Weekend with the Girls…


I just got back from an all girls weekend at Christine’s cottage. Before I left a friend of mine and I stopped talking it’s a mess of a situation and I was glad to get away from everything for a weekend. I didn’t know anyone that was going besides obviously Christine and her friend Jesse. Jesse use to train with us at HSMA.

And I don’t have too many girl friends. The ones I did have ended up leaving my life for some stupid reason or another, the most recent was because I told her how I felt about some stuff that was going on in the friendship and she got mad and I haven’t heard from her since. Guys are less dramatic most of the time, which is probably why I have more of those as friends then I do girls. REGARDLESS just like those entering the “big brother house” I was quite interested to see who I would be living with for the weekend.

When we got to the cottage, Christine noticed that they had a guy’s weekend during the winter time, and wouldn’t you know it they didn’t take any of the food out of the fridge, one of the doors was kicked in, there was a hole in the wall, and we found fire crackers in the stove and bedroom. NOT only that, the toilet had cracked (therefore we had no shitter), and we had no running water the pump and pipe wasn’t working.

So we un loaded everything from the car and set it in the living room of the cottage, while we went and all cleaned up. I tacked the fridge which had mould growing on most of the food and condiments. Not a pleasant sight but it didn’t bother me to clean it really. Some of the ladies were discussing the washroom situation… for me… I didn’t care much to pee outside (I know how bad that sounds) but really? Men do it ALLLLL the time sure it’s much harder for women but if I got to go I got to go. More of them were worried about ah… number 2. Good thing all the way across the field there was a washroom that they could use, however at night it was really dark I know if it were me who had to number 2 at night I would just pinch my cheeks together and hope for the best. But we had some with us who were very brave and ventured off to do their thing.

Christine made some awesome, to die for, amazing, chilly WHICH she also used for nachos our second night. We played Buzz Words and the game of things and drank the rest of the night. The next morning (which would be Saturday morning) Christine and Apryl cooked breakfast. Yummy bacon and eggs and breakfast sausage (all cooked in the bacon grease woot woot). Then it was off to find a new toilet, take a poo somewhere with a working toilet and then back to the cottage for some dinner, and trying to get everything up and going.

Christine managed to take out the old toilet and put in the new one, and then hook up the pumps for the water. However I think some of the pipes burst over the winter so we didn’t have running water we just didn’t have to fetch water because we could now hook up a hose to just fill whatever we needed. It was an adventure let me tell you.

Some of the other girls came up and we started drinking and playing the game of things. I borrowed the game from a girl I work with who explained to me how to make the game into a drinking game. AND it was so addicting, and got a hell of a lot better with more people playing it. SOME of the answers that came out were amazing, just sheer genius. I totally recommend the game to anyone to play on a camping trip or get together. You will be peeing your pants laughing if you’re with a good group of people.

All the highlights of the weekend are found in the highlight video I made be sure to check that out. It was an amazing weekend and I would like to thank:

Apryl, Christine, Liz, Jen, Kate and Jesse for an awesome time!!!



~ by Christina Sears on May 10, 2009.

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