The Evil Deadlift….

It was another Alchemy Crossfit morning for me; normally I would have got a lot of sleep however last night I got a phone call from a guy I grew up with. I’m talking grade one people, this kid and I were best friends for as long as I can remember but just like all great friendships it came crashing down when he started dating a girl and of course the girl didn’t like me which forced him to choose. I ended up with the short stick. Now he and his girlfriend have broken up and he’s trying to rekindle friendships with those people he had to shut out of his life (very long story). So he called me yesterday because we text here and there and we ended up talking until maybe 3am. Pretty crazy eh? Time just FLEW buy it was retarded I couldn’t believe it. By this time the workouts from Monday totally got to me and I was sore so I knew this morning was going to be a blast.

Christine and I get there and Coach Morden is running the class this morning. He welcomes us and says good morning with this even look in his eye. Our work out of the day was:

100 ft Sprint

10 dead lifts (I used 55lbs)

10 pull ups

As many reps as possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes.

Again, seemed easy enough and was until I got maybe five minutes into the work out. I’ve been trying to strengthen my back again since the injury I had, and dead lifts are one thing that tire it out the most. I mean it really wears it down and makes it work so I knew doing low weight and 10 reps was going to eventually catch up to me at some point. And it did. I think once I got 5 rounds in that’s when everything started to tense up. I still made sure I kept my posture and didn’t put the bar down wrong (because I could hurt myself again if I did that). The dead lift was slowing my reps down Christine was getting a head of me and of course I totally wanted to catch up but my back was tensing up more and more (not bad) it was just being worked hard that all. It made it hard to do the running I felt like I was breaking out of a tough shell every time I had to do the sprints.

BUT regardless it was a good work out, my legs weren’t AS SORE as they were when I got to the gym and I stretched out my back and relaxed a bit. Christine did awesome she really pushed through it all and we were jabbing back and forth with comments at one point she looked at me and was like “come on slow poke” ha-ha AWE good banters total love hate relationship we have going on there.

She did ten rounds in 15 minutes (which I thought was awesome for her), I followed behind with eight rounds I wish I could have done better but like I said I’m a work in progress. It was great having coach Morden train us… he’s AWESOME at motivating us to keep going and what not. Possibly going again tomorrow morning (unless tomorrow is our rest day) I’m not sure…



~ by Christina Sears on May 5, 2009.

One Response to “The Evil Deadlift….”

  1. One thing about deads – the back isn’t designed to do them for a lot of reps. Really wouldn’t do more than 3 at a time…


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