Alchemy Crossfit & Hiking

img_4884Alchemy is now up and running so today was my first morning crossfit work out there. It was interesting because at the other gym we would work out at 6am, its crazy how one hour makes a difference. These classes start at 7am, and I felt like I had a lot more energy then what I normally do in the morning. Plus they have the morning classes everyday through the week not just a few times, so I mean if I’m not feeling iimg_4903t on the days I usually go, I can always make up for it the next day which I love. Their schedule is so flexible for so many people its great.

So to describe this new space they have going on, its industrial looking they have this huge garage door that they open when it gets warmer out or if they need to do work outs outside its crazy, gives it a more hardcore feeling (for me anyways). I like it a lot better. It was my first time having Andy as a crossfit instructor and his work out of the day was:

10 Medicine Ball Cleans (I used 14lbs)

10 Burpees

7x’s for time

img_4904Doesn’t sound all that hard right? WRONG! First of all I looked like I’m disabled when I do a clean, for some reason I can’t get that motion down for the life of me. I think I started to sort of get the hang of it during the 7th round but who’s to say. And no one in their right mind likes burpees, they are up there with rowing for me probably in my top three things I don’t like to do.

Honestly, I was fine until I got three rounds in and my chest started to just feel like it was on fire I haven’t felt that since I ran Sydenham road and that’s steep up hill street people run or bikers bike its crazy intense sometimes. Then my legs started to burn, and the burpees seemed like they were getting longer. I kept looking back at the W.O.D board thinking the number of reps would change (hahaha) but it didn’t of course. So Christine, Coach Marini, and I pushed through seven rounds of this work out. I ended up finishing it at 12 minutes 30 seconds. Which apparently is great, a lot of people finish it around 20 minutes or so. I thought 12 minutes was long but apparently it wasn’t which was great to hear. It’s good to know when you semi-power through a hard work out. It’s really satisfying because crossfit is a hard workout regardless of what it is. You learn where you’re strong, where you’re weak, and where you need work.img_4939

SO, I went home napped a little bit ate and answered some of my “fan mail.” Made plans to hike today since it was a nice day out. So went down to Webster’s falls, that’s when the throbbing pain started from this mornings work out. I could feel my legs tensing up because they were sore from the cleans, my shoulders from the push img_4941ups from the burpees. But still I hiked on like a trooper. I was trying to cross this one area where the water was rushing but it wasn’t too deep and I was throwing big rocks into the water to try and make stepping stones where it wasn’t deep. AND I accidently wet coach Marini, you know what he did, he took a boulder and through it in the water next to me and it sent a title wave of a splash and soaked me. He was laughing like a little school girl totally thought it was funny. I hated it because mosquitoes are attracted to damp things and my clothes were damp so needless to say I had more around me then what I liked. Regardless it was a good hike got some awesome pictures. There is more “green” areas this time around then over the Easter weekend. It’s crazy how fast some things grow.

Didn’t want to train jits tonight, couldn’t get up to Caledonia (where I wanted to train) so I decided to do the heavy lifting over at Alchemy with Christine. Of course going with the “cleans” theme from this morning Coach Morden had us working on cleans and jerks. Everyone was laughing at me I was being a dork though I didn’t care. With my cleans Christine was making comments that I looked like a little cheerleader and I guess that caught on and some of the other people were laughing about it (JERKSSSSS)! When we worked on our high img_4945pulls some of the women (including myself) notice the bar/weight would crush our chest area. Ideally when you’re doing a high pull you want the bat to come right to your nipple line but for us women that could be pretty painful. There was one women there that had a smaller chest then me and she was joking around at the face that she thought hurting her chest while lifting weights (or anything) wouldn’t be a factor because she wasn’t at all that big.  Since we were just getting use to the high pull and jerks we didn’t use a lot of weight.


35lbs x 5

45lbs x 5

65lbs x 5

65lbs x 5

75lbs x 5


15lbs x 5

25lbs x 5

35lbs x 5

45lbs x 5

65lbs x 5

I felt fairly strong just something you have to get use to you knows? There is so much technique and to think about when you’re lifting. I’ve come to appreciate it a lot more when I see the strong man stuff or the Olympic lifting stuff. I’m sure since I’m feeling some soreness in my legs and shoulders now tomorrow will be a good day of SORENESS! Ha-ha!



~ by Christina Sears on May 4, 2009.

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  1. Btw I love burpees…


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