Sparring with Christine…

2112For some reason today I had SUCH a sweet tooth and it wasn’t for cake or ice cream (which it has been for the last few weeks) it was more like candy… SO I remembered I had bought 2 packages of fun dip JUST in case I had some kind of while craving for a sugar fix. So, here I am at 12 noon listening to TAGG radio eating my fun dip and without even thinking when that one package was done I open the other one. Now 1 fun dip comes with 3 powder flavors and two candy dipping sticks so all together at the end of the show I had eaten 6 powder flavors and 4 sticks… Honestly I never felt so sick in my life, I waited a bit and then I ate some actual food for lunch and felt a bit better.fundip

I did some stuff around the house and then I got ready to train, I figured I should be nice and shave my legs. I don’t know about other women and I know it sounds gross BUT I always forget to shave my legs I notice when they get itchy. I have a habit of forgetting to change my socks too (I know gross) it’s a good thing I don’t have stinky feet eh! But seriously I usually forget and just as I hopped in the shower I remembered it was on my list of things to do. Got my stuff ready and jetted to the gym only to get half way there and remember that Christine wanted to spar tonight and I only remembered to put one of my boxing gloves in my gym bag so I had to walk my ass alllllll the way back to get my glove and then head alllll the way back to the gym.

I get there the guys are almost finished their warm up and Christine ran up to me, like a weirdo I said hello to her I miss our morning work outs so it’s been a bit since I’ve seen her ha-ha.

We wrapped up our hands and started to spar, we were suppose to mix it up with kicks but she forgot her shin guards and she doesn’t like her head gear (because it gives her a headache) so she wanted to spar with no head gear. I never liked getting hit when I first started boxing so I was a bit scared of no head gear to be honest with you. Especially with her now doing the crossfit and box fit I’m sure her cardio and everything is a lot better then the last time we sparred. And I’ve been doing boxing and Thai boxing off and on, so I’m sure I’m not as good as what I could be but that’s because I haven’t had the time to put into it not because of my coaches.

SO we got in there and sparred, I was trying to focus on head movement and staying on my toes like Coach Hensen was saying instead of standing there and eating a few punches and then going in, and I was trying to work on quick hits and moving out and not walking into punches like Coach Edge said…

She connected a few good times with my face, my nose was a bit weird I don’t know how some of these fighters can get cracked like that and have your nose either bleed (or in my case I wanted to sneeze) and your eyes start to tear up a bit and you have to continue it was crazy. I got her with a load of body shots and a few straights and some rights. I was worried about her jab because she is taller then me which will make it hard for me to move in on her I really have to get around her jab and it’s a pretty solid one. And I caught a few of her hooks too which sucked.  Once I got hit a few times I didn’t mind it…

Mark then worked in with us 30 seconds and then we would rotate in and do that for a bit… it was tiring because he didn’t’ want us resting he wanted us punching and being aggressive and he said one thing that clicked to for me and I think Edge had said it once before too “if your punching, it means they are blocking, if they are blocking they are to busy to hit you back” and I was like THAT’S RIGHT! So I was trying to jump in with a combo and jump out move around and go again. I’m shocked Christine and I didn’t have any swelling starting really we cracked each other pretty good a few times. But the thing I liked about it was even though we cracked each other (and for me it felt weird to hit her)… we didn’t try to crack the other back harder… like some people do… they can’t take being hit and when they do they go balls deep instead of thinking “okay… so what do I need to do to not let that happen again”. I think Monday her and I might spar with kicks that should be interesting, I’m sure I’m going to eat a lot of them but it’s a learning experience for sure.

**Fighting Trailer**

After that, I headed to go watch that movie “Fighting” seriously… it sucked, and I mean really sucked. The main character was good eye ob-cali-tcbycandy but other then that… really… I didn’t get it… BUT the point of the movie was again I got a craving but only because there was TCBY and I decided to order a large (because at the store in westdale the large isn’t too big) and the one I got served at the movies was HUGE. I started to eat it and mid way not even mid I don’t think I was like “oh my I’m full” but continued to eat it, needless to say I ate the whole thing like a dolt and felt so sick, like I still feel sick WHY did I do that! GOD!



~ by Christina Sears on April 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sparring with Christine…”

  1. Great work and thanks for saving me a trip to the Movies!


  2. FUN DIP?…TCBY? Are you trying to give yourself type 2 diabetes?… and I pretty much could have told you “Fighting” was going to blow goats… Hollywood producers are riding the coat tails of the ever increasingly popular sport of MMA and pumping out “classics” like “Fighting” and “Never Back Down”… haven’t seen “Fighting” nor will I ever bother and as far as “Never Back Down” is concerned… well i want those 110 minutes of my life back… Keep taking those shots to the face girl and keep up the hard work…


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