping swing, to doing 2 kipping pull ups in a row and then working on my regular pull ups with no help I think I’m well on my way. And again a goal to strive towards right??? But after all the kettle bell work out my hands started to burn and then I started to work on my pull ups and now I have blisters and what not on my hands. It’s brutal! Stings like a bitch!

Which brings me to my new challenge!!!!

Here’s the explanation that Adam wrote on the Alchemy website on the “meat head challenge” We want to see how Strong we can get and how much useful functional Muscle we can build (ie getting bigger without getting stronger pound for pound is failure) in 8 Weeks.”

IMG_5423SO I’m the only women in the challenge… I’m not looking to be 225 like the other guys however I am looking to be crazy strong for my size. I’m sure my weight will jump to 125lbs maybe I weighed in at 117lbs so I’m the lightest out of the group! So I want to look innocent and what not but I want them to feel like they are wrestling around with someone who is 40lbs heavier then them!!! So I took my picture my before picture at my current weight and in 8 weeks I’m going to have a new picture and my lifting results… So my work outs are now crossfit 4xs a week (unless it intern fears with my lifting) then I will be forced to not do as many of them, and I have to lift 3x’s a week. So I will be talking about my progress and posting everything.



~ by Christina Sears on May 20, 2009.

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