So not much really happening on the training front, which is probably why my training logs have slowed down just a tad. I was excited about running sort of a conditioning class on Wednesdays at my one gym, but there were some problems people were complaining and offended by some things I said in my training log, which some point’s maybe I can see why but others I think they were just taken the wrong way. Regardless I have no desire to really teach anymore. It’s hard to teach and have so much passion and then have to hear what I heard. So, My Wednesdays will consist of training Christine (or helping her out) and whoever else I guess plus just keeping my eye on my own prize and focusing on my training.

So this weekend, I had a baptism to attend I was the godmother which is a huge role for anyone who doesn’t know what a baptism is (which I’m pretty sure they do). Anyways Michael is almost two years old and he’s pretty lanky and it’s the god mother’s job to hold the child and place them over the little thing they have the holy water in. WELL everyone before the baptism was joking around about how I may not be able to hold him up over this thing because of my size and what not which made me a bit nervous.

So it was our turn to get up there and I had Michael and went to put him over this huge sink like thing and I wasn’t tall enough (even with heals) to get him over it… so I had to switch hands and as I did that the priest says “I think she needs help” and I was like “I’m fine” ha-ha I felt like such a dolt. But everyone else thought it was “SOOO CUTE”!

I originally was going to wear a dress, but here in Canada the weather is never consistent and Sunday was freezing so I walked outside to say bye to my brother (he was leaving for Cuba) and I was like “yeah I don’t think so” went in and changed into pants and a nice top. Which was a hell of a lot more comfortable then the dress I originally had on. BUT I still had the heals, the makeup, my hair done up nice, which is a huge change for me. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sweats, jeans, and hoodie or beater type of girl and I like wearing runners!!! I HATE getting “all girled up” believe me.img_4799

I had baked before the baptism, made these chocolate cookies that my Nonna makes. I went over to her place last year or so and said “Nonna show me how to make these cookies” and she did. You can’t just get a recipe off a Nonna, because they always measure with different things, they use hands full of this and that so its hard but I made sure to write down everything PLUS for these cookies you have to make the dough just right and get the right texture its very important. So I made a platter for the baptism and they were perfect, picture perfect and tasted awesome. I decorated the platter with some Werther’s candies and what not too… looked so professional (I thought)!

My weekend was pretty full; I worked a double shift, had the baptism, and was baking till 3 am on the Friday… it was crazy… So I’m glad it’s over and I finally get to relax.



~ by Christina Sears on April 26, 2009.

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