Nancy was a bitch…


Today was a hard day back in the gym (for me anyways). This weekend I ate like crap and not what I would normally eat, and I was drinking, AND I NEVER DRINK!

So needless to say my first day back at Alchemy Andy had a good work out brewing for Christine and I and it’s called “Nancy” why is it called Nancy? No idea… most of the crossfit workouts are named after women some say because they are “such a bitch.” But for all the ladies out there reading this there is also some crossfit work outs named after men and believe me THEY ARE a bastard to do.

Anyhow, this work out was as follows:

400m run

Over Head Squats (I used 35lbs)

And I finished it in 18:45; I haven’t had a time that long in forever. I honestly looked at the work out and thought to myself “man this isn’t going to be toooooo bad” but I guess with the weather here flopping from warm to cold to damp my lower back on my right side was sore most of the weekend especially Monday morning when I woke up. So needless to say every time I went out for a lap it was tensing up a hell of a lot more like it was so painful. To describe best maybe what I was feeling for everyone it was between a sciatic nerve pain and how it feels when I tire out my back from dead lifts. Andy ran with me a few times which I totally appreciate, not that I needed a babysitter to make sure I was still moving but it gave me something else to think about as I was still running so I wasn’t thinking about my back but it totally sucked. I didn’t use much weight on the over head squats because I’ve never done them before so I didn’t want to mess up and hurt myself. I’ll slowly put some weight on it and work on the form and techniques and what not.

Then after my morning work out I had to go to work, I picked up a shift even though day shifts are so dead and not to busy at all I thought I would go anyways just to get in some extra hours to make up for the time I missed on the weekend. I got out of there early though so it wasn’t too bad, caught up with a few of my friends told them about my interesting weekend and did some laundry.

Before I left for the girl’s weekend I decided to go splurge with some shopping. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE shopping unless it’s at a sports store and I was buying sweats or shoes or something. But I ventured out and bought my summer wardrobe, some cute capri’s, shorts, shirts, tanks, beaters, and I even bought a skirt with the black tights that are under it… so that should be interesting to see! So I had to put a lot of that stuff away and throw out my old summer stuff that is far too small for me now.

Keeping busy I made it out to the heavy lifting class we worked on Squats, Floor Press, and Bent over Rows. I felt pretty strong my back was still sort of bothering me but not enough to not lift I felt it a bit when I was squatting only because of where it was sore not because of my posture.

For my squat I was doing 145lbs for 5 sets of 5, I did 95lbs for my floor press again same 5 sets of 5, and then bent over row was 65lbs 5 sets of 5. I was quite shocked at my floor press 95lbs is a huge jump from what I was doing last year around this time I was pretty stoked I felt really strong. Same with my squats there were women and men there who were much bigger then me squatting the same but some of their posture wasn’t right and mine were pretty good, and I felt strong I think I could probably move it back up to 150lbs.



~ by Christina Sears on May 11, 2009.

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