Tuesday & Thursday… Brutal!

Man, so far it’s been quite a week for working out at Alchemy! Let’s start with Tuesday’s torture Adam had cooked up. After running the day before and doing squats I thought that maybe just maybe Tuesday might be a not to shabby work out, however… Adam had us do

Wall Ball (I used 14lbs ball)



Honestly wall ball doesn’t bother me, when I first did it and was introduced to it I hated it my first wall ball work out was 150 wall ball for time. You can imagine how irritating it was, seems easy but honestly irritating. BUT compared to burpees its like walk in the park.

The first round of burpees SUCKED honestly like I was probably complaining the entire time, wall ball wasn’t too bad I was busting them out at a good pase… But burpees for me are like rowing it just breaks me mentally because it seems like forever…

THEN Thursday again working out with Adam and again he had that evil look in his eye. After asking us how our legs and what not were he decided that the next work out would be

TABATA ROUNDS: 8 rounds of each (20 seconds on 10 seconds off)


Sit Ups

Push Ups

Jumping Lunges

I think out of all of these Rowing and Sit Ups were probably the easiest surprisingly. Christine and I were shit talking each other the entire time, it was so funny. The older lady (Jane I think her name is) couldn’t believe Christine and I, she said we were hilarious. Adam kept yelling at us during the push ups saying “if you have time to chat, your not doing enough push ups” it was brutal, my arms were giving out and then I tried to do girl push ups (and I could never do them) man… was the worst round ever.

Friday is Fran…. God help me, I already am feeling the last two work outs pretty bad, I can’t imagine trying to make her my bitch…



~ by Christina Sears on May 14, 2009.

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