“Fran” was almost my bitch!

Today was FRAN Friday, for those of you who don’t know who Fran is; she’s a crossfit work out that is a total bitch. I remember the first time I attempted her she broke me mentally and physically. I remember not even getting through the first set and I was already ready to break into tears. She welcomed me into crossfit by kicking me when I was down and forcing me to get up and get at her.

When I first attempted this work out (never doing a crossfit work out before) I finished it in 22 minutes, now that I look back that’s a long time and I have come a long way with this work out. The second time I did her, it took me about 14 minutes or so, the third time maybe ten minutes, this was my forth time attempting Fran. Almost a year of doing crossfit I was curious to see how I would do so I was really looking forward to giving her another go.

So Fran is:

Thrusters (65lbs for women, 95lbs for men)

Pull Ups

21-15-9 (for time)

This was my first time doing full pull ups (not the stupid jumping ones) but I has the assistance with a rubber band (however… I still worked for every pull up)

My shoulders were sore from the last 2 work outs and my legs were feeling it too but I gave her all I got and I managed to finish in 7 minutes and 20 seconds… I eventually want to do pulls up with no band and bust out that work out less than 6 minutes. That’s my Fran Goal; the bitch won’t know what hit her!

Then at night we had the heavy lifting class, since it’s a long weekend it was only a few of us there so we were working on seeing what our one max rep was. I wanted to see what it was for a squat and press (even though my legs and arms were sore)!

I managed to get on the board for 165lbs but I did squat 175 twice and failed the third time. The reason why I didn’t get up on the board for 175 is because I needed to be a tad deeper… I was pretty disappointed to say the least but I mean 165lbs for me is good (so I hear)… I guess it would be considering my size… but I would have loved to get 175.

I shit talked Marla a little bit ha-ha she’s the one I want to be in my over all lifting. She’s super strong and a great athlete… she’ keeps me motivated.

Christine did amazing with her dead lifts… girls got power… more then she thinks… I was soooooooo proud of her!



~ by Christina Sears on May 15, 2009.

One Response to ““Fran” was almost my bitch!”

  1. Not calling myself an expert, but I will give you some advice on Fran, as my trainer and friend Dominic is full of good advice, and yesterday posted a 3-34 fran. When you do fran, make sure you are fully rested, also the way you will know you gave fran everything is, that you should not be able to do anything else for that day. Work on chins as assisted ones, take away from achievement. All in all however good work!


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