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n503280076_4707237_4829This past weekend a good friend and team mate of mine Jay fought his second amateur fight at the King of the Cage battle at the border. His first fight he totally raped the guy, and unfortunately fro his second fight I wasn’t there to see, but I heard he did really well and this time around he fought a more experienced guy which is awesome. Jay is a hard worker in training, like he use to weigh I think 230lbs at some point and now he’s shrinking. He fought his first amateur fight at 180, and then dropped to 170 for the one he just won. He’s technical and I think he’s going to go far and do well. PLUS he’s got some great people training him and some good team mates helping him out too which is always awesome to have.

Its pretty depressing training with some guys over and over and watching how far they have come and how hard they have worked and not being able to go to their fight, or even make it to the gym as often as you once did. AND what’s even worse then that is missing them and feeling like you have another family and someone being offended that you’re saying that… it totally messes things up, makes you feel like shit. I shouldn’t have to choose!!!

Regardless I wish I could have been there, I appreciated that he kept me updated on his progress, I love our little chats on facebook and what not. Jay was one of the guys who helped me get geared up for Ohio, and was always working me pretty hard. Never treated me like a fragile little girl (even though he out weighs me) he always made sure to work me hard, punched me in the face when he could, used all his weight to make me work to get out of things it n89905162_36810651_5489185was never a walk in the park training with him (or any of the guys out that way)! But they had a hand in helping me out which was awesome.

Hopefully I can work out a new schedule and get back to training like I was, Adam is opening up his crossfit gym (http://www.crossfithamilton.com) and honestly I can’t wait to train there a few times a week. Good deal too they have going on for when they open for the month of May you get $50 off an unlimited membership, so instead of paying 150 a month you will be paying $100 a month. AND if you’ve never been to crossfit or experienced that type of work out $100 for something like that is SO cheap. I mean, like I’ve said to a lot of people I’m 4’11 and in a matter of weeks I was seeing results I looked cut and felt strong. SO I kept going and working with Adam and in seven months I put on 15 or so pounds, I’m squatting well over my body weight, and I feel good. Crossfit work outs are meant to push you to your full potential and you won’t get results unless you work for them but if you work for them you will see them believe me. So seriously, you should check it out they have some great people there to train with it’s like your training with a second family everyone pushes everyone. Especially if you’re an athlete doesn’t matter what sport there is something there for you. I know it helped me out!!!

n501675562_1867567_7788I’m working on a bunch of things right now, I’m trying to find a solid MMA reporting position where I can get paid for the stuff I write, I’ve been trying to get some key things to start doing side jobs like a new camera, my Mac etc.. So I can start doing more highlight videos and mini documentaries and what not I had some offers so the sooner I get all that fun equipment the better off I will be and the sooner I can take these people up on their offers.

Speaking of media stuff, I’ve got a lot advice from professional fighter Frank Trigg, who has wet his feet in broadcasting, and commentating and what not. And he’s a natural at it I think, and I think he’s doing a great job, which brings me to TAGG radio on MMA Junkie. Over the last year or so that I’ve been talking to Trigg he was always telling me I should tune into the TAGG radio show which airs at 12 noon my time here on the east coast. So one day his Twitter update showed up that he was on air so I clicked on the link and there he was with his co-host Gorgeous George, and Goze from MySpace.  It’s a very interactive show, they have a chat you can be in while the show is going on so you can communicate with them and other listeners which sometimes fuels other topic discussions, people call in and say their piece. They have fighters come on the show and interact with the listeners and what not. It actually wasn’t a bad show quite interesting some of the topics they talk about.

Honestly I wish I could get something like that going here in my neck of the woods, I thought it was that good each one of those guys contributes something n1065663236_912different to the show. Like the way it looks to me is George keeps the show flowing, Trigg is there to add character and light on certain topics he’s not going to agree with what everyone says and he will tell you, yet he’s full of so much information (even if its off topic) and Goze is the creative one, he does all the little things to keep the show running smoothly too and at time I think is under played a bit. They all seem to have chemistry which is good to have when you’re on air.

I have heard the Sherdog radio show before and honestly I think they don’t take enough control of the people they are interviewing, there is no direction there they let the fighters say whatever and run away from their questions. There is no challenge with them there where the crew on Tagg radio really does their homework which is great and I think it says a lot about their creditability.

I wish there were more females involved, but I guess it’s a MANS SHOW (for now)! Ha-ha! MMA in general is mostly a man’s sport but that’s changing slowly. Regardless if you can catch they do it, the shows are interesting. I really can’t wait until the MMA Expo; get to see Trigg, and a few other people who will be coming down for that weekend (its exciting)! I’m thinking about competing, seeing how my training n608029922_6719goes and if I can get out of this rut like status I’m in. I mean I’m training but my heart isn’t there and I think it’s because of the bullshit I’ve been dealing with people, and I can’t to train where I want, and my schedule is just flipped flopped so I’m going to see what I can do.

I want to plan some kind of “training trip” there are a few guys I want to go and train with and a few places I heard nothing but good things about, so hopefully I can get my passport all finished up and then sta2410_52354306482_559571482_1562039_9265_nrt planning.

Monday, I trained over at HSMA, Christine and I pretty much just grappled the entire time we were there. She was showing me a few kicks which were cool! She actually was tough to roll with today, she’s finally using that weight advantage and a few tricks I showed her and she even took me down some. She’s being more aggressive and I think she’s picking it up better then what she thinks I love it… I think we might spar a bit on Wednesday depending how we feel or whatever. No one showed up to run the grappling class today, Sensei Mickey wanted me to warm them up and what not but I didn’t want to because of everything that went on, so I bowed them in and gave them that time to work on what they know, review their techniques and grapple I assumed that could be their warm up and then they can grapple.. Someone once told me mat time is important so there was their mat time. I just worked on whatever I wanted to with Christine I have no desire to teach right now.



~ by Christina Sears on April 27, 2009.

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