Gwyneth Paltrow’s Stupid Workout…

So how many people around the world watch Oprah? Probably billions, I know I’m a fan I respect her on a journalism front I think a lot of the times she asks the interviewees the questions that most people want to know, and asks the questions no one else wants to ask.

If you get anything on Oprah you’re guaranteed some kind of recognition for whatever it is, weather it be a book, a talent, anything really. So I guess she did a show on something (not sure what it was because I was away) but they played a video of Gwyneth Paltrow’s work out video. The video was posted in the Staley Training Forums with the thread entitled “Gwyneth Paltrow’s an Idiot” which then got the attention of Coach Marini who wrote about it in his blog, which I read and made me want to write about it.

Let me just say after reading Coach Marini’s post which is more on the training side and how much of an idiot her trainer Tracy Anderson is. Coach Marini is a very good personal trainer who has passion in what he does and explained his feelings towards the work out and the trainer.

Now saying that the first thing I did when I saw the post was watch the video, I mean video always catches the attention of people (or pictures) better then reading a long post. After watching the video I had to see what other people were thinking because after watching that video I felt demoted as a woman and as an athlete.

First off, the band system… I would love to warm up my body with the band system honestly that is one of the easiest things I’ve ever seen in my life. But I guess whatever floats her boat!

What got me is when Anderson said that she ONLY uses 3lbs weights because NO women should be lifting more then 3lbs that bothered me a little bit. With Coach Morden even when we do arm stuff as a WARM UP half of us WOMEN are using between 5 – 10 lbs of weight, and the trainers reasoning is so that they don’t build bulk. BUT Gwyneth is a mother, she carries a kid around, who is more the 3lbs, probably does the grocery shopping and those bags are more then 3lbs so why shouldn’t women lift more then 3lbs? It’s beyond me what kind of idiot thinks that Gwyneth and her trainer don’t look healthy they look like they are in need of a tub of ice cream. They are far too skinny, and it makes me so angry how in today’s society they bash you when your fat, but also rag on you for being too skinny for someone who works out as much as Gwyneth does I would expect her to not look as skinny as she is. THAT can’t be healthy, I mean I was never super skinny like that; I always had some fat on my tummy that I was never always proud of and still sort of bothers me. But when I look at those two one being in the public eye all the time and the other who gets paid an “x” amount of dollars to train these people and how skinny they are it doesn’t make me feel like “oh I want to be like them.”

I may not have a 4, 6, or 8 pack but I can squat 145lbs for 5 sets of 5, I can press over my head almost 70lbs, I can do a work out that will strain me mentally and physically with Coach Morden and feel stronger at the end of the day. My arms don’t look like pipe cleaners, nor do they look like a man and I have bulk. My shoulders are a good size and my traps are stupid huge but it doesn’t look manly. When I’m in normal clothes I still look tiny, and not big anywhere SO it baffled me when she was talking about the weights and when they were waving their arms around I was disgusted I literally wanted to send them a Mickey D’s burger and say MAN do something please…. I understand like Trigg says the “cocaine” look is in… Where the women are so skinny they look like they are on drugs, and they just want to look good but maybe it’s because I’m an athlete I really don’t think that looks good at all. Compared to what I was a year ago this time, I think I look so much better I think my clothes fit better, my legs look better, my entire body looks better. Like I said the only thing that FLUFF on me is my mid section but nothing a strict diet won’t fix you know what I mean?

The cardio part of it was retarded, the cardio I get put through weather it be training for a competition or just in general breaks me, and where I do my strength and conditioning its not meant for JUST athletes, or JUST fighters or anything there are women in there in their 40’s and 50’s who are pushing just as hard as I am, and in some cases come out of that work out with a better time then I do, or can lift a hell of a lot more weight then I can that’s what I love about my family at Alchemy Crossfit its not ONE age group there are different age groups and there are a lot of people who are a lot better at a lot more things then me, and they push me harder. I would love to do the cardio Tracy Anderson has her clients do, maybe (just maybe) I will get that nice cut tummy I always wanted burn off that tummy fat I have yeah know?

Moving forward, the next thing is some leg raise thing for their but, did you know that since I’ve been doing my squats my butt has got a lot firmer, rounder, and looks sooooo much better in a pair of jeans then ever before? I’ve never done a butt raise in my life and from what I read unless there is a little resistance really it’s not doing much for your body? And in that video I believe they are just pushing the air… but again to each their own.

ALL I know is, regardless if I’m training to fight or not, I’ve seen women (old, young, middle aged) come into Alchemy crossfit and train like any of us, the work outs aren’t dimmed down for anyone, they may be modified depending on injuries or what have you but never dimmed down to make it easier for anyone. I’ve had women who are much older then me beat my time in a crossfit work out, and honestly I’m humbled by it, it makes me push a lot harder.

I have great trainers who know what drive I have and don’t rest until that is reached and even touched a bit further. I have people I work out with or have worked out with that make me push a lot harder. Coach Adam Morden’s wife for instance, she is maybe 5’5 or so and is one of the strongest women (who really doesn’t do a specific sport) I’ve ever met. Her dead lift is something like 215lbs or something, she can squat 180 or so I believe, like it’s incredible and makes me want to push harder. I work out with a women named Denise she’s a rock climber and she is benching well over 100lbs, and for a lot of people women are apparently known to have hardly any upper body strength but she is trucking a long easily… and she makes me want to lift that.

I mean, I’m sure some people will look at my work outs and say “you call that a work out” just like I’m doing BUT at least I’m not dancing around a studio, playing with some elastic bands, lifting a nice 3lbs, and doing butt raises in the air. I work hard and push hard, as I’m sure Gwyneth does BUT as a woman she should want to do more and work harder then that….



~ by Christina Sears on May 14, 2009.

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