7 minutes in heaven!

The goal of today’s 7am work out at Alchemy was to just blow your load through the entire thing. There was no time for rest just continuous movement with the work out. You get in there and get her done now excuses. It was one of those short but bitter sweet work outs, where it should be easy (if you were going at your own pase) BUT this was meant for you to push yourself as fast as possible.

7 medicine ball cleans (I used the 16lbs ball)

7 push press (I used 65lbs for 4 rounds and 70lbs for the last 3 rounds)

For 7 rounds

I thought with all the 7’s it should be called “7 minutes in heaven” and I said to the other women in the class that we should set the bar and get this done under 7 minutes (so the name stays true)!

Adam said “GO” and it was game time! Of course Christine was right beside me and there is always friendly shit talking and completion there at any of the crossfit work outs and lifting, but we are always pushing each other which is probably why we get the results we do.

So I managed to bang out the first 4 rounds before Adam felt I was going to fast and upped the weight on my push press to 70lbs… man, it sucked I started to feel my shoulder burn even more from the day before when we were lifting.

And my legs were burning from the cleans… I usually use a smaller ball but I figured that since its low reps should be able to use a bit more weight shouldn’t be too bad.

I managed to finish the work out in 5:35 but the best part was every women in that class this morning finished the work out in UNDER 7 minutes setting the bar for the people who were in the rest of the day!!! Which was awesome…

After Adam had us working on our pull ups he wants everyone able to do kipping and regular pull ups in the gym. Which is a good vision for him I think. I need to throw some utter balm on my hands it’s the only thing effecting my pull ups… it hurts my hands (I know I’m a wimp)!

Adam gave me the elastic band that was purple… its like next to nothing help and surprisingly I did alright with it… I guess I’m a wee bit stronger then what I thought. I was also working on my kipping pull ups I managed to bust out two of them… ha-ha I know it’s not a lot but I’m a work in progress.

IMG_5415OH incase I didn’t mention it on Monday I got myself on the board at crossfit again for the women’s lifting. I beat out Donna Lee’s strict press by 10lbs. I maxed out at 85lbs which put me at the same as Adam’s wife Marla who I’m dead set on beating for all the lifts. She is bigger then me, weight and height wise but I’m fairly confident I can do it. Its good competition and she’s shit talking me to push me to do that great. Someone lifting the weight she lifts at MY SIZE that’s going to be crazy. She’s retarded strong for a women, obviously one of the women I look up to at the gym!



~ by Christina Sears on May 19, 2009.

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